Tuition Centers Work To Sooth Parents Regarding Lack Of Exams

Singapore is a competitive country, where English tuition, as well as tuition for other subjects is pretty much ubiquitous, with many exams in schools as well as rankings for students across the country. Naturally, this leads to a lot of pressure for the students. To alleviate some of it, the Ministry of Education (MOE) made an announcement earlier in September of 2018, saying that it would be cutting down on the number of exams for students in primary and secondary schools,  with the intention of reducing the stress of students  in the country.

Tuition agency Gavin’s Tuition decided to survey some of its students’ parents in order to see what they thought of the move, and found quite a few who expressed concerns about how they would be able to assess their child was faring in academics.

Director Gavin Ng says that parents believed that this reduction in examinations would not provide them with an accurate measure of their child’s academic performance in the earlier parts of the school year, and expressed fear that this might lead to a nasty surprise come the examinations at the year’s end.

In response to the demand of parents, Gavin’s Tuition will be making available its in-house exams to students who are not enrolled with the center, allowing them to take them, for a small fee. On top of that,  there are also plans for what they call ‘stress-free learning programmes’ which focus on experiential lessons such as robotics and coding.

Gavin’s Tuition isn’t alone, with many other student and English tuition agencies in Singapore opting to introduce new programs or adjust their current ones to meet parent demands for examinations and measurements of student’s skills and performance, even with regards to non-academic ones like presentation skills and public speaking.

Tuition centers have different methods in accounting for Singaporean parents’ demand for assessing their children’s performance, but they are saying that, despite seemingly going against the MOE’s intended purpose for the reduction in examinations, that they are complying with its mandate.

Minister of Education, Ong Ye Kung, acknowledged concerns by parents in the country, known for its obsession with academic performance, saying that there are ways for students’ performance to be assessed, other than with the examinations.

He adds that he also expected some tuition centers to simulate theconditions of exams for students in order to compensate for the MOE’s mandate, and urged said centers to refrain from doing so, as he believes that that would simply be preying on the insecurities and anxieties of parents and students alike.


Tips For Managing Commercial Office Fit Outs Firms

Let’s say you’re the CEO of one of the commercial office fit outs companies in your city and you want to boost your reach in terms of number of clients. Below are some tips to achieve a more blossoming business:

  • Make sure that every time you do an office fit out, you know the primary objective of the said decision. Whether it’s for the company you are dealing with is in need of larger space to accommodate an equally larger workforce or, the company who needs you expertise in office fit outs, is in need of smarter offices to improve the overall image of the entire company, it’s recommended that you, as a commercial office fit outs company, know and understand each objective so that you would know how to you will work around to complete that specific objective.
  • Continuously hold consultation talks with the affected individuals before starting the office fit outs. This includes talking with the employees, department heads, IT professionals and, both external and interior consultants. Also, it’s recommended that you approach the landlord of the building to early on discuss every detail of the project. Check the proposed charges the company will have to pay so you can give them an estimated cost.
  • Once the project is starting to roll, make sure that you assign one of your most project managers who will be present on time during working hours to supervise everything that is going on with the project.
  • Just like in anything else, managing your own commercial office fit outs firm will be much easier if you are surrounded by the qualified partners, helping you in every project. Whenever you are choosing a partner for your company, whether it’s a design consultant, mechanical and electrical engineer, or an IT consultant, you must double check their track records before hiring them to make sure that they will be able to help you grow your company.
  • Make sure that you always have a clear timetable of the key stages of your projects so you will be able to keep track of what is needed to be completed at a certain point. Make sure that every progress the project is making is being tracked.



Scholarship Granted To Charles Wang

Charles M. Wang is a resident of Marietta, Georgia and he is the new recipient of the Love Family Foundation Scholarship for 2017. The award is considered the highest award that is bestowed by the Georgia Tech to a senior student who belongs to the graduating class. Wang will be celebrating his graduation day this coming May 6, 2017 and will be given his diploma for B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science. He will also be awarded mathematics credits which way more than the math majors in his school.

Every year, the Love Family Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a student who is part of the graduating class and has shown outstanding record when it comes to scholastic performance. The Gay and Erskine Love Foundation is the source of the $10,000 funding for the scholarship. All of the students that are enrolled in six of the colleges under Georgia Tech are all considered as recipient of the scholarship. Wang is sharing the award with another senior, George Tzintzarov who is an electrical and engineering major.

Wang graduated with a GPA of 4.0 in two of his majors and he has also conducted an undergraduate studies. He was working for two years under the laboratory of Jiri “Art” Janata located in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry. According to Janata, Wang is always excited to learn and they are happy that he worked with them. When it comes to experimental work, Wang has shown that he has the talent and Janata expresses his sadness as the student is about to leave the laboratory.

Wang did not pursue working at the laboratory after mathematics has captured his attention. Wang is also working with the assistant professor Josephine Yu who is under the School of Mathematics. They performed an undergraduate research that was funded by President’s Undergraduate Research Award. As a result, there were two articles published and Wang is the co-author in both.

Yu said that Wang exhibited rare curiosity as well as perseverance. He has the skills when it comes to mathematics and computation.

If you are not good in any of the above but have brown eyes, you can still be qualified for the Brown Eyes Scholarships.