British Host Jamie Oliver Criticises MP Phelps Over Claims Regarding Obesity In Australia

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver criticizes MP Peter Phelps for claiming that the obesity problem in Australia isn’t true, and explains why Australians need to pay their doctors a visit, whether it’s a GP in Melbourne, a podiatrist in Bankstown, an ob gyne in Sydney.

Eating Healthy

The British TV host was on tour in Australia as part of his efforts to relaunch his very own Jamie’s Italian restaurant. He is a strong advocate for healthy living, and reacted when the MP criticised the country’s efforts in changing school canteen plans under a strategy to push for healthier meals. He adds that some politicians are not experts on this matter, and as representatives of the public, need to be more accountable with their actions. He says that the very least thing that they could do is to go to a podiatrist in Bankstown, for example– a professional whose job may include “cutting limbs off due to type II diabetes,” according to Oliver. This shows how serious the health risks are when people do not follow a healthy diet.

Community Programs

As a staunch supporter of choosing healthier meals, Oliver has been running Jamie’s Ministry of Food, a community program in Australia that has educated up to 36,000 people about better nutrition since it was established in 2006. He explains that in this year alone, Australia is projected to spend up to $6.5 billion for obesity and diet-related conditions alone.


MP Peter Phelps claimed that the one out of four kids in Australia is overweight– a ratio that has been the same for the last 20 years or so. He explains that there was a slight increase from 5% to 8% in obesity over the years, but this is attributed to the rise of sedentary lifestyle brought about by recreations like gaming. Oliver digresses, explaining that this isn’t the case, as child obesity is a growing concern for the nation. Phelps adds that the working class is tired of middle-class professionals telling them how to raise their kids and that they should look at the true statistics instead. When asked if he is talking about Oliver, he confirms, and says that it applies to all who say the same thing.


Elderly Man In Critical Condition After Collision With Honda Motorbike In Leigh

A pensioner was sent to the hospital after getting hit by a running Honda motorbike along Market Street in Leigh.

Fighting for his life

 The elderly man in his 70s is reportedly fighting for his life after the accident. He suffered serious head injuries and is in critical condition after being taken to the hospital.The Honda motorbike rider, another man in his 50s, suffered from minor injuries and is also in the hospital.

The Incident

 The incident happened last Monday, September 10, at 2:20 pm. The pedestrian was at the corner of Market Street and Lord Street when he collided with the motorcycle. The Greater Manchester Police has launched an investigation, and is encouraging witnesses to come forward and speak regarding the incident. Pete Cunningham from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit has expressed that they would like to speak with anyone who witnessed the incident, especially if they have foot ages on their dashcams, or if they saw the motorcycle before the collision occurred. No arrests have been made, but they are keen to talk to witnesses to further understand what went down. The accident happened in broad daylight at a busy part of the town, so they believe that there could have been a lot of witnesses who could give those details regarding what happened.

The Statistics

 In a study conducted in June 2015, the number of motorcycling incidents that has killed or seriously injured people in the UK has decreased by 76% since 1979. This was a decline from 21,277 from 1979 to 5,197 in 2013. The average deaths per week reached 6, while serious injuries was at 94 by 2013 as well.

Fatalities due to motorcycle incidents has been steadily declining over the years, with the exception of some peaks and troughs in some years. The highest annual number of fatalities was recorded in 1930. There were 1,832 deaths that year. 2012 was the lowest at 328. It has been stable since 2010. 2010 has the lowest percentage of injuries at 4,780.

Majority of the incidents involved riders below 25 years old, while riders aged 41 to 50 is at second place. The research has discovered that riders under 25 tend to ride less powerful bikes, while older motorcyclists are more likely to ride more powerful ones. The former accounts for 57% of KSIs with engines up to 125cc, while the latter take up 55% of KSIs with 500cc engine size and more.


Expert Advice On Boiler Repair And How To Keep Warm

One of the most important parts of the house during the winter is the boiler. Actually, for some, it is the most important. It is there to make sure that everyone inside the house is always warm and it provides heat inside the house. The boiler also heats up the water used for shower and cooking inside the house. Life has a way of joking with us sometimes that the boiler will choose to break down on a day when the cold is too unbearable. We are lucky if we can get boiler repairs company out right away but if not, then what should you do?

The number one rule is never to try fixing the boiler on your own especially if you do not have the knowledge. Only qualified technicians should maintain and repair boilers. To prevent the boiler from failing, regular maintenance should be done and limit its use because it also helps stretch the life of your boiler system. Regular maintenance will help prevent worse things from happening and the efficiency of the machine will be maximized which in turn decreases the resulting heating bills.

Before the winter season, you must be prepared and research about the local technician that you can call in case your boiler breaks down during cold days. Make sure to list down between two to three companies for backup in case the first one is unavailable.

In case you can’t get hold of a qualified technician, there are some things you can do to keep warm. Do not open the curtains and make your own draught excluders which can cover up all the cracks where the heat might pass through. Wear many layers of clothing and maintain the natural heat of your own body.

To keep warm, it is best to eat because digestion means heat and heat means energy. For drinks, there are hot liquid you can take such as hot chocolate, coffee and tea. Make sure to buy heating essentials before the winter strikes. In the event that boiler repairs are not successful in reviving your heating and you have to wait for replacement, you should have electric blankets and hot water bottles to be used for the meantime


Movenpick Hotels And Resorts Signs Agreement With BDMS To Rebrand And Open Wellness Resort

In its efforts to provide more hotel and hospitality services in the country, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts recently signed a deal with the Bangkok Dust Medical Services (BDMS) to manage and rebrand a famous landmark hotel in the city: the Nai Lert Park Hotel.


Under New Management

The Nai Lert Park Hotel was originally built and officially opened in 1984 in one of the city’s central business districts. It is now under renovations and would be managed by the Movenpick management at the beginning of 2019. This Sukhumvit hotel near BTS is accessible to major city attractions, embassies, malls, offices, and other places that tourists in the urban area would love to explore.


Expanding Portfolio for Movenpick

Movenpick has already established its name in the hotel and hospitality industry in Thailand. The rebranded Sukhumvit hotel near BTS isn’t the first of its kind either: Movenpick has already invested and is currently running two properties in Bangkok: Movenpick Residences Ekkamai Bangkok, and Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok. The new deal will be the ninth property in its portfolio in Thailand.


In early August this year, Movenpick rebranded Asara Villa and Suite Hua Hin and reopened it as Movenpick Asara Resort and Spa Hua Hin. It is a beautiful oceanfront resort with 96 rooms for its guests. It is a perfect destination for many tourists who hope to relax near the country’s clear waters. The property is just two hours away from the capital.


Aside from rebranding the famous Bangkok landmark, the group also plans to open 11 new properties across nine countries this year. Some of these are the Movenpick in Hua Hin, Movenpick Hotel Basra in Iraq, Movenpick Resort and Spa Kuredhivaru in Maldives, Movenpick Hotel du Lac Tunis in Tunisia, Kenya’s Movenpick Hotel and Residences Nairobi, Movenpick Hotel Sylhet in Bangladesh. Movenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA in Malaysia, Movenpick Resort El Ein Bay in Egypt, Movenpick Hotel Apartments and Movenpick Hotel in UAE, and Movenpick Resort Khao Yai in Thailand.


The group has more than 40 projects in their development pipeline, with the hopes to enter new markets including Muscat, Oman, Abidjan, Cove d’Ivoire, Was Al Khaimah, UAE, Abuja, Nigeria, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



Virginia Homeowner Puts Up Electric Fence To Keep Kids Off His Property

When one goes shopping for a fence energiser, one usually needs it for keep wild animals like predators out of a ranch or a farm, but one Virginia resident has taken some flak for getting one for his home. To keep out children.

Bryan Tucker, a homeowner in Henrico County, bought wiring, a fence energiser and some posts to set up an electric fence around his property, located near a school bus stop. He then took down the fencing at a later date, but not because of concern for the children at risk of electrocution, but because state law would’ve punished him for accidentally erecting the fence on county property.

According to him, he’s tired of having to deal with kids fighting, cursing, littering and trespassing on his property, despite already having put up a “No Trespassing” sign to no effect. Tucker says that the kids don’t respect other people’s properties, and that he’s forced to pick up litter daily.

Naturally, the parents of the kids in the area voiced out against the move, with some calling putting up the fence as straight-up ‘insane’, as it jeopardizes kids in the are who might fall into the fence and get shocked, resulting in injury. Some parents said that Tucker didn’t understand why parents were worried, and called the cops on the property.

It was then that it was revealed that Tucker built on county property, and that he had to move his fence back by 18 feet to match county regulations. When he complied with the cops, he went and stated that he’s only complying with county laws, and not because the kids were at risk, saying that the fence was moved simply because it wasn’t in the right place.

County regulation does not forbid the fence being put up, and, as such, Tucker is free to put it up again, which he is considering. He says that he’s considering putting it back up again, but he’s hoping that the first fence was enough of a warning to get kids and neighbours off his lawn.

He says that the message has gotten across, that parents are posting and talking about the fence.