University Of Alabama Research Looks To Improve HVAC Systems With Sensors

These days technology is being developed with the idea of environment friendliness built in, a concept that the HVAC industry is making steps towards, seeing as how an HVAC system is usually seen as one of the bigger energy consumers in a building.

Research from the University of Alabama is looking to improve the affordable air conditioning unit in one’s home by installing sensors. The research effort, lead by Dr. Zheng O’Neill, is aimed at finding ways of reducing the energy used by HVAC systems to do their job of heating, cooling and ventilating buildings. The team’s efforts lie in developing testing standards as well as control strategies for sensors, in order to allow them to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems operating in both commercial and residential buildings.

The end goal is to allow sensors on HVAC systems to work efficiently by detecting human occupancy and activity levels in order to adjust the heating, cooling and ventilation.

Dr. O’Neill says that, when the research is complete and implemented, it is expected to result in any HVAC system using the research’s results to cut down on energy use by around 30%, meaning that any affordable air conditioning unit will now be even more affordable, seeing as how energy consumption is one of the bigger costs with an HVAC system.

The team will be testing several types of occupancy sensors, like people counting, or carbon dioxide sensors, comparing failure rates and HVAC energy reduction in several simulated real-world scenarios.

The research received approximately $1.5M worth of funding from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), a division of the US Department of Energy. The funding of the UA research was part of its cleverly named Saving Energy Nationwide in Structures with Occupancy Recognition, or SENSOR program.

Approximately 13% of all energy produced in the US goes to HVAC systems, with a considerable amount of it wasted due to being used to ventilate building that are either unoccupied or not occupied enough. The SENSOR program is aimed at supporting innovative and accurate sensors designed to optimize building HVAC systems in order to reduce cost and energy use.


How To Effectively Transact With Logistics Companies In Perth

It is always good to have a healthy yet professional relationships with service providers in the industry. This will make it easier for you to access services and even ask small favours to get your needs through especially during peak seasons. If you are in an industry that constantly requires logistics companies in Perth, find out how you can easily transact with them every time you need their services. Filling out the quote form properly and with the right information will make it easier for the trucking company to determine the rates for your needed services. For a faster and convenient transaction, here are some tips.

  • Instead of requesting for a quote, indicate your particular transport needs so the company can provide a quote based on your requirements. Indicate when the items are expected to arrive at the recipient’s address, the type of vehicle required for the delivery such as air conditioned, the volume of the order, frequency of delivery and the commodities to be delivered including the terms of payment.
  • If you would require regular shipping of merchandise, it would be best to look at the different logistics companies in Perthand hire a single service provider for all your transport needs. This will be efficient for you since you won’t have to look for a different service provider every time you need one.
  • Find out if you can customize the offered service of the company including the coverage options and see if you can save money out of it.
  • Get some background information on the container transport company to determine its reliability, their contingency plans if there are calamities or road accidents, their business advantages, the type of customer complaints lodge against them and if they can deliver rush orders.
  • Call your target logistics company and be upfront with your service requirements.
  • Read the service contract carefully especially the fine prints. If you have questions, make it a point to call the contractor for clarifications.
  • Find out if your chosen contractor among thelogistics companies in Perth has an online system for easier paymenttransaction including tracking status online.

Robotics And Artificial Intelligence Foreseen In Thailand’s Future

Technology is expected to be prevalent in Thailand businesses. Most businesses make use of the payroll management system in Thailand to avoid the tedious task of timekeeping, payroll computations, preparation of pay slips and documentation. It is more efficient to use software in payroll management because everything is provided in a single system.

The Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT) predicts a smart future for the nation. In the future, robotics and artificial intelligence will become an integral part of the infrastructure of homes and utility services. According to the president of EIT, Thanet Veerasiri, trends in urban living will move towards “smart living” with future housing and urban life becoming increasingly modernized and urbanized.

In the era of Thailand 4.0, it is expected that homes will have more efficient online systems and technology that will allow them to reduce energy consumption. Mr. Thanet also said that future housing must be highly conducive towards mobility and mass transportation. The use of digital innovations and automation will help manage resources better and more wisely. It will also help in managing services to become more efficient.

For businesses, it is more efficient to use payroll management system in Thailand because the monthly payroll can be executed seamlessly and accurately. Technology is also expected to be more prevalent in cities including homes. One example is robotic technology that can be applied to fire fighting. Instead of human fire fighters, robots can assist in fire fighting operations and rescue missions. Computer programs as well as online apps can help strengthen security systems in homes and monitor the needs of elderly citizens.

At present, 75% of construction labour is composed of migrant workers. With the use of robots in construction, real estate developers will be able to overcome the uncertainties of the labour workforce and at the same time bring down costs.

When a company uses payroll management system in Thailand, it becomes very difficult to make mistakes because of the validation procedure that stops the user from posting wrong information. Aside from the time savings enjoyed by the HR and accountings departments, employees trust the system because their uncertainties on wrong computations are substantially minimized.


How To Enjoy In A Phuket Romantic Resort

There are many ways to share memories with a loved one and you can make the person feel loved in so many ways. One way to make your loved one feel special is to book a holiday and take your partner to a Phuket romantic resort that would realize your romantic dream holiday. Here are some of the things that you can do.

Take your loved one to a holiday

Choose a special occasion such as a birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or other important date that calls for celebration. Arrange everything and book for tickets and accommodation to have a surprise holiday. Check your partner’s schedule to ensure that your partner can go with you prior to booking services and accommodation.


To make the holiday a truly romantic one, surprise your loved one with a unique and creative proposal. You can arrange with the staff to help you with the preparations or even in coming up with exciting and fun yet romantic ideas.

Pick romantic activities

Visit the website of Phuket romantic resortto find out what romantic activities you and your partner can engage during your holiday. Find out if they have packages or activities that are suited for couples. Check out too if the resort offersdeals or specials that couples can take advantage of. Some of the exciting activities that you and your partner can engage in can include island hopping, scuba diving and diving lessons, day tours and romantic dinners, among others. Find out if the resort has Jacuzzi, swimming pools and therapeutic massage designed for couples. Ask the resort if you can have candle-lit dinner by the beach or on the resort’s sun deck or other romantic areas.

Choose the perfect resort

Book in a beach resort that offers packages and activities for couples. Check on customer testimonials and reviews for service delivery ideas and to find out if the resort can meet your requirements. You can also check the official website of the Phuket romantic resortto find out if they have excellent rating from BBB. It would be an advantage if the resort is multi awarded and has citations from independent hospitality groups in the industry.


Practical Uses Of Electromagnet In Brisbane

If you think electromagnet in Brisbane are only utilized in electronic and engineering industries, think again. You will be surprised at how magnets are used in everyday, simple applications. Magnets are so common that you might not have noticed them because you are used to seeing them around the house or in your office.

At home, magnets and magnetic items can be easily found on your refrigerator door. As a matter of fact, magnets are responsible for making your refrigerator door closed at all times. Ref magnets are also popular for sticking notes and important numbers or photos of loved ones on your refrigerator door. They are excellent souvenir items which is why, you can easily find various ref magnets in souvenir shops or in other countries. They are also perfect for giveaways or tokens as they are affordable and can be purchased in bulk. Magnets are also handy can openers that you can just stick them to your fridge door to avoid losing them.

In office settings, you can also find various products of electromagnet in Brisbane such as magnetic boards and magnetic organizers. They are also popular during workshops where magnetic whiteboard with magnetic whiteboard erasers are used. Magnetic tapes and sheets can also be found among office and workshop supplies. There are also magnetic name tags that you can purchase for seminars and trainings.

If you are the type who loves doing handicrafts or DIY projects, you can make use of magnetic paints and other magnetic cut-outs. Magnets can be found in various shapes and sizes. All you have to do is look for a supplier that can offer your needed magnetic item for your project or requirement. You can find magnet suppliers on the internet or you can also check from your local handicraft suppliers or school and office supplies stores for options.

Look for high quality electromagnet in Brisbane that is suited to your needs and at the same time, one that is easy on the pocket. Visit at least three to five suppliers and compare prices. You might also want to ask for quotes if you are buying in bulk.