Great Photographs Included In The Photograph Competition For Grassroots Football

There is higher tension as the competition is starting to get serious in the amateur photograph contest for the best picture that could be taken from the grassroots football which is held in Suffolk.

The competition was organized in partnership between Suffolk FA and DE Photo which is the sponsor. They are also collaborating with the publishers of East Aglian Daily Times, Archant Ltd and Ipswich Star.

The entries are limited to all the scenes that are happening in football. It could be during the day of the match, a shot made by the team or even a picture that is staged. The rule is that the photograph must be able to capture grassroots. The professional game is not the target of the competition.

There is a panel of judges that will choose the winners and they are comprised of representative coming from Archant Ltd, DE Photo as well as Suffolk FA. They will meet once the season ended and will therefore announce the winners of the said contest.

The winner of the competition will be able to get a prize reward of his winning photograph being converted into a canvas print which will be 600mm x 400mm in size.

The second and third place winners will also be going home with a copies of their winning entries converted into canvas prints in 450mm x 300mm size. Certificates will also be awarded to all the winners of the competition.

According to Nick Garnham, the Marketing and Communications Officer of Suffolk FA, they have already received a number of good entries for this season and there photographs taken in Suffolk. There is still a lot of time left for amateur photographers to capture winning shots before the season ends. The organizing bodies are looking forward for more entries.

According to the rules of the competition, only amateur photographers are welcome to join. Photographs captured from August 1, 2016 until May 31, 2017 will be accepted as entries. It can either be sent as a softcopy in JPEG format or it can also be submitted as a print. Many are excited to see the result knowing winners will be able to see their winning entry transformed as photo to canvas.


This Digital Canvas May Be A Gateway Drug For Art

A famous Picasso painting was auctioned last June, and if one didn’t get the chance to get it, have no fear, a digital canvas maker has a solution for those art cravings.

Digital canvas of Meural

Meural is a digital canvas which looks just like other framed pictures except that it has the ability to display more than 20,000 artworks ranging from famous arts to personal photography. The canvas is priced at $495 and is much cheaper than the Balloon Dog Orange that only uses a 2D display.

Co-founded by friends Vladimir Vukicevic and Jerry Hu in August 2014, Meural was conceived from a long-standing admiration for the arts. The two met at NYU and at one point, Hu was a guide for the Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Vukicevic co-founded and became the CTO of RocketHub, a crowd funding website aimed towards musicians, designers, artists, etc.

Apparently, Meural might remind people of those digital photo frames which were popular during the mid-aughts. Except Meural looks way cooler, nicer, simpler to use and fun to play with. Its users can pick a photo or painting or can even upload from their collection using the Meural app that connected to the canvas to show the chosen artwork. Users can also change the artwork by hovering their hands and gesturing up, down or across the canvas.

Meural accomplishes this using advanced hardware which allows an LCD screen to display 16 million different shades of color. A propriety haze covering is also applied to the screen which gives it a look similar to Amazon’s Kindle. With a light sensor that is consistent with the fluctuations of synthetic and natural light so as to keep the display constant. Best of all is the device is connected via WiFi, which means changing the display can easily be done.

Currently, Meural can only be purchased from its website, but, according to Vukicevic, there are already plans for physical stores


Meural is a digital way to put Photos on Canvas, and this is something that is going to be appealing to art enthusiasts out there.