New Condos In Bangkok To Continue Launch

The population in the capital city of Thailand is climbing and apartment for rent in Bangkok is one of the most in demand along with condominium units for sale. There is a new supply of condo waiting to be launched but ratio of mortgages’s LTV or loan to value might decrease soon. This announcement did not stop condo developers though as they are determined to push through with the launch.

The senior manager at the research department of Colliers, Phattarachai Taweewong, said that even after the proposed LTV limitations to be imposed by the Bank of Thailand, condo developers are not fazed. Their plans to launch their new units for fourth quarter will continue as planned.

He added that developers are expecting for more detailed explanation since they are treating the new measure to be simply a guideline. Recommendations are currently being reviewed by the central bank.

Though the announcement of the new LTV rate was imposed on October 4, all condo projects are still offering a rate of 10 per cent when the down payment should be at 20 per cent already.

For the fourth quarter, about 16,000 condo units are to be launched in the city. This number is still the same as the figure released by developers at the beginning of 2018.

The limits on the new LTV will impact new supplies to be introduced to the market in 2019. Based on the market research conducted by Colliers, the third quarter saw a total of 22,579 condo units made available in Greater Bangkok which came from 46 different projects. The total sales will amount to 107.54 billion in Thailand baht.

For this year, the new supply of condo has increased by 20 per cent compared to the same period in 2017. Meanwhile, there is a 165 per cent growth for the second quarter which kind of created a record for being the highest in the last decade.

For the first three quarters of 2018, the economy is giving off a positive vibe but the condo market remains stagnant. There is more activity with apartment for rent in Bangkok which is found to be more affordable than getting a condo unit.


Seven Advantages Of Payroll Management Software

Payroll is a crucial operation for any kind of business. Payroll management involves making timely and accurate payments to the staff of the business organization. Efficient payroll management boosts the morale of the employees and improves their productivity.

Earlier, business organizations managed payroll manually. But with the advent of computerization and modern technology like payroll software, it has become easy for these organizations to manage their payroll efficiently with improved speed and accuracy.

Some of the advantages of using payroll software are

  1. The modern software helps the Human Resource managers to work out the lengthy calculations and deductions from the employee salary in an accurate and efficient manner. The software make the calculations quicker when compared to the manual calculations.
  2. It is important to generate accurate payslips to the employees. The advanced software helps the managers to generate accurate payslips after making the necessary deductions in the salary.
  3. The salary of the employees includes a lot of components like bonuses, overtime pay, expenses, holiday pay, tax deductions etc. HR managers can calculate all these components easily, with minimum effort, when they use the modern software for payroll management. Since the components are already fed into the software, the manager just needs to input the basic details to calculate the pay of the employee.
  4. The modern software for payroll management can generate the forms required for filing tax returns of the employees.
  5. Year-end reporting is a burden for HR managers. The Payroll software eases this task as the system is fully automated and generates all the reports quickly and accurately.
  6. The tax legislations keep changing dynamically. It is a difficult task to keep up with the ever-changing tax legislatures. The modern payroll management systems eliminate the need to understand the complicated tax laws as the system is automated.
  7. Business organizations have a lot of important data like the annual reports, payslips of the employees etc. all these data can be stored in a secure manner using the payroll management software. The data stored in the payroll software can be easily accessed by the managers, whenever they need it.

Owing to these advantages, many business organizations are turning to the payroll software for efficient management of their payroll.


The Tattoo Master Of The Kingdom Of Thailand

It was a decade and a half ago when Angelina Jolie showed the world the new tattoo she got from Thailand. It has five lines and the texts are Buddhist blessings that run down the length of her back. As soon as the news broke, the spiritual tattoo of Thailand was raised to a global level. The artist responsible for her tattoo is Ajarn Noo Kanpai and he then become really famous which contributed to the rise of the tattoo tourism in the country. Tourists would book a villa in Koh Tao to have their vacation as well as their spiritual tattoo on the same trip.

In local language, the spiritual tattoos are known as sak yants which is deemed by the Thais to hold spiritual powers. These tattoos are often done by masters of magic and the monks of their religion. This belief started in 1605 with then warrior king believed to be protected by the tattoos and the belief remained intact for thousands of years.

Sak yants, yantra meaning Buddhists scriptures combined with geometric designs, were originally from Southeast Asia. Modern day history revealed that sak yants were used by mafias and gangs to protect them as they commit crimes.

According to Ajarn Noo Kanpai, the sak yant master, the tattoo he made for Jolie is called the “ha taew” or five rows in English. It is about the birth of Buddha until he reached enlightenment. Ha taew is believed to bring balance as well as positivity to the life of the wearer.

Noo shared that he was only in fourth grade when he learned the art. He exchanged the gangster life to that of monkhood but he declined to become master of the temple because of his love for doing the sak yant.

After years of training with the monks, he opened his own tattoo institute which is a located 20 miles from the city of Bangkok inside a shrine with two storeys. He now has disciples whom he is training. Tourists are visiting Thailand and booking villa in Koh Tao but before they leave the country, they usually visit his samnak and have their tattoo.


Household Cleaning Scams You Should Be Aware Of

In order to have a successful business, it requires hard work and honestly. Sad to say, there is an increasing number of people that are scamming other people in order to trick them out of their hard-earned money. For homeowners, there are many businesses available that offer cleaning services such as carpet cleaning in Perth but because of the rise of scamming incidents, many are already too cautious. It is important to be aware of the most common household cleaning scams nowadays.

  • Gutter cleaning. This scam is quite common because many homeowners do not have the time to clean their gutters. For elderly, it is easier to hire help because they are no longer physically able to do the job on their Majority of companies utilize pressure washers in order to clear the gutter but there are cases wherein this is not enough. This is when you know when a company is actually honest since you won’t be able to see through the gutter and check if the work is actually completed. The best thing to do is to ask the contractor for a picture once they are done with the job.
  • Bait and switch. This is the most common in the carpet cleaning business. You see an advertisement offering very cheap package for cleaning certain number of rooms inside the house but when they see the actual rooms they will change their mind and quote higher claiming that the rooms are bigger or the carpet is dirtier thus much harder to clean.
  • Green cleaning. This scam happens when homeowners are led to believe that they are actually using eco-friendly products. Chemical-free products are often more expensive therefore cleaners tend to use synthetic ones to save costs without informing their clients.
  • Wet carpet. This is another common scam but is not practiced by honest carpet cleaning in Perth since it will ruin their reputation in the community. When you know your carpets have stain, wait for it to dry before letting the cleaning crew leave because stains are not visible when the carpets are still wet from washing. Make sure to hold off paying before then.


Cardiff Airport Will Suffer When It Losses Flybe

Peter Philips, the former marketing head of Cardiff Airport, claimed that it would be catastrophic if ever Flyve leaves the airport therefore he believes that the ministers should ensure that the routes will remain intact regardless. Many people who came to hotels in Cardiff City Centre are brought there by the airline. Philips said that the 14 destinations that are currently catered by Flybe are very important if the airport wants to see growth in the number of passengers.

He added that since the Welsh Government is the owner of Cardiff Airport, it should provide guarantees to the next buyer as Flybe is currently available for sale. A spokesperson from the airport said that the matter is being handled in an operational level by the airport.

In a previous statement released by Flybe, passengers should not worry about the tickets and flights they have already booked through the company.

Mr. Phillips think that Flybe airline is a huge asset to Cardiff Airport since it is the biggest operator and it also contributes a lot to the economy of Wales. He also claimed that losing Flybe would be equivalent to taking back many steps the economy has struggled to make for the past few years.

European Regions Airline Association’s former advisor said that when it comes to increasing the passenger number, people think that it was Qatar Airways that did it but the truth is Flybe is the one that travels to different capitals in Europe. Losing it would be bad because it would take back the culture of growth the city has seen in the last few years. In addition, around 100 employees will be losing their jobs.

Flybe is currently flying from Cardiff to different European cities such as Munich, Paris, Dublin, Berlin, Geneva, Rome and Milan. In 2012, the Welsh Government took ownership of Cardiff airport which only caters to one million passengers but because of Flybe the number rose to 1.5 million in 2017.

The only ray of hope for people who wanted to visit hotels in Cardiff City Centre by flying Flybe is that the company is already discussing the potential sale of the company.This is a better alternative than shutting down its operations altogether.