The Generosity Of Princeton University’s Surplus Equipment Program

The initiative of Dunn math teacher Curtis Aubry and the generosity of Princeton University resulted to a large volume of quality furniture for Grade A. Dunn Middle School. Teacher Curtis was looking for solutions, partnerships and resources instead of complaining. She reached out to the Office of Community and Regional Affairs of Princeton University in the hope of receiving some donated items from the university’s surplus equipment program.

Teacher Curtis Aubry was able to accomplish a solution with the help of his colleagues from Dunn’s administrative staff to the head custodian who coordinated the effort which led to Dunn receiving two large shipments that contained desks for teachers, filing cabinets, office chairs, coffee tables, sofas and bookshelves from the Princeton University.

The furniture that was donated to Dunn Middle School were not new and have been previously used by the university but it will benefit the faculty members because they can have more durable and reliable furniture for work. The district will be able to save money and they can use extra money for the students.

When the furniture was upgraded, it was able to life the morale of the teachers. Meanwhile, Princeton University was pleased that their furniture will be given a second life. Re-using furniture is good for the environment because it saves the resources used in producing new furniture.

Early in the year, Kristin Appelget, the director of Princeton University’s community and regional affairs sent an email that a large volume of furniture will become available in the surplus warehouse because of a campus renovation project. When Teacher Aubry heard about the opportunity to participate in the surplus equipment program, he contacted the university about their interest to obtain furniture.

Furniture for schools can be very expensive particularly when made with good quality. The teachers were actually very happy and excited to be able to choose furniture they wanted at their disposal.

Meanwhile, if you need school classroom furniture, it is important to consider the various tasks that will be carried out so that furniture design can improve practical utilization. It is also important to take into account the aesthetics of space so that an effective environment is created to be more conducive to the learning process.


Bangkok MRT Orange Line Construction To Begin Soon

The new Orange Line for the Bangkok Mass Transit System (MRT) is set to begin early July, as the BMTA and the local government has finally managed to seal the deal on the plans.

The first pile for the new line is set to be driven into Ramkhamhaeng Road, which will mark the official beginning of the construction of the new MRT Orange Line. When completed, the new line is expected to bridge the eastern side of Bangkok to the rest of the city, for those that stay in any hotel near Esplanade Mall located on Ratchadaphisek Rd near Ramkhamhaeng, this will be another option for travel. If the schedule for the project is followed, the new line is set to be operational by 2023, according to both the Bangkok local police force and the Orange Line’s contractors.

Deputy Chief of the Bangkok Metropolitan Police, Police Maj. Gen. Chiraphat Phumchit, has released a statement regarding the construction, saying that only the inner lanes of the sides of Ramkhamhaeng Road will be closed for the construction, which will begin near Ramkhamhaeng Soi 135 and 157. The Maj. Gen. added that traffic would not be affected too much, as two lanes on the road would still continue as usual, and that the day of the beginning of the construction, July 10, is a national holiday.

The first pile is part of the MRT Orange Line extension project, from the Thailand Culture Centre located at the Huai Khwang District, all the way to Min Buri. The piles for the construction are being set in preparation for full work, which starts November.

Chiraphat says that local police are considering whether or not to shut down the inbound lane of the elevated road near the site, which currently operates as a shortcut connecting Ramkhamhaeng Road to nearby Rama IX Road. If the police are to shut down this road, they say that it will be closed starting November, for at least 45 months, or 4 years.

The Orange Line will start near the Thailand Cultural Centre, near Ratchadapisek Road, which means that, for those staying in a hotel near Esplanade Mall, the new line will be fairly accessible.

The first 10 stations for the new extension will be built underground, whilst the remaining seven will be elevated.


Go People Launches Australian Courier Service

With the recent moves made by Amazon into the Australian market, people are now looking to the commercial giant for a multitude of their needs. For those who go so far as to compare courier prices, there’s some good news for options, as Go People has recently announced a foray into dedicated shift services.

The crowd-sourcing based Go People, a parcel delivery startup has just setup a new, adaptable courier delivery service in Australia, which it has dubbed GoShift. The new service, according to GoPeople, will be aimed at support Australia’s small time businesses in the market, which is predicted to be rife with competition in the future when Amazon makes its move.

GoShit is designed to let businesses find and hire shift-based dedicated drivers for their needs on an on-demand basis, which will allow GoPeople to streamline their operations and delivery processes as well as ensuring that the costs of operation aren’t too high.

The service’s development allowed Go People to further improve upon the company’s grouping and routing algorithm, which can now help assigned couriers create routes which lets them comfortably handle 10-20 deliveries with little fuss in a three-hour shift.

Go People’s founder and CEO Wayne Wang, has made a statement, expressing confidence in the new service’s ability to deliver valuable service to Australian retailers and help them find their place in the ever-competitive courier company market. According to him, GoShift is merely a natural extension of GoPeople’s offer and aim: simplifying deliveries.

For the small time Australian businesses who compare courier prices, and are looking towards using GoShift, Wang adds that the service was designed for and is ideal for the small businesses who are hoping to compete with the large-scale retailers that corner the market, such as Amazon, whilst keeping a handle on the costs that are normally present when operating their own delivery services.

One of their customers, Brisbane City Blooms, a florist business based in Queensland, says that the delivery service has been very helpful, allowing them to consolidate the morning deliveries every day, whilst simultaneously reducing monthly operation costs.

Brisbane City Blooms’ Nel Gowday, says that that using GoShift has allowed them to be flexible enough to work with daily demands, due to the fact that they can now adjust their delivery needs when needed.


Try These Recommended Lead Strategies By Forbes

Lead generation can be a puzzle to many business owners and marketers. There are so many experts out there that claim that they know the best lead generation strategies that can give you the best results. However, what will work for one does not necessarily mean that it’s also the best solution for the other. It all boils down to your own customers.

Before you try to come with your own lead generation strategies, the first thing you need to identify is who are your customers. This will make it easier for you to come up with tactics and experiment based on customers’ behaviour. Example, you may have observed that most of these are social media users and you can use this information to your advantage. So what are some of the lead generation strategies that you can use? Here are some of the recommended ones by Forbes:

Email Marketing

Create an email list for your business. You can do this through your website. In exchange for customer emails, some businesses make use of freebies to lure people to leave their emails. Facebook will also allow you to build an email list nowadays. Of course, you need to make sure that you do not spam customers or your email campaigns could end up in their spam folders which defeats the purpose of sending them.

Social Media

Facebook in particular will help you reach people depending on their demographics. Advertising with this social media site is said to be very effective as you can target a certain age group, gender, or even those of similar interests. Facebook has millions of users, which goes on to say that you can reach more people in here compared to local advertisements.

Google AdWords

Google is the largest search engine. When you target the right keywords, your business can be seen by those who have a particular interest in what you have to offer. This is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

There are different lead generation strategies available to you online. Experimenting with several can help you gauge the most effective one for your business. You can also combine several of these to take advantage of what each has to offer.


To Ban Or Not To Ban Outdoor Wood-Fired Boilers

The council of Kamloops has rolled back its ban on outdoor wood-fired boilers that have been in place for more than a decade; however, two councilors have argued that it can impact on air quality. According to Glen Cheetham, sustainability services supervisor, the city regulation prohibits the use of such devices that were developed during the time when there were no laws that regulate boilers.

New government regulations took effect last May 1 and Cheethman said that it makes the city ban redundant. Provincial rules allow boilers that meet the set standards for emissions at federal level to be installed 40 meters away from property lines. The change will provide an opportunity for companies and organizations to install biomass burners to meet the target in greenhouse gas reductions.

Since the boilers use renewable fuel in the form of wood or wood waste, they are considered as carbon neutral. If the devices are used responsibly, space heat can be produced without GHG emissions. However, city councilors Tina Lange and Denis Walsh have concerns on the lifting of the ban because it can lead to an increase in particulates in the environment.

Neither of the councilors was convinced that the provincial regulations on how boilers can be installed and operated will be enforced. Monitoring will not happen because of the lack of resources. The 40-meter setback rule will not stop companies from using burners in the Mission Flats area. The ban could remain but variance applications may be considered if the property owners outside the valley bottom want a boiler.

On the other hand, councilor Kent Christian said the idea seems counter-intuitive because removal of the ban means boiler technology is no longer the garbage it was when the laws took effect. Existing ways of heating the home release harmful emissions. Wood-fired boilers will reduce rotting and decaying wood from the forest floor.

Boilers today use different types of fuel from mains gas, natural gas and biomass. However, the way that boilers are maintained and repaired remains the same. Boiler repairs are still required whenever there are issues with performance or if the components are no longer in good working condition.