Establishing A Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire Business

Stoke-on-Trent was created from six separate towns and several villages as early as the 20th century. It is amazingly renowned as the “City of Five Towns”, due to a local novelist Arnold Bennett, who describes the city in this way through his novels. As the city is also popularly known as the home of the pottery industry in England, it is also referred to as the Potteries. You can even initiate a Staffordshire business here using pottery or ceramics.

As situated an hour away from Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester, and two hours if travelling by train in London, Stoke-on-Trent used to be an industrial hub, but today, it’s now a centre for service industries, especially if you want a Staffordshire business installed here.

If you come to Stoke-on-Trent, you’ll first be introduced to the amazing potteries of the city. It has a worldly acclaimed ceramic collection that is safely and carefully guarded in the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery. However, you’ll find the acclaimed potteries at the Wedgwood Visitor Centre in the Staffordshire countryside too. It doesn’t only represent the luxurious ceramic company of the UK, but you can have a closer look while a pottery is made. If you’re here at Stoke-on-Trent, you have a chance of visiting several pottery shops or companies.

What happened several years in this city is not only about ceramics. The Elizabeth Ford Green Hall and the Eturia Industrial Museum will best explain the rich history of Stoke-on-Trent. There’s also the Alton Towers theme park to enjoy popular attractions, which you’ll need to travel ten miles away. You may also enjoy the nearby Trentham Monkey Forest and Trentham Gardens. Or you can enjoy swimming at the Waterworld just close by.

A Staffordshire business is not far behind. You can see modern hotels that offer bed and breakfast, cottages, guesthouses and camping areas available here. You can also visit famous cafes and tea shops just in every corner of the city; or have a mix of traditional and international cuisines at restaurants and bistros. If you’re here in the Potteries, you should never miss tasting the famous Staffordshire oatcakes. It’s preferably served hot with desired fillings of bacon and cheese.




French Love Their Fast Food

Restaurateur and entrepreneur, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, have ventured into many fields before but it was only when he entered the food industry that he found out how much the French love their fast food chains. When you think of French, you think of them eating home cooked meals with healthy ingredients but according to the latest report, they have a secret affair with fast food chains that it is starting to reveal through the growing waistlines of the public. In an estimate, it is expected that the country will have 30 million obese residents when 2030 comes.

Their culinary traditions have obviously been slowly being replaced by fast food convenience. It all boils down to their busy lifestyle that they no longer have time to eat proper lunch. To make matters worse, online food delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo made it too convenient for them to order whenever, wherever.

The result is evident on the average weight of the people. The fast food industry is also booming in the country with a market worth of €54 billion. The entire food service industry is worth €88 billion which means that fast food is responsible for more than half the turnover. This is sad news for traditional restaurants who are gaining less and less customers.

In 2017, the turnover of McDonald alone in France reached €4.8 billion. If this figure is not impressive enough, you might be shocked to know that the second company with the highest turnover in 2017 only earned €1.7 billion. The difference says it all. The turnover percentage for the fast food chain increased by 4.1 per cent in 2017 and it is expected to continue rising in the coming years which goes to show just how much the French love their McDonald’s. In fact, there are 1,440 restaurant branches all over the country while the UK only has 1,249.

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan who is a busy man himself admits that the limited lunch time at work might be the greatest contribution why the French have settled on a fast food routine. Survey shows that workers in France only get an average of 31 minutes for lunch which is not enough time to go to a restaurant and order something healthy.


Demand For Low-rise Condo Still High In Sukhumvit

For tourists, they prefer short-term accommodations such as Sukhumvit 19 hotel but for serious investors, purchasers and foreigners hoping to purchase another real estate investment, there is still a high demand for low-rise condominiums within the Sukhumvit area. According to developers, the main reason for this is that the prices of low-rise units are far tempting compared to high-rise condo units.

The chief executive officer of Habitat Group, a residential developer, Chanin Vanijwongse, said that the prices of the units that belong in low-rise condominiums are much affordable despite the fact that they are just launched into the market. Looking at the prices of high-rise condominium units, the difference in prices might be blamed on the costs of land.

Mr. Chanin said that high-rise condominiums need larger plots of land for constructions which means that the costs of the land are also more expensive. Furthermore, the plots of land that were dedicated for high rise buildings are usually located in the main roads of Sukhumvit where the alleys are much wider.

He added that the plots of land that is located on the main road starting at Nana skytrain station going to the Skytrain stations in Thong Lor have an average price of 2 million baht for every square wah.

In the end, the prices of the newly introduced condo units constructed within these plots have a starting price of between 250,000 and 350,000 baht for every square metre. Plots that are located on Sois are considerably much cheaper thus the prices of the units when listed for sale are also comparably lower. When it comes to construction costs, low-rise are lower compared to high-rise buildings.

According to a market research conducted by Habitat, the average condo unit price for every square metre around the Asok skytrain station is 271,000 baht. Those located close to the Phrom Phong station has an asking price of 270,000 baht for every square metre while those within the vicinity of Nana station has an average price of 244,000 baht.

At the end of the day, the demand remains strong for low-rise buildings and accommodations such as Sukhumvit 19 hotel also continues to have a high booking rate from tourists both locally and internationally.


Amazon Cancels The CloudPet Product Line

The last thing anyone wants to add to any security systems Bunbury are open holes and flaws waiting to be exploited, which is why Amazon’s online stores are pulling its CloudPets product line, after researchers have pointed out that the ‘smart’ toys were full with security flaws.

Fellow tech company, Mozilla, contacted Amazon early in June to alert them of research which pointed out the security flaws found on CloudPets, which was then followed by Walmart and Target removing the products from their catalogues, ahead of Amazon.

According to Mozilla’s VP of Advocacy, Ashley Boyd, in an age where data leaks are becoming more and more commonplace, and products with security flaws like CloudPets are still out on the market, ready to compromise security systems Bunbury and across the world, has made him worry about the security and privacy of his kids.

CloudPets are stuffed bears that allow parents and kids to make audio recordings for each other via a microphone installed in the toys. An app on the parent’s phone then allows messages recorded via the bear to be remotely accessed by the parent. They can then opt to respond by recording a message via their connect phone, which is then sent over to the bear.

Recordings made via CloudPets or the associated app then goes through the internet and are converted into audio files for storage by toy company Spiral Toys. Back in 2017, hackers were able to penetrate their database, making off with the email addresses, passwords and recordings from children, which have been held to ransom at least twice now, with more than 800,000 people affected by the intrusion.

The vulnerabilities was discovered by Mozilla and Cure53, a cybersecurity research firm, after they tested the system following the first breach in 2017.

The joint effort discovered that the Bluetooth vulnerabilities that led to the original breach was still open, on top of the mobile app’s connected site, ‘’, was up for grabs and could be easily accessed by malicious parties. The third vulnerability noted in the toys was that there were no security checks to stop criminals from installing firmware in the toy, which would allow them to hijack it with little issue.


Flexible School Furniture To Optimize 21st Teaching Methods

Over the course of the past years, schools have been considering more flexible and movable kids school chairs to replace the traditional desks with a wooden table top that is welded to a plastic chair. Traditional desks and chairs are becoming things of the past. With more flexible school furniture, kids can communicate with each other easily and reflect on their lessons.

Over the summer, Knolls, Arroyo, Mountain View and Wood Ranch received new flexible seating. This was made possible through the funding of Simi Valley Unified School District’s $239 million bond Measure X. Jason Peplinski, superintendent of Simi Valley Unified School District said that all their schools will receive new furniture in the coming years. The project of new seating will be completed in phases throughout the district as part of an overall classroom beautification process that will cost about $1.5 million.

According to Peplinski, kids must be able to move while learning. Some of the new seating allows kids to dispense some of their energy. If students are empowered by allowing them to choose their chairs, they learn better. It is important to bear in mind that learning can be and should be fun.

California Department of Education (CDE) recommends that classroom spaces must be able to optimize 21st century teaching methods that include project-based learning and individualized instruction. CDE also suggests that space must be adaptable to multiple activities to take place simultaneously.

Tables and chairs play a big role to ensure that a classroom becomes more fluid, versatile, convertible, scalable and modifiable. In the Dellacort-Thomas classroom, desks can be easily moved to allow different sized groupings and seating options for students. Instead of wobbly stools, kids have the bright coloured chairs with back support. The children can choose a specific spot in the classroom that they deem suitable for what they want to accomplish.

Student learning is improved when the classroom and furniture is designed for their comfort and health. It is without doubt that kids school chairs play a big role in ensuring that the attention of a child is on the lessons. If the chair is not comfortable, a decision is made between comfort and learning.