Google Adding Protection Features To Search And YouTube

Google’s the dominant figure on the search engine industry, so the people invested in things like King Kong SEO review tend to pay attention to their updates.

On August 10, 2021, the tech giant put up a blog post saying that it users under the age of 18 can now ask for images of themselves to be hidden from search results. The images won’t be removed from the internet, but they’ll be tucked away and made hard to locate.

Additionally, Google also stated that they’ll be turning off location history for any users under the age of 18, with no option to bring it back. Personalised ads based on age, gender, or interests for younger users are also going to be phased out; users under the age of 18 will only see ads based on their searches.

Google posted a separate blog post, in which they stated that users aged 13-17 will now have their settings set to Private by default, meaning that the only people that can see their uploads are them and people they choose, until they make the necessary changes to their settings.

Younger creators can, of course, make their content public, but they’ll receive a warning reminding them that anyone can see their content.

Additional changes were also detailed in the blog post, with most of them attempting to address concerns that online apps aren’t always healthy for kids. Instagram has been on the hot seat regarding this issue.

Google issued a statement on the matter, saying that the changes from these posts aren’t just about political pressure, but also about Google’s efforts to provide better experiences and control for kids and teens across the world.


Why Advertising Review Feedback From A Customer Helps Your Company

In today’s digital world, it’s very easy for people to express how they feel about a product. Be it through a Facebook post or a blog, a customer will not hesitate to share their experience especially when they feel strongly about it, be it in a positive or negative way.

As a business owner, you want to be able to gather as much feedback as possible in order to better improve your products and services. Additionally, you want to be able to share the positive impact you have made on satisfied customers to further build your brand credibility.

It’s very easy to scroll past advertisements on websites especially when one does not feel like the ad is important to them, and even more when one feels that this is all just fluff marketing.

The most honest advertising is from the customers themselves.


By creating ads based on a user’s feedback, you are removing the suspicion from potential customers that you are overhyping or overselling your product or service. Honest reviews from real customers establish trust in your brand.

You can highlight the best testimonials or show your aggregate star rating through a paid ad, or even create promoted content on social media using actual quotes from your customers. It shows that your customers value your product, and you value what they have to say. This is shown through King Kong advertising review feedback from their happy customers.

Not only will advertising customer reviews boost your credibility as a brand, it also boosts the credibility of your own loyal customers as well.


LinkedIn Data Shows That Marketers Are In-Demand As COVID Recovery Moves Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the global economy hard, and recovery is slow but ongoing. A silver lining is a fact that the digital and media industries are growing, providing plenty of opportunities for professionals in these industries.

Marketing is bouncing back

COVID-19 was a huge blow to industries and businesses across the world, but marketing has been quickly bouncing back according to LinkedIn. The platform saw about 381,000 marketing job openings posted in 2020, with a 63% increase in marketing jobs in the latter half of the year.

The subsectors of the marketing sector which saw the most growth in the latter half of 2020 are:

  • Arts: 85.9% increase
  • Retail: 72.6% increase
  • Education 63.7% increase
  • Corporate services: 60.6% increase

Digital and media

LinkedIn noted that every other top marketing job posted on their platform was under the digital or media space, with the most desired professionals being digital marketing specialists.

The fastest-growing roles within the latter half of 2020, according to LinkedIn’s data are as follows:

  • Media coordinators
  • Search managers
  • Social media coordinators
  • Search Engine marketing managers
  • Media managers
  • E-mail marketing specials
  • SEO analysts
  • Digital media managers

Remote work is the future

Thanks to the pandemic, remote marketing jobs have experienced a boom, with LinkedIn seeing a 5x increase on their platform. In March 2020, only about 2% of marketing roles on the platform were remote, with the number moving up to one in five (10%). LinkedIn saw a 177% growth in the number of remote job postings in the marketing sector.

LinkedIn’s findings suggest that professionals should get used to writing up a king kong marketing review and handling other work tasks from home, as the platform believes that remote working is here to stay moving forward.


Reviews As Valuable Content For Marketing Efforts

Customer reviews provide the valuable social proof needed by consumers to finalize their purchasing decision. Consumers trust reviews that tell whether a brand is worth the investment or if there is a need to move to the competitor. Favourable reviews can be used as marketing asset to boost engagements and conversions.

Best practices in requesting for reviews

  • It is important for the business to have presence in reputable third-party review sites
  • The request for customer reviews must be as easy and convenient as possible
  • Transparency must be established about the value of each customer review
  • Customer reviews must be highlighted properly

There are many third-party review sites where customers can leave their feedback; however, it is more convenient to provide a space in the website for reviews. A dedicated page can also be created for reviews to encourage customers to leave their feedback.

To make the review process easy, reduce the number of steps that customers need to undertake to leave their opinion. A link to a review site can be provided through email or SMS messaging so that the customer can go directly to the review page.

Be transparent when asking for a review to enhance the relationship with the customer. Always show your gratitude for the review by responding promptly with a personalized message.

A digital marketing agency highlights king kong marketing reviews on the website and social media accounts including YouTube. Reviews are valuable content that can be used in the marketing efforts to attract more customers to the brand. People generally trust reviews that are based on someone’s personal experiences.


Highlighting A Brand Through Customer Reviews

One of the best ways of collecting customer reviews is to make the process simple and easy. Most customers lead a busy life and it will be difficult to get their opinion about a product or service if the process is complicated. By automating the review process, review collecting will be more efficient for both the customer and the business.

Keep an eye on online review sites where some positive reviews about the business have been posted. However, it is important to respond to both favourable and unfavourable reviews to show your appreciation for their opinion. Respond respectfully to unfavourable reviews and try to find a solution to their complaints. Make it known that you have rectified the problem and will be willing to make further improvements.

Aside from online review sites, there are social media channels, blog posts and anywhere else where the business has content. By monitoring reviews, you are also monitoring your online reputation.

However, the job does not end in collecting reviews and responding to them. To be more effective, reviews must be integrated into the marketing strategy. Customer reviews can provide a visitor with a reason to stay and continue browsing the site. Testimonials on the landing page can highlight the brand’s impact on customers.

Some happy clients and employees of a digital marketing agency have written favourable reviews online. For example, king kong marketing review shows how employees perceive the business. The information provided by reviews is important for clients who want to make a confident decision.