Australian Start-Up Making Self Storage Easy For Millions

Anyone who has moved homes has encountered the feeling of owning a lot of stuff. And, having to travel a bit of distance to the nearest self storage facility does not help.

Roland Tam and Mike Rosenbaum created an Australian start-up called Spacer, which is addressing the inaccessibility and high costs of the traditional self storage spaces. How it works is it lets people rent other people’s underutilised spaces, thus providing an extra garage, parking space, shed, or backyard.

Spacer as a source of income

There are spaces that are usually overlooked but can actually be a passive source of income. Rosenbaum, who is also a co-founder of the e-commerce site Deals Direct, said that he got the idea from his travels to the Silicon Valley, where he fell in love with how the sharing economy is booming there.

Uber and Airbnb have done extremely well, and Rosenbaum has been looking for something that he could take back to Australia and saw that the next big thing would be in the sharing economy.

Rosenbaum said that in his previous start-up work, he came across self storage services when he transferred to a small office.

He did a research on the market and discovered that traditional self storage was somewhere around a billion-dollar industry in Australia.

More people have been moving to smaller apartments or homes, and they need additional space.

But, where do they store their stuff? Rosenbaum has launched Spacer to address this issue.

The past, present and future of Spacer

Spacer was launched with an initial capital of $1.2 million during October 2015. The services were only available back then in Sydney. Gaining initial traction was difficult during its first few months, since the supply was not keeping up with the demand.

Spacer has since then been launched to Australia’s major capital cities and has helped people capitalize on unused spaces as a secondary form of income, while lowering down the self storage costs.

Spacer hopes to become an international marketplace of space. It already has its eyes set on Asia including Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, where the space is even a bigger issue because of high density.

Summing up

When looking for self storage in Sydney or in other parts of Australia, surely Spacer can help address this concern.




Qualities Of Reputable Russian Delux Hair Boutique

There are several boutiques that can provide the kind of hair extension service that you need. However, you can never be sure which of them is the most reliable and deserves the money you have worked hard for. If you are looking for a reputable Russian Delux Hair Boutique but are not sure where to start, you can take a look at these points to help you find the most viable service provider.

Affordable products and services

When looking for a boutique to perform your dream hair extension style, the first thing that you should consider is the affordability of their products and services. Take note that hair extension attachment can be costly. Aside from the actual hair extension, you need to pay for the professional fee and the materials used on the application. There are certain hair extension applications that do not require professional assistance such as clip-in hair extension and sometimes tape-in extension. However, for more complex application and long term hair extension use, it would require experts to attach the extension and that is where the higher costs comes in. compare prices. Avoid the cheapest service because you cannot rely on its quality.

Variety of Products to Choose From

A good Russian Delux Hair Boutique offers various products and services to choose from. The more services they offer the more advance the salon is and the more materials they have for service delivery. Find out if the hair specialist boutique uses equipment that is not too harmful to the scalp.

Offers Informative Ideas   

Apart from various services and affordability, choose a Russian Delux Hair Boutique that provides informative ideas to their customers including options on how their prospective customers could save money on their products. Boutiques and hair salons should not only be concerned of getting more profit but on satisfying their clients and giving the best ideas and services.  Some websites of hair salons have blogs for their customers to refer to. There are also some that encourages their customers to sign up for newsletter for their customers to remain knowledgeable and updated in the world of hair extensions.


Content Marketing Up 300%, Only 5% Matters

With regard to content marketing, programmatic ad buying, media spend and other marketing strategies, looking for a good benchmark data is difficult.

Results from Beckon’s report

Beckon, a marketing performance data platform, did an analysis of more than $16 billion in multichannel spend and performance data in order to better perceive what works, what does not work and where to invest the budget in.

The report looked into spend and performance data coming from hundreds of brands, and it found out several riveting juxtapositions. The very popular tactics, as it seems, are those that are performing the worst. And those which do good are not maximized by a big enough audience.

According to Jennifer Zeszut, Beckon’s CEO, the biggest surprise, possibly, was that the recent knowledge that brands need in order to become content machines is not supported by data. She added that it might be a shock to brands that even though branded content creation increased by 300% year after year, the consumer engagement is entirely flat. For her, these brands are investing so much in content creation, but this is not creating further consumer engagement.

Zeszut mentioned that they looked more into the flat engagement number to check if they could figure out why. They found out that a very small part of branded content, only 5%, accounts for 90% of consumer engagement. The 95% of a brand’s content normally has single likes and views.

This is significant. Content marketing has exploded lately, and it is presumed as a worthy investment.

Zeszut mentioned that publishing a lot of content variations can make sense when pursuing a greatly targeted marketing, serving targeted content for a target subset. However, they are mostly sure that the fans of personalization and targeting will mention that they are investing in every variation in order to increase the effectiveness and not have it remain flat.

Well-thought and original content will always perform well.

From Beckon’s data, it was known that a low-quality content is a main cause for having flat engagement. Brands should ensure that their brand standards and content quality stay high.

Zeszut said that they just wanted to provide perspective to every marketer or content marketing consultant out there who crave data.


Park Hyatt Bangkok Opening In 2017

The Park Hyatt Bangkok, which was originally set for a 2014 launching, is finally opening its doors by early 2017 in March.

The Park Hyatt Bangkok hotel details

The hotel occupies the level 9 to level 36 in the Central Embassy’s complex located in Bangkok’s central business district. The hotel is linked to a shopping mall and an entertainment centre, featuring 45 restaurants and a cinema.

The exterior was designed by the Amanda Levete Architects, which is based in London. Shingles cover it – an inspiration from tiles in local pagodas. This will be illuminated from behind to give a shimmering effect during the evening.

The hotel has 222 elegant suites and rooms, including 57 various configurations for adjustments catering to guest preferences.

Their décor achieves a home-from-home feel which is fresh and minimalist.

According to the general manager of the hotel, Michael Golden, there will be numerous technology in every room, but not making a guest need any manual. The lights switches will be simple enough. There will be universal sockets and USB ports for charging devices.

The hotel dining as well as entertainment options include a Penthouse Bar & Grill, their entertainment complex comprising three and a half floors with different areas like the VIP area, a speak-easy and restaurant having an open kitchen.

The Embassy Room is going to be the primary dining area at the hotel. They will offer Asian and Western cuisine with focus on seafood.

They will also have a Living Room lounge that offers afternoon tea and light meals. There is also The Bar that specialises in Champagne, creative cocktails and vintage wines.

Their event facilities are laid out over 2,000 square metres, and this includes a bathroom having car park access. Their smaller meeting rooms in Bangkok will open to that of a show kitchen.

According to Golden, Thailand is already becoming a luxury destination – the Tourism Authority of Thailand just recently launched the “amazing Thailand” campaign that focuses on the luxury and high-end accommodation or experiences which one can enjoy, and they will be able to do that with their Park Hyatt Bangkok hotel.



Real Weathered Wood Recycled From An Old Potato Storage Facility

<a href=””>Tulelake Cold Storage</a> was built in 1940 with cooling efficiency through cement blocks and sawdust insulation on the outside walls. It was used as the storage for sacked potatoes before they are needed in the market. Now, the rooms that were used for potato storage have been abandoned. Many people assumed that there is nothing left to salvage; they were wrong.

The 6 buildings and shops with a total floor area of 120,000 square feet are filled with well-preserved Douglas Fir wood flooring. The wood was inside a climate controlled structure for many years so that it was very dry, very straight and very clean. The lumber that was used to build the floors was harvested from old growth trees with really tight grain. You don’t see this type of lumber anymore.

Christopher Green, Reba and Dennis VanAcker through their business DoubleHead Enterprises purchased the Tulelake Cold Storage in June 2013 after it has been out of business for the last 11 years. Since the building was already abandoned, the family reclaimed the old lumber floor, floorboard by floorboard and offered it to buyers through the internet.

When some Japanese learned that DoubleHead was selling well-preserved timber from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, they flew immediately to look at the wood and were visibly overwhelmed. They bought four container-loads of flooring, mainly the 2 by 12 foot slats. The Japanese will use the timber for flooring, wall coverings, doors and furniture.

The floors of the cold storage were well built with sawdust and coolant system to provide proper ventilation for the potatoes. Air coolant was pumped into the entire building that is why the wood floors were well preserved. Greens and the VanAcker’s including some hired help spent their spare hours to carefully remove the boards and pack them for buyers.

Manual timber removal can be labour intensive and time consuming. <a href=””>Timber Floor Removal in Perth</a> can complete the job quickly and efficiently through proper equipment, specialized tools and accessories and of course highly trained and experienced staff. The removal of timber flooring will be undertaken within an agreed timeframe while minimizing any inconveniences and disruptions.