Crypto Currency Amidst The Looming Global Trade War

If you have not heard of Gonzales Dellàn, he was an employee who was able to rise through the ranks to reach the top. After managing one of the largest banks in Venezuela, Dallàn stepped down to drive one of Venezuela’s top private sector industries, the capital markets. Nowadays, Dallàn is managing investments all over the world from startups to real estate.

One person who is closely watching the global markets is American President Donald Trump. Since taking office, the US president has made a number of remarks regarding Bitcoin and crypto currencies but he has been careful in taking a hard stance for or against alternative currency trading. As trade wars escalate, it is very likely that the Bitcoin will be the coin of choice by rogue nations like North Korea and Iran.

Flat currencies are in a state of uncertainty across the globe while trade wars and sanctions are being imposed by western powers to other nations. A number of world leaders can bypass the US dollar and consider alternative currency markets. Iran and North Korea are desperate to put their products back into the global market and it seems that crypto currencies can be a viable option to the dominance of the US dollar.

Nations that are affected by the crushing blow of sanctions and trade tariffs have no option but seek for other alternatives. The undisputed king of alternative currencies is Bitcoin although the Ripple CEO says otherwise. Aside from being immediately recognizable, the less savvy players of the developing world may look at the benefits of secure person-to-person transactions available through the popular crypto currency.

However, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple still have to win in the battle against Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding potential violations. Crypto currency has been proven effective at cross border transactions where the parties are not holding the US dollar as the preferred medium of exchange.

Meanwhile Gonzales Dallàn is a firm believer that the reign of paper money as legal tender is coming to an end. It is more effective to track transactions when cash is eliminated all together. While the prevalence of cash is understandable in many economies, it is not sustainable.


Amidst US Opioid Epidemic, A Business Is Trying To Fight Back

John Stroup’s Indiana business hit a major snag back in Winter of 2017. About one of every 10 of applicants for his factory didn’t get past the drug test, immediately disqualifying them for positions as per the company’s terms. On top of all of that, some of the 450 workers in the factory also failed their random drug tests. With US in the throes of an opioid crisis, the company is facing a problem that is damaging workforces across the country.

Drugs are straining the country’s workforce. Those suffering from addiction are either in no condition to work, or are still in Best Outpatient Rehab facilities, recovering. Factories, in particular, have taken the worst damage, with counties with high manufacturing jobs also seeing a proportionately large overdoes rates.

Some employers have decided to fight back by altering insurance contracts to prevent the prescription of painkillers, which can be addictive, according to data from the National Business Group on Health. Some are even offering Employee Assistance plans, which tend to include free sessions of counselling.

Stroup is notable because he decided to go further. What he’s done is being seen by some of the more desperate companies, as a role model to emulate. Stroup says it came down to simple cost-benefit analysis: what would the cost of helping his employees get sober, compared to the amount of money that would be lost to not having people work.

After meeting with his board members, Belden Inc. set up a program for applicants that failed their drug test, but still wanted to work. Should this happen, the company would pay for an evaluation at a local substance abuse treatment and Best Outpatient Rehab facility.

Those deemed as low risk would spend two months on a non-dangerous position until they’re allowed to use heavy equipment, provided they pass the company’s periodic random drug tests. For those in high risk, they’ll be sent to undergo an intensive outpatient monitoring and treatment program.

According to the supporters of the plan, it’s a great way to entice users to get clean and stay on their jobs, giving it their all. The idea, they say is that there isn’t really a carrot, there’s a job, which many Americans consider as critical to their success.

Studies, however, counters that they system is only really applicable and useful, whilst there’s a shortage of qualified workers. Research on the opioid crisis in the US, says that the severity is proportionate with economic conditions, and that a spike in unemployment would lead to there being less risky candidates.


Scooter Museum Launched By Piaggio

Piaggio is the company based in Italy known for producing some of the best scooters and motorcycles in the world. This is also the parent company of the Moto Guzzi for sale in the UK and a number of other brands. Recently, Piaggio decided to launch their scooter museum knowing the role the brand has played in the motorcycle industry. Their models are usually seen in luxury vintage motor shows and stands in the same line as antique cars from Porsche and Ferrari.

Looking back, the people of San Francisco love the Vespa brand which is evident in the number of residents who own one. Maybe this is the same reason why Piaggio Group decided to open a museum. The company is responsible for other motorcycle brands as well including Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Aprilia and Gilera. Not to mention other brands that did not gain as much attention internationally. The museum project by Piaggio Group was done in its hometown which is Italy.

The facility has a total land area of 5,400 square feet and there are more than 250 exhibits available covering all motorcycle types based on era, class and the genre of the models. These products are not just made possible by Piaggio but also thanks to their subsidiaries which trusted the parent company which has been around the industry for more than 100 years. According to the company, around 10,000 people came to check out the scooter museum on its first opening weekend.

There are many exhibitions present in the new location which features the history of the parent company in terms of scooters, road racing, effort machines utilized during the war and those that are used in off-road competitions. New features were added because of the opening of the museum like the latest display for race bike and another exhibit which is all about the legendary Ape model by the company. The model is currently celebrating its 70th year.

Over time, the company has grown so much and its subsidiaries continue to flourish. Many of their brands are sold overseas and enthusiasts can now find Moto Guzzi for sale in the UK which is good news as they will be able to enjoy these legendary machines and be part of its history.


Let Dorman Products Take Care Of Your Car

People passionate about their vehicle will find themselves walking into a car parts outlet and shopping delightfully. Automotive products can come literally with a thousand brands on the market today and one of these are Dorman products. They provide auto parts and accessories that add comfort to your vehicle and make it look like no one has ever kept them that way. A car owner will value the importance of maintenance and taking care of the vehicle. This is why they need relevant products for its upkeep and maintenance.

The most crucial aspect of your car is to properly maintain the engine. The car’s engine is somehow complicated and will need regular maintenance by a professional. If you own a car, whether brand new or used, you need to prepare yourself with a competent mechanic to fix it in time of malfunctioning or accident. He will also know what parts and the schedule you need in case of replacements. He can also suggest Dorman products especially if your car is an uncommon brand. He can provide you expert advice on what you need and where to get them.

You also need to know some products that will help you take care of your vehicle aside from the engine. You will need to get the right cleaning products just to keep your car clean and looking new. These products come in a variety like those for the interior as well as the exteriors of your car. They serve to protect the pain and fabrics of your vehicle, so you need to secure those that are safe to use, especially if you are riding with kids and pets.

There are some products that you should avoid, especially if it is too harmful for your passengers. There are also certain products that are designed to clean the engine. If you prefer to have your car serviced regularly, you may need to bring these products. For Dorman products, you may need to buy them for future purposes or when something happens to your car.

You need to take care of your car, that’s why you need to buy products. If you want to secure auto parts for your vehicle, ensure you only choose Dorman products. These products when properly installed will make you drive and ride safely and comfortably in your car.


Hybrid Heating Systems Vs. Traditional Gas Boilers

If you have issues with your boiler, your best option is to call professional and experienced Heatworks, an established boiler repair service and maintenance company. Diagnosing a fault in the boiler can be quite difficult and it is best left to the Gas Safe certified professionals who have their own techniques. Fixing a boiler is not a task for the neighborhood handyman.

According to Volkskrant, a proposal was made by plumbers, manufacturers, green groups and energy firms for the removal of gas-fired traditional central heating systems from sale by 2021. When old traditional boilers need replacement, homeowners must be required to install heat pumps or hybrid systems. Organizations that support the proposal include central heating sector body Unelo-VNI manufacturers, Greenpeace and Milieudefensie, GasInie and NVDE, a sustainable energy lobby group.

Every year, about 350,000 new boilers are installed in Netherlands with traditional boilers costing at least €2,000 and electric-powered heat pumps costing around €9,000. If you opt for hybrid boilers with a small gas system, be prepared to pay about €6,000. Hybrid boilers are state-of-the –art technology that consist of a combi boiler that is installed indoors and a heat pump that is installed outdoors. Today, hybrid boilers are considered to be the most efficient heating system for homes.

According to Volkskrant, the energy bills of the households are very considerable. The difference between the price of a hybrid boiler and traditional boiler is about €4,000 but homeowners are promised subsidies and service contract-based loans so that they can pay for the changes.

The Dutch government has set a target to ensure that 1 in every 4 homes in the Netherlands will no longer use gas for cooking and heating by 2030. It is very likely for the government to adopt its plans considering that there are targets and decisions to reduce gas production in the Groningen Fields.

Even if the hybrid boiler is uniquely different from traditional gas boilers, there is no problem with Heatworks handling its installation. Boiler engineers make the effort to be updated with advanced technologies and innovations to make sure that they are qualified to perform installations as well as repairs, when necessary.