Will The Trade War Eventually Shift To Foreign Currency Markets?

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In a real war, countries use guns but in trade wars, they fight with tariffs. It is no secret that countries are also waging currency wars in silence. There are instances when policy makers are accused of deliberately trying to drive down exchange rates or fixing them too low to be able to gain a competitive advantage.

When a currency is weak, the country’s exports are sold more cheaply to importers to boost the economy of the home country. When things heat up, other nations will retaliate. An example is the current situation where US officials are accusing China, Germany, Russia and Japan of deliberately keeping their currencies undervalued.

For decades, the US policy was “strong dollar” but Trump prefers a weaker currency to increase exports and narrow down trade deficit to boost the profits of American companies. The Federal Reserve is showing signs that of backtracking on interest rate hikes to strengthen the dollar. As the trade war between the US and China continues, China has allowed the Yuan to slide more than 8% against the US dollar during the last 6 months ending September 2018.

Economists say that there are significant reasons for China’s move to probably slow down economic growth in China but the timing has raised alarms on the currency being used as a weapon. Most large countries have allowed market forces to dictate exchange rates so that devaluations will be difficult to achieve. With global trade tensions, the US and other countries may be more willing to use their currencies as leverage and shift the war to the foreign exchange markets.

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Triumph Receiving Government Support To Co-Develop Electric Motorbikes

Triumph Motorcycles is known to www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk and other dealerships in the UK, and the government has decided to choose the manufacturer to lead the country’s effort into breaking into the electric motorcycle market. The manufacturer will be working with industry experts, and academics, with backing from the Innovate UK government department to undertake a two-year project.

The project was dubbed “Project Triumph TE-1”, which Triumph Motorcycles will be undertaking with several partners. The involved entities listed down the specifics of their contributions:

  • Triumph Motorcycles, as the name of the project implies, will be leading, providing the chassis design, as well as engineering and manufacturing expertise, on top of developing the necessary safety systems, and defining the specifications of the electric drivetrain.
  • Williams Advanced Engineering will handle the design and integration of a lightweight battery, using their test and development facilities.
  • Integral Powertrain Ltd.’s e-Drive Division will handle the development of the high power density motor, and silicon carbide inverters to be used in the motor, as well as integrating both components into a single motor housing.
  • WMG at the University of Warwick will lend their expertise in electrification, as well as commercial knowledge; driving R&D, as well as creating models and simulations for future market needs.
  • Innovate UK is the government agency that supports and promotes science and technology programmes that could help grow the UK economy, and will support the organisations involved with the programme and provide them funds via the BEIS modern funding strategy aimed at creating a market-leading UK electric vehicle.

The project will be compartmentalized into four main phases, with one of the key goals being improved systems integration. By having respective experts handle the development of the components, then optimizing them into combine units, the project hopes to develop and create electric motorcycle systems that sport reduced mass, complexity and package requirements.

Professor of Advanced Propulsion Systems, David Greenwood, WMG, University of Warwick, says that everyone, www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk included, know that electric motorcycles will be important to transportation in the future; delivering reduced road congestion and cutting down on emissions and making parking much easier. WMG, he adds, has the expertise and experience in handling electrification for road, rail, sea and air transportation, which they’ll happily bring to the motorcycle sector.


Cybersecurity Risks: How They Affect You, And How You Can Prevent It

In an age of paperless technology, keeping your data and information safe is a top priority. With all the antics that cybercriminals can pull off, it’s no wonder why businesses invest a lot in cybersecurity. So what is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is a state of your overall system that ensures your data and important information are kept safe and secure from outside access. Every member of a company is responsible and accountable for what happens to data the moment they gain access to it. Hence, all team members should take cybersecurity seriously.

Attacks can range from what seem to be harmless emails, to flash drives left around that contain malicious code that can infect your network.

Small Business IT Support Helps Your Business Deal with Risks

All businesses, big or small, are all at risk from cybercriminals. However, small businesses are mostly left vulnerable due to lack of proper IT support, funds, or be it the manpower to address cybersecurity.

Small business IT support companies like KDG help small businesses manage cybersecurity risks and allow effective IT support to secure your system and perform network maintenance when needed. KDG’s small business IT support can identify risks and perform the necessary steps to make sure everything runs smoothly which is not limited to software upgrades, network maintenance, or by providing the tools to ensure the security of your system.

KDG offers IT support that not only ensures network security, but also aids in the growth of your business by making sure your devices are running efficiently and are constantly kept up-to-date. With KDG small business IT support, securing your network has never been so easy.

It’s Never Too Early!

It is not a matter of HOW you deal with security risks, but rather WHEN you start dealing with them. Time is always of the essence when it comes to security as every day that passes by without you securing your network, makes you more vulnerable to cyber attacks and data theft. So if you want to make sure your business is running at its optimal performance, it is never too early to invest in IT support and help your business grow.


Uncertainty Regarding Brexit Causing Problems For Local Brands Just As Milan Design Week Looms

The ongoing uncertainty over Brexit is bringing issues for the UK’s furniture brands, many a home and school furniture supplier included, just as they’re preparing for Milan design week, which started 10 days from the original schedule of Brexit.

Brexit was scheduled for 29 March 2019, before being delayed to October 31, and the uncertainty that surrounded it, and still surrounds it, and many a home and school furniture supplier in Britain are worrying how they’ll get their goods across the English Channel in spite of the issues that Brexit is bringing to the transportation routes.

SCP Director Sheridan Coakley says that it’s a serious issue, as most of the designers work down to the wire and the trend is that the week before the show, it’s a frantic race to get furniture over for the design show.

A fair number of British companies have opted to not show up in Milan for 2019, though few have openly put the blame on Brexit itself. British furniture brand SCP is among those who’ve decided to pass. He says that there were a lot of British companies that didn’t show up 2019’s Milan Design Show, not due to any particular reason, and certainly not due to Brexit.

The Milan Design Week was held from 8-14 April, and is considered as the most important event in the furniture design industry calendar. Dover saw a bottleneck, thanks to the political changes.

Most brands didn’t say that their choice was driven by Brexit, though some have gone on record to say that it has been a factor. While it wasn’t the primary motivator, they say, it is a factor.

Modus Managing Director Jon Powell stated that taking a break from Milan, for the first time in a decade and a half, gave them time to focus on the UK market, as well as plot out how they’ll expand in the future.

They have intended to return to Milan, Powell says, but the uncertainty combined with the feeling that last year’s event wasn’t really worth attending, resulted in Modus opting to sit it out for another year. They’ll return to Milan in the next year, should Brexit finally be handled properly, and the UK market has a much more solid perspective on how they’ll be in EU.


Housing Sector Pressuring Aussie Government For A VISA Programmer For Foreign Tradies

The Aussie housing sector is looking to boost affordability, to that end, they need tradies to handle housing construction and plumbing services in Newcastle and across the country. In order to meet that demand, they’re turning to foreign tradies, and are pressuring the federal government to create a new VISA to that end.

With the Australian Federal Election set for May 18, the multi-trillion housing sector is putting pressure on political parties so that they’ll develop a new kind of VISA in order to fight back a shortfall in tradies for the residential sector.

According to the Housing Industry Association’s Managing Director Graham Wolfe, the recent proposals for changes to the ‘457’ skilled working VISA won’t deal with the underlying issue regarding the shortage of skilled tradies needed for the construction of new houses and apartments in the AU.

Two years ago, former MP Malcolm Turnbull announced that he would abolish the 457 temporary skilled work VISA, which has since been unavailable for new applications.

The Labor party supported a crackdown on work visas, with Bill Shorten saying that about four of five of temporary skilled worker VISAs are granted in fields that aren’t actually suffering from a shortage of skilled workers in Australia, like plumbing services in Newcastle, and that needs to change.

Mr. Wolfe countered these claims, saying that the focus of any reforms should be on creating new VISAs for skilled workers that won’t be bound to any employers, able to act as independent trade contractors. He warns that the housing industry is more vulnerable when it comes to skill shortages than other sectors thanks to its ageing labour force, the nature of the work, as well as the constant demand for housing.

Wolfe says that the housing industry is key to the well-being of Australian society, noting that the country will need more than 2.3 million new houses by 2030 in order to keep up with the growing demand. On top of that, he reports that 2018 saw $108b worth of residential construction in the country.

He explains that the current VISA models don’t suit the housing industry, which is more reliant on independent contracting, explaining that a well-thought out and well-executed migration policy for the country, alongside a strong programme to ensure the training of future Aussie tradies will do much to ensure that Australia has the homes it needs.