Office Furniture Industry Encourages Workers’ Wellness And Mobility

The office furniture industry continues to supply businesses in their demands for office desks, plastic stacking chairs and executive chairs. With these, there are also innovations along the way to provide more options for customers. With the increasing initiative given on the wellness of the employees, more and more companies in the United States are giving more importance when it comes to office furnite investments.

A trade show for NeoCon was recently held in Chicago and executives have expressed their view on contributing to the good health of their employees. With these, more furniture designers and manufacturers are focusing their designs on pieces that not only offer privacy and productivity but an open space that encourages mobility as well.

John Mooney, CFO at Haworth Inc, shared how they have seen their clients as well as employees starting to give more importance to their jobs, to how they do it when confined in a certain area and the effects a space could have on a worker and his performance.

With these observations, more and more manufacturers and designers of furniture are going with the idea of designing products that will not only encourage the employee to move around more but also to give importance on the desire of the employer to increase the productivity in the office. A product of this is the new designs of furniture that has been introduced in the market. This furniture can be purchased in many styles and features. Others are more on privacy while there are semi-private ones and the hybrid type that combines various features. The latest ones are designed to give importance to a worker’s posture especially those working 9 to 5.

The reason behind these new designs is that if workers have many options when it comes to furniture, they have a tendency to be more mobile inside the office instead of just sitting down all day.

Tom Newhouse, principal of Thomas J. Newhouse Design LLC, shared how sitting is now considered as fatal as smoking because the habit of sitting in an extended period can accumulated weight and might increase a person’s body weight which is not healthy. This is the very reason why these new designs are gaining more popularity in corporate offices around the world.


Success Of Some Men Who Are In The Self-Storage Industry

An entrepreneur in the self-storage industry needs something that will help it get closer to the customers just like Good Storage Leeds does to a lot of self-storage facilities. The self-storage business is not a very popular business venture but it sure has made a vital role in the lives of people as well as its owners.

Say for instance in the UK, thirty years ago they didn’t have any self-storage facilities. But now, they have one of the biggest floor space dedicated for storage. Many of the owners of self-storage facilities have seen success in their business. It yields about an annual profit of £500 million. One of the Big Yellow Self-Storage Company founders stated that storage facilities are not like shopping centers, hotels or fashion that a lot of people would want to get their hands on. But even if this may be the last thing that people would be thinking about, it has been very helpful in the successive recessions.

These businessmen has seen the need of people to keep their stuff such as clothes, furniture, technology and other things somewhere else instead of just piling them up in every corner of their small homes. The potential of success was high and the increase in demand was evident and they took advantage of it. One of the first ones was Rodger Dudding, also known as Mr. Lock Up for many of his clients. He is the biggest private owner of empty garages in the country which reached up to 12,000.

Although the reputation of this industry is not as high yet for many consumers seeing his garages are being used for either afternoon shop to dumping unusual stuff that is not very pleasant even to mention it. Dudding admitted that it was not easy to come up with the business since there was not director for garages and their owners. So he would usually go driving around town and fine garages that has no use. When he was building his business, he didn’t think that it would even earn that much. But it made him worth £100 million of properties.


US Monitoring Launches New App

Every parent and concerned individual will be worried for their loved ones who are left at home or are travelling in unfamiliar territories. Especially if your neighborhood is known for notorious gangsters lurking around, ready to pounce when they see an opportunity, the concern for security triples. It is for this reason that several companies are offering alarm, security and tracking systems for their clients. The impending danger is just around the corner and it is best to be ready. One of the companies offering a wide array of services when it comes to alarm and security systems is the ADT Alarm Systems. With a team of highly skilled professional employees, the ADT Alarm Systems have continued to pass on the baton of excellence from generation to generation.

Emergence of new apps

Many companies have also sought ought other creative ways to monitor, track and secure the safety of loved ones. One wholesale central station based in Oklahoma City, the US Monitoring, will be releasing a new app- the Alert For Me app.

App purpose

With the new app, the company has successfully expanded its monitoring abilities. The primary purpose of the application is to tell you where you are, especially if you are in an unfamiliar place. Since 911 cannot tell you where you are located, the app will answer this security gap.

You can be caught up in a dangerous situation where you need to be quiet and cannot necessarily call 911 but you are concerned with your safety. You can use the app to activate your position and the central station of the US Monitoring will track you down through your smart phone.

How to use

The app is relatively easy to use. You can open the app and then place your finger on it while holding it in your hand. When you release, you have five seconds to cancel and if not, it will set off an alarm giving US Monitoring your GPS location.

When the alarm has been successfully activated, the user can communicate with the people at central station using the app. This is done through voice or text messages.


Decorating Small Bathrooms

You can never change the space of your bathroom though how elegantly you decorate it. You can make an illusion though that your tiny bathroom space is spacious by adding some strategic and inventive decorating ideas.

Bathroom vanity units will also help make your bathroom look good, elegant and attractive. So despite the minimal space that you have, you can always play with your decorations. Decorating small bathrooms is very challenging for designers and decorators. However, if you have the right combination of furniture and fixtures, colors, flooring or surfaces and lighting, it will be possible to create a look of a bathroom that has a much larger space. As we step into the 21st century, most bathrooms have significantly expanded in relation to size. Some master bathrooms today have palatial size equipped with all sorts of bathroom vanity units. On the other hand, homes that were built several decades ago usually feature smaller bathrooms. There are even new constructed homes in highly urbanized areas that feature small bathroom space.

These small spaces can greatly benefit with certain decorating tricks that will help create an illusion of a spacious room. One of the first things that you need to keep in mind when decorating small bathrooms is to consider the color and light. Generally speaking, any space that has a bright lighting will always look larger than those with dim lighting. It is for this reason that you need to take advantage of the natural light that streaks into the room. Ensure that the curtains are translucent. Keep the windowsills free from any objects that will block the sunlight from getting inside the bathroom. Accordingly, choose paint colors and have a color scheme that focuses more on lighter tones and livelier hues. Your overall style will affect the look of your bathroom. It is recommended that in a small space, use traditional, country or rustic styles.

These styles tend to feature more embellishment and décor when compared with modern styles. Lighting will help you greatly in making a small space look more spacious. The shower area and the sink should be lighted with task lights. Space over and below cabinets also need to be illuminated in order to create a height and depth in the small space.


Millions All Over The World Expected To Join Earth Hour In Response To Climate Change

According to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, hundreds of millions of people all over the world are expected to join the Earth Hour and switching off their lights this coming Saturday night as a way of demanding a solid global agreement concerning the climate.

At 8:30 pm (GMT), Saturday, you can expect many of the world’s finest and brightest structures will experience an hour of darkness as Earth Hour peaks in on its 9th year. The secretary general said via video, this year’s Earth Hour will hold considerable significant because in about 9 months, there will be a pivotal UN meeting regarding the changing climate of the world which will be held in Paris.

He said that climate change is a problem of the people because the people are the ones who have caused it and they are the ones affected by it. It is because of this, it is only the people who can put a solution to this growing climate crisis. For this very reason, the United Nations will be bringing all of the nations together in Paris so that there would be a new universal climate agreement full of purpose and meaning. He said that the meeting will culminate a year of sustainable development action.

The organizers of the meeting said that this will be their biggest demonstration yet. The Earth Hour chair, Sudhanshu Sarronwala, said that the Climate Change is the issue of the generation and that an hour without lights will affect and inspire millions of people around the world and spread awareness.

About 7,000 cities in 172 different countries are expected to join the demonstration. Most of the world’s most famous landmarks will also be turning their lights off. Among these landmarks are the UN building in New York, the Houses of Parliament in London, Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Ed Davey, energy and climate change secretary of Britain said that it is time for everyone to recognize how climate change can affect everything that we know and do.