Foreigners To Be Accepted In 12 Professions Reserved For Locals In Thailand

Starting July of last year, 12 more jobs originally listed only for locals in Thailand have been opened to foreigners. There are still 28 other jobs that are considered to be off limits for foreign individuals such as traditional Thai-style massage. Ever since 1979, recruitment agencies in Thailand for foreigners know that they must follow a certain list in order to make sure that they do not meddle with jobs that are specified for the locals only.

Pol General AdulSangsingkeo, the labour minister, said that the list have already been made public. Anyone who is found to be not following will be treated accordingly and will face arrest by the police officials.

Manual labour is one of the additional 12 professions that have been made available to foreigners. Based on the Employment Department, the remaining 11 professions will be offered to foreigner following an “as needed” rule. There is a condition put in place which clearly explains that foreigners can only be employed as workers but they do not have the permit to work as an independent or to own a business in the country.

The 11 remaining jobs that are available for foreigners are:

  • carpentry and various construction work
  • animal husbandry
  • manufacturing of dresses, mattresses, shoes, quilt blankets and hats
  • making ceramic ware and pottery
  • forestry
  • bricklaying
  • fisheries and different non-expert jobs

If the foreigner possesses the required professional license, they will be able to apply as civil engineering, accountancy and architecture. Adul clarified that these posted jobs were made available to foreigners as per the mandate of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

For local Thais, there are still 28 positions that will only hire locals including jobs that require Thai characteristics and Thai wisdom such as weaving mates and utensils from various raw materials, woodcarving, making mulberry paper, weaving cloth by hand and silk reeling among many others. For those who are planning to visit the kingdom to work, recruitment agencies in Thailand for foreigners are available for ease of applications.


How To Find A Financial Advice Online

Commuting from one location to another has become more difficult today due to an increase in traffic. One can get a better way for help by seeking financial advice online, where they can always resort to the Internet.  Here you’ll find many websites that can give you financial advice especially if you’re in the middle of a financial problem and need urgent decision.

When you seek financial advice online, trust that you’re dealing with reputed websites. You can ask the financial adviser about few questions, which they will gladly respond to what you need. Speaking with an online financial adviser may be helpful especially if you really need someone to talk to about your finances, and when there’s no one physically present to discuss it to.

The good thing about online access is that you can talk to a financial adviser in real time through instant messaging when you need urgent decisions. However, you also need to be extra careful as you may be endangering your finances on someone whom you really don’t know.

When you seek financial advice, you want to discuss about real estate, mortgages, loans, debts, insurance, taxes and investments. For real estate, your online financial adviser can recommend suitable real estate properties you can get from the market, making things easier for you.

If you want reputed financial advisers when seeking financial advice online, you can check out the Internet for information. See if they can provide free consultations before you decide on choosing them. You must be able to judge their responses and see if this is what you’re searching for. There are some sites that offer great solutions to your problems. If you find the response considerable, then why not communicate with them over the phone.

Online financial advices are found from leading domains in the world. They also offer educational services for their clients, apart from handling financial problems. In fact, they are best known for providing excellent financial advice to their customers over the years. And they have been in this business for such a long time. You can easily connect with them and have the experience to test the various solutions they provide online.

So, if you decide on a financial advice online, check their qualifications before you’re minted out of your time and money. Remember that such services are expensive; hence, you need to be extra careful when deciding.



Minimalism’s Future In Website Design

When it comes to domination, minimalism is obviously dominating the website landscape. It is currently one of the most followed trends so much so that web design in Mandurah reveals that many of their clients are aiming for minimalism. These interfaces have a large of following because it presents an uncluttered and clean site which is beneficial for many businesses. The big question now relates to the future of minimalism in terms of website design.

The Internet revolution started with the very first website published on August of 1991. Since then, websites have evolved from HTML based to more customized versions with the use of CSS. From then on, many more technologies were incorporated into website building such as JavaScript. With the introduction of too any options, a cluttered user interface has turned to become a nuisance for many which led to the decision to go back to minimalism.

Minimalism is currently considered a trend by those who follow the principle but the truth is that it is not considered as a trend. It is in fact a design language that can be found in other industries such as fashion and architecture. The basic rule is to stick with only the vital elements and remove anything that is considered redundant or too much. With this, minimalism is a timeless design language that aims to highlight only the most important contents.

There is nothing concrete as to the future of minimalist web design but there are a few indications shown by the leading designers. For example, Google’s Material Design retains minimalism yet introduces subtle styles such as shadow effects and by adding depth as well as movement in the design.

Minimalism is not new to begin with as it is what started website building in the beginning. It is only coming back much like skeumorphism which is also starting to make its own quite entrance back into website design. Based on experts in the industry and professionals at the web design in Mandurah, skeumorphism might merge with flat design along with new language forms. These are only proof that minimalism is here to stay for a few more years.


Weak Passwords Common In WA Public Service Systems

From PC repairs in Perth to global security efforts always recommend strong passwords for computers and computer systems. According to an annual Information Systems Audit Report recently presented in Parliament, Western Australia’s public service missed the memo.

According to the report, an in-depth assessment of passwords used at 17 agencies in the state released by Auditor General Caroline Spencer late in 2018, noted that many computer systems in the state’s public service are at risk from cybersecurity breaches due to weak passwords.

She concluded that information systems were vulnerable, with weak passwords set for at least a quarter of the enabled network accounts in the systems. The report stated that, in several instances, the accounts were used or are in use for accessing critical agency systems and information via remote access, without additional controls to verify the access.

Ms. Spencer stated that, after the many times password risks have been discussed with agencies, it is outright unacceptable that critical agency systems and information can be accessed with passwords like password123 and abcd1234. She says that it’s frustrating due to the fact that the office has repeatedly demonstrated to agencies over the past years just how weak passwords and poor system controls can be exploited in order to access information systems without detection.

Other weak passwords that were in the top 10 of the most commonly used list were password, password1, and support, passwords that even people handling PC repairs in Perth gripe at.

One in five of the weak passwords were also noted to be variations of a date or season, while thousands of iterations of the word ‘password’ were found on many accounts.

Part of the probe involved having the auditor-general’s office attempt to gain system administrator access to the web system of one of the WA’s agencies. The agency, which will remain unnamed, was accessed with the password ‘Summer123’, with the office adding that they were then able to identify a significant amount of production data from the test.

The report also noted that relying only on passwords leaves the key systems the WA agencies rely vulnerable to attacks and heightens the risk of unauthorized access to key government information.


What To Know About Gutters In Calgary?

Just like any part of the house, your roof will need gutters. They allow the water to move away from the foundation, doors, windows and walls, while the water makes it way inside. You also need to keep them clean all year round to ensure its longevity. And you’ll need a provider’s help to make your gutters in Calgary to last longer.

You’ll know if the gutter system needs replacement through these five signs:

  • There are splits or cracks

While tiny cracks found in the gutters may not be the real issue, but these can eventually turn into bigger ones and will need replacement. If there are no cracks on your gutter, you facilitate the smooth flow of water that can’t damage your gutters, fascia boards, shingles and the foundation down below.

  • There is paint peeling or orange flecks

Most gutters in Calgary are painted to ensure they withstand possible damages caused by a current season. Unless the gutters are older, orange flecks or peeling paint are signs of continuous presence of water. This will indicate that the water isn’t removed and that it can possibly cause cracks and other damages.

  • There are signs of mildew or pools of water in your home’s foundation

The gutters are specifically designed to keep water flowing away from the foundation. Gutters aren’t working well if you notice pools of water or mildew somewhere near the foundation. It can mean a clog or defect in the gutter system. What you need is immediate repair if the cause of the damage is stagnant water.

  • Gutters are sagging or are pulling away from the house

This is actually the easiest way to determine if your gutters in Calgary need repair or replacement. You don’t need a ladder to observe it. Gutters are expected not to sag or pull away from the roof. This will mean there is more water on the gutter or is pulling away due to heaviness. It will definitely require repair or replacement; that’s why it’s important to clean the gutters regularly. A working gutter system will surely last for a longer time if well maintained.