Movenpick Hotels And Resorts Signs Agreement With BDMS To Rebrand And Open Wellness Resort

In its efforts to provide more hotel and hospitality services in the country, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts recently signed a deal with the Bangkok Dust Medical Services (BDMS) to manage and rebrand a famous landmark hotel in the city: the Nai Lert Park Hotel.


Under New Management

The Nai Lert Park Hotel was originally built and officially opened in 1984 in one of the city’s central business districts. It is now under renovations and would be managed by the Movenpick management at the beginning of 2019. This Sukhumvit hotel near BTS is accessible to major city attractions, embassies, malls, offices, and other places that tourists in the urban area would love to explore.


Expanding Portfolio for Movenpick

Movenpick has already established its name in the hotel and hospitality industry in Thailand. The rebranded Sukhumvit hotel near BTS isn’t the first of its kind either: Movenpick has already invested and is currently running two properties in Bangkok: Movenpick Residences Ekkamai Bangkok, and Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok. The new deal will be the ninth property in its portfolio in Thailand.


In early August this year, Movenpick rebranded Asara Villa and Suite Hua Hin and reopened it as Movenpick Asara Resort and Spa Hua Hin. It is a beautiful oceanfront resort with 96 rooms for its guests. It is a perfect destination for many tourists who hope to relax near the country’s clear waters. The property is just two hours away from the capital.


Aside from rebranding the famous Bangkok landmark, the group also plans to open 11 new properties across nine countries this year. Some of these are the Movenpick in Hua Hin, Movenpick Hotel Basra in Iraq, Movenpick Resort and Spa Kuredhivaru in Maldives, Movenpick Hotel du Lac Tunis in Tunisia, Kenya’s Movenpick Hotel and Residences Nairobi, Movenpick Hotel Sylhet in Bangladesh. Movenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA in Malaysia, Movenpick Resort El Ein Bay in Egypt, Movenpick Hotel Apartments and Movenpick Hotel in UAE, and Movenpick Resort Khao Yai in Thailand.


The group has more than 40 projects in their development pipeline, with the hopes to enter new markets including Muscat, Oman, Abidjan, Cove d’Ivoire, Was Al Khaimah, UAE, Abuja, Nigeria, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



Virginia Homeowner Puts Up Electric Fence To Keep Kids Off His Property

When one goes shopping for a fence energiser, one usually needs it for keep wild animals like predators out of a ranch or a farm, but one Virginia resident has taken some flak for getting one for his home. To keep out children.

Bryan Tucker, a homeowner in Henrico County, bought wiring, a fence energiser and some posts to set up an electric fence around his property, located near a school bus stop. He then took down the fencing at a later date, but not because of concern for the children at risk of electrocution, but because state law would’ve punished him for accidentally erecting the fence on county property.

According to him, he’s tired of having to deal with kids fighting, cursing, littering and trespassing on his property, despite already having put up a “No Trespassing” sign to no effect. Tucker says that the kids don’t respect other people’s properties, and that he’s forced to pick up litter daily.

Naturally, the parents of the kids in the area voiced out against the move, with some calling putting up the fence as straight-up ‘insane’, as it jeopardizes kids in the are who might fall into the fence and get shocked, resulting in injury. Some parents said that Tucker didn’t understand why parents were worried, and called the cops on the property.

It was then that it was revealed that Tucker built on county property, and that he had to move his fence back by 18 feet to match county regulations. When he complied with the cops, he went and stated that he’s only complying with county laws, and not because the kids were at risk, saying that the fence was moved simply because it wasn’t in the right place.

County regulation does not forbid the fence being put up, and, as such, Tucker is free to put it up again, which he is considering. He says that he’s considering putting it back up again, but he’s hoping that the first fence was enough of a warning to get kids and neighbours off his lawn.

He says that the message has gotten across, that parents are posting and talking about the fence.


Affordable Solar Panel Solutions Now Available For Gold Coast Residents And Business Owners

Solar Panel Solutions Aus recently launched their new user-friendly websites offering installation services to homes and businesses in Gold Coast.

Responsible Home and Business Ownership

In the light of several news coming out showing the damages that the planet has sustained over the years, there have been many new efforts that governments, non-profit organizations, civic groups, and individual citizens have exerted to combat the problem and mitigate its damages. Some have turned to green technology—technologies tailored for a more sustainable way of living, minimalist lifestyles, and going zero-waste. Nowadays, there are more and more independent stores around the world which try to minimize the use of plastic by not using straws, disposable plates and utensils, and using more environmentally friendly packaging such as seaweed-based packages, or stores that encourage shoppers to bring their own jars and containers from home to avoid using disposable packaging. But one thing that’s been a long time option is using solar power as an alternative energy source.

Residents and business owners can looking for Gold Coast solar power options for their homes and businesses can now access Solar Panel Solutions Aus’ new website for their services. The new company’s spokesperson explained that the company has recognized that over the years, more and more people are starting to look for reasonably-priced solar power systems. This has been a reflection of their changing attitude towards their responsibility in saving the environment. However, old solar power systems used to be very expensive, and were used mainly by big companies who could shoulder the huge upfront costs. Now, the company is offering Gold Coast solar power solution, including more affordable solar panel systems through their site.


Quality service and equipment are necessary in the success of a solar panel system, and so, the company ensures that its technicians are professionals and well-trained in the field. They are also working towards providing the services within the shortest period of time possible, to make the transition faster for homeowners and business owners.

Customer service is also a major factor that the company looked into, and they treat each customer as separate entity with tailored services. This starts from the quotation, down to installation, and management of the solar panel systems to ensure that they are working smoothly, and truly help in cutting down electricity costs for their clients.


Distinguishing Between Waterproof Stickers In NZ And Water-Resistant Stickers

Are all stickers waterproof? Well, the answer is depending on the materials used for the sticker. If paper or card stock is used for the sticker material, then they aren’t waterproof, unless plastic laminate or a water-impermeable coating is added. To make waterproof stickers in NZ, you need materials, adhesives and inks that can endure submersions for extended periods. The most common materials for waterproof stickers are vinyl and BOPP. An expert in waterproofing stickers will use waterproof inks with these stocks. But differentiating a variety of sticker makers, their stickers can only be considered waterproof if tried and tested.

Water-resistant versus Waterproof

One should never be confused between waterproofing and water-resistant. A waterproof sticker NZ will work even when immersed in water for several years. For a water-resistant sticker, it will degrade depending on the materials for an undetermined period of time. It may be helpful to think that waterproof is impermeable to water, and water-resistant as a quality measured on a scale.

Several popular sticker materials like some varieties of paper and cardstock can be water resistant. To improve its quality, you need to add a coating. Regardless of whether water-resistant stickers will survive in moisture, it makes them inappropriate for applications where extended submersion are needed.

Applications for Waterproof Stickers

Waterproof stickers can be useful for many typical applications. You can trust that waterproof stickers NZ can withstand these applications:

  • Outdoor usage: If you intend to use the stickers at your outdoors, choose waterproof materials for better performance especially with various weather conditions.
  • Cars and other vehicles: You need waterproof stickers to use for your trucks, trailers, farm and construction machinery, delivery vans and other vehicles. The waterproof stickers will withstand any elements compared to a typical sticker.
  • Boats and marine equipment: If you intend to use boats and other marine equipment, it’s best to use waterproof stickers, especially when immersed in seawater.
  • Food packaging: If you’re packaging food items, the best materials to use for refrigeration or immersion are waterproof stickers in NZ, as it can withstand even a bucket of ice water. Regular stickers will break into pieces and make your products unfit to sell.

Not all stickers are waterproof. To make them such, you need to combine inks, adhesives and stocks. You also need to know how and where they will be used.


Experts Say That The Next Major Fast Food Franchise Will Come From Latin America

According to experts like leonardogonzalezdellan, the next major fast food franchise will be coming out of the Latin America region, where many chains are expanding in a rapid rate, with some having set their sights on the global fast food market.

These experts are pointing towards Latin America dishes, like Peruvian sanguches, plátanomixto and completos, alongside Hispanic iterations of fast food classics like hot dogs and donuts as the foods that have the potential to give Latin American franchises the edge they need on the global fast food stage. Krispy Kreme, which was only launched within this century, now has 400 sites across the US alone, with their main product, donuts, sold in convenience stores across the world.

But a recent research, one that observes and analyzes the rapid expansion of Latin American franchises across the region, suggests that the fast food market is shifting.

On top of that, Venezuelan entrepreneur and trade expert leonardogonzalezdellan claims that the international fast food scene has very favorable conditions for expanding businesses. He says that the franchises that oringate from emerging markets are faring far better in other emerging markets compared to ones that come from economically developed countries. Dellán explains that these businesses do not see issues like high corruption levels or inefficiencies as unacceptable terms when it comes to operating their business.

The evidence suggests that these franchises from Latin America, in food and in other sectors, do not see the above issues, found in their home environments, as problems when doing business. They are, simply put, better at dealing with problems regarding contracts, contradictory or convoluted regulations and politically unstable climate, giving them an advantage in emerging economies compared to those from developed economies.

With the experience these businesses have, Dellán says that these franchises are set to expand across Latin America, and, possibly, the rest of the world. These franchises, named Baledas Express, Churromania, The California Burrito Company, Doggis and Pasquale Hnos, ultimately representing what might be the first sustained challenge the dominant US franchises to come from emerging economies.