Going Green With Australia And The World

Gary Emmett, an economist of Turner & Townsend, has a positive outlook on the abundance of construction projects due to commence within 2019.


As an attempt to prevent a rapid economic decline in Australia, a number of structure improvementswill be made to bring in construction supplies to Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth for the sure curving their metro railway systems will provide. At the same time, roof and building supplies in Sydney will aid the funded renewal for the city’s infrastructure and urban development. Announcements had been in the later part of May, stating the $200 million fund, with beneficiaries such as the Green Square neighbourhood and the Light Rail.


Another goal for the two-hundred-million-dollar fund would be the support for environment-friendly enhancements to the city setting. Federal Government has expressed interest in “going green” and increased support for expanding energy-efficient programs.


Suzanne Toumbourou, Executive Director at ASBEC, commends government initiative to find solutions to saving energy and reducing emissions. Green Building Council Australia, through Jonathan Cartledge, also applauds the government’s rise to action in coming up with cost-effective means to better the environment.


Because of the initiative by the government, Australia is placing its sights on a greener tomorrow, necessitating construction, roof and building supplies in Sydney to also be used for the movement. The country expects to reach the targets placed in the Paris Agreement as early as 2020.


Australia is not alone, as the following examples are some of the cities around the world that are implementing their own methods of going environmentally friendly.


  • London

London traffic has experienced a 20% decrease in CO2 emissions after just two years since the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). Vehicles coming into London are required to adhere to the city’s emission standards. Otherwise, they are charged a fee, which in turn is used for public transportation improvement.


  • Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China garnered attention when it was the first to operate an all-electric public bus system. They amended this feat by constructing charging infrastructure for both public and private vehicles to use, thus making the city run on electric transportation alone easier to accomplish.


  • Freiburg

The city turns gas created from the landfills to power nearby cities, while also using the heat produced from incineration to cure wood.


Final Rule Set By EPA Could Impact Manufacturers

There are governing bodies that regulate chemical manufacturers such as Global Chemical Manufacturer to ensure that they are following safety and quality procedures. In the United States, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for these tasks. The agency is currently deciding their fourth as well as their final rule in order to improve the safety standard in chemical manufacturing industry. This is not good news for manufacturers and distributors of petroleum and chemical products though as they could be paying over $20 million on a yearly basis.

The bill which is currently being revamped is the Toxic Substances Control Act also known as TSCA which proposes a fee about $20.05 million annually. The fee will be imposed on companies that are manufacturing, importing, processing or distributing chemical substances. The fees will also affect the coal and petroleum industry as well as wholesalers.

According to the rule, the total amount of the fee excludes the fees that are collected for risk evaluations under the request of the manufacturer. The proposed rule will start imposing the yearly fees beginning in October.

The EPA added that the fee is intended to help the agency cover costs incurred during TSCA and a portion will be allotted for the TSCA Service Fee Fund which is managed by the United States Treasury. With the fees, the agency will be able to implement its legal obligations because it has a sustainable source to depend on. The agency will be able to perform various activities including screenings based on risks, determining if the substances are low or high priority and performing risk 5 evaluations when a substance is suspected to have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

Scott Pruitt, the administrator of EPA, said that the fee will make sure that the highest standards will be followed when conducting the TSCA. EPA is currently making the process efficient so that the amendment can be completed as soon as possible. The fees will help the agency get the resources they need in order to conduct reviews on safety of chemicals.

The result is yet to be come out in the following weeks. It will affect chemical manufacturers in the United States but not Global Chemical Manufacturer which is based in Thailand.


Arborist From Dalton Helps In Keeping The Beauty Of The Tree City

It was last year when a professional arborist, Gretchen Musser, who also happens to be a landscape architect became the circuit rider representing the Georgia Urban Forest Council and she was assigned to cover a large part of the northern Georgia.

She shared that the program was made in order to reach out to the communities and to aid them in being aware of the existence of the Tree City USA which is a program by the National Arbor Day Foundation. This is also to help them be aware of other things such as tree ordinances, mitigation plans for the storm water and other different types of projects.

This is how she was able to come across with Chris Stearns who is the Dalton Tree Board’s chairman.

Dalton has been a consistent member of the program Tree City USA for around 26 years already. It also has its own Tree Board and its very own tree ordinance. What it was searching for is to start a new contract with an arborist.

Stearns shared that he had talked with Musser and he believes that she can be a good resource for Dalton.

It was more than two months already when Musser started working for Dalton as their new arborist and she only works every Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Musser revealed that she is tasked with dealing with plans and to ensure that if there are any development plans that will be passed that it will adhere to the existing tree ordinance. She is also working with various projects connected to the Tree Board and she is busy planting as well as spreading public awareness regarding the importance of the trees. She is also working hand in hand with public works together with parks and recreation in order to perform evaluation on trees that have failed in some ways or another. They decide whether the tree can be saved through proper pruning, another method or the last resort which is to remove the tree altogether.

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