WCCI Started Up By Recycling Partnership

Contamination is an issue that recycling and junk hauling Orange County and across the country, costing the US more than $300 million annually, with cities across the Western Coast being affected more acutely, reports The Recycling Partnership. To that end, they’re cooperating with Amazon, Keurig Dr. Pepper (KDP), as well as other funding partners, for the launch of the West Coast Contamination Initiative (WCCI).

On top of that, The Recycling Partnership also announced the Circular Economy Accelerator, an initiative that’s aimed at encouraging and supporting policy solutions for stronger recycling as well as a good circular economy structure in the US.

The WCCI aims to up the quality of recyclables collected in the West Coast communities, which will help keep the circular economy running, help sustain the environment, and improve the communities. To that end, the partnership has stated that they’ll be working with state and municipal government in order to create methods, practices and tools that’ll be made available to communities from San Diego to Salem, even up to Seattle, in order to help them recycle in greater volume and quality.

The Recycling Partnership’s CEO Keefe Harrison says that California, Oregon, and Washington are some of the worst affected by the current conditions in the recycling market. He says that the RCP have been working in the past half-decade to develop the best practices and tools in order to help states places in the West Coast, including junk hauling Orange County, to not only survive the current state of the recycling market, but also to thrive.  He says that, thanks to financial support from their funding partners, including Amazon, and Keurig Dr. Pepper, among others, they’re able to invest $1 million in order to help the US West Coast create a more sustainable recycling system.

WCCI is only one of the planned anti-contamination projects from the RCP that’ll be operating across the US.

Chief Sustainability Officer at KDP, Monique Oxender, says that the announcement of the partnership is another key collaboration, a relationship that’ll help in developing the recycling industry in the US, and that they’re proud to support the important work that goes into it. Oxender states that the KDP is looking forward to seeing more quality recyclable materials go from the bins back into new products.


No Damage With Kasaan School After Blaze From Boiler Building

Barry Craig Stewart Kasaan School was recently shaken because of a blaze that came from the boiler building next to it. The fire burned the boiler building but the good news is that there are no cases of injuries and the school building which is adjacent to it has been spared as well. School authorities are now contacting boiler to ensure the incident does not have a repeat. Homeowners who want to find out this here should also contact the company for an annual boiler inspection.

Southeast Island School District’s assistant superintendent, Nick Higson, said that it was around 4 when the blaze was reported coming from the structure next to the school building where the wood-fire boiler is installed. The volunteer firefighters came to the rescue but the fire was hard to control by that time.

He lauded the firefighting team especially its fire chief, Zach West, because they were able to contain the fire. The authorities were able to coordinate properly with the lead teacher of the school, Shane Scamahorn.

An employee of the Organized Village of Kasaan, Tony Savage, was also one of the heroes during the incident because he used an excavator in order to drag the burning building away from the location of the actual school building. Higson added that the effort was made possible because of the combined work done by everyone in the community.

As for the school, the wood boiler is the main source of heat in the building. Higson said not to worry though because the school has a secondary boiler which is oil-fired. The only problem is that the boiler only covers the school which means that the aquaponics greenhouse will be left without a heating system. Higson clarified that people should not worry because they have already relocated the fish along with plants which means there is no need to heat the greenhouse.

The school and the residents around it are now looking for a reliable boiler service company. Consumers should make sure their boilers are always in good condition because the consequences are not a joke. Find out this here if you are not convinced that your boiler needs professional care.


What An Insurance Accountant Can Do To An Insurance Company

If you are an accountant, you have a great job opportunity to work in the insurance industry. The industry will hire you as an agent or underwriter handling tasks related to financial accounting and management. You will have a chance to work in a corporate office. If you work in a bigger company, you have an opportunity to work in the biggest accounting departments. So, before you work as an insurance accountant, ensure you know all types of accounting jobs that the insurance industry will need.

Accounting Manager

Insurance companies hire one or more managers to handle the entire accounting department. These managers do several duties in relation to the financial side of an insurance company. For instance, the manager will handle the filing of all financial reports, like the quarterly SEC filing. For huge companies, they may need to hire several accounting managers to oversee the financial accounting of various areas of the business. They may be handling the financial accounting of investments, and another may manage the claims or cash management. It’s why they also need to be a proficient insurance accountant in this industry.

Tax Accountants

As insurance companies need to maintain, prepare and file various tax returns for the government, they need tax accountants for these jobs. They work as members of the accounting team to help maintain accurate financial records and recommend to corporate leaders the tax strategies and applicable tax laws.

Internal Auditors

Internal auditors are required to streamline and monitor the insurance operations. They spend more time for the researching and consulting. They work closely in all areas of business to enhance controls and strategies. They are concerned in maximising productivity, enticing clients, improving the business and complying with company goals and objectives. They may work in the finance and accounting department, but they can work outside too, like the pricing department, where research and product development are done.


You need to be a proficient insurance accountant to work as a controller in the accounting department and report to the company executives. In some companies, they are referred to as the senior accountant, where they guide financial decisions made by the company’s board of directors and executives. They also make personnel decisions for the accounting department and monitor the entire finances of the insurance company.