Recommended Minimalist Gifts This Holiday Season

Everyone loves receiving gifts but let us be honest, most of these gifts turn into clutter once the holiday is over. We receive so many stuff and we don’t need most of them. This is why you should give more thoughts into the gifts you are giving this holiday. Think of gifts they will not keep in a drawer somewhere such as personalised art work but rather something they will surely use after receiving.

Top of the list is subscription service because in this day and age, everyone can subscribe to various services be it audio books, dinner, coffee or wine. If you know what the recipient is interested in then you will be able to decide on what to give him or her. Make sure to inquire if the service is available in the receiver’s location. It is not permanent and will end after the contract. Unlike material gifts, this will not clutter the house.

If there are upcoming concerts in your area and you know that the recipient will be interested to attend, you can purchase a ticket for them. It’s not just concerts but it could be other performances too such as conference talks, musicals, comedy night, rock concerts or a play. Make sure to buy two tickets so you can accompany him or her or they can take someone with them.

Money could be a limitation for some when giving gifts but if you have enough to spare, a trip would be an ideal gift to someone you love such as your partner in life. All you have to do is book an accommodation somewhere. It does not have to be in another country. An out of town trip is just as adventurous and budget permitting. If money is not a problem, fly your loved one to their dream destination.

If you want something that will last a long time and they will surely use around the house, a personalised art work is recommended. Adding a personal touch will make the gift more valuable and the recipient will surely know that you put in a lot of effort and thought into the gift.


Visit Britain Releases King Arthur Map

Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword film adaptation hit theaters recently across the world following its premier in the UK last May 19, 2017.

The film starred Charlie Hunnam of Vikings fame as a cocky iteration of the once and future king of Britain, and was filmed on location across Britain in places such as the Forest of Dean, Windsor Castle and Snowdonia.

With a myth as prolific, old and celebrated as King Arthur’s, there are many places across the country mentioned in the story, where visitors, both local and foreign can visit for a day out like the legend.

In celebration of the myth, and riding off the hype of the film, the British travel site, Visit Britain has recently created and released a new design of Illustrated Maps, detailing the many locations the film filmed at, and their actual ties to the Arthurian myth, promoting both the film and British tourism at the same time. The illustrated map features at least 18 filming locations across Scotland, North England and Wales.

For those interested in Illustrated Maps, or looking to get a taste of Arthurian sights, here are a few of the locations pointed out in the new map.


  • Isle of Skye
    • The adventurous Scottish isles featured in the film, known for the mystical and surreal Faerie Glen, as well as the towering Quiraing rock formations that reach out into the clouds.
  • Caledonian Forest, Highlands
    • The Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands is said to be the battlegrounds for one of King Arthur’s legendary Twelve Battles. The aforementioned forest was, according to the myth, was ensorcelled into an army of mobile plant life. Regardless of the veracity of the claims, the forest of heather and braeberry trees are a notable tourist destination.

North England

  • Hadrian’s Wall, Cumbria
    • Built by the Roman emperor Hadrian/Adrian, full name PubliusAeliusHadrianus, in 122 AD after his visit to the country, this wall once ran the whole width of Britannia. On the 12th Roman fort along the wall, the Castlesteads, AKA Camboglanna, was said to be the location for King Arthur’s greatest battle victory.


  • Carmarthen
    • Legend has it that Carmarthen is the home town of the wizard Merlin, great advisor and ally to King Arthur. An old oak tree once stood here, which is part of Merlin’s legend, it is said that: ‘When Merlin’s Oak shall tumble down, then shall fall Carmarthen Town’. In 1978, when the tree’s last pieces were taken to the town museum for safekeeping, the town was ravaged by one of the worst floods in its history.

Tips For Picking The Right Photo For Canvas Prints Australia

Your office walls and decorations can create a huge impression on your office or living room. You have the choice to use expensive or valuable paintings for your wall or you can opt to save the money and look for a company that offers Canvas Prints Australia instead. Photos that are digitally printed on canvas are way more affordable and their appearances are close to those costly paintings that you will find in museums and art galleries. The only thing you need to do is find a company that specializes in digital canvas printing. There is not much you need to do aside from uploading a picture to the company’s website. The next thing to do is apply the necessary changes you want to reflect on the photo. To give you some ideas on which image to upload, take a look at these tips.

Choose a significant photo 

To make the Canvas Prints Australiamore effective, upload a photo that has an important or special meaning to you. It could be a portrait of a loved one or your sleeping pet’s photo or a favourite picture that you took during your adventure. Choose an inspiring photo or one that will cheer your day up.

Choose the right image size

When choosing the size of the image, consider the size of the entire wall or where you are going to hang the canvas printing. The canvas print should not be overwhelmingly big nor should it be too small to be noticed. If you want your area to get that modern vibe, choose a bigger canvas printing size on your wall.

Choose an appropriately coloured photo 

The colour coordination of your room is important. It provides cohesion in the room or area where you hang it making the area more pleasant to stay in. If your wall has light colour, choose an image that has contrasting colour or darker hue for an effective Canvas Prints Australia. A colour coordinated room provides a modern vibe to any room. For more ideas, check the internet for inspiration.


Adding Word Art With A Professional Photography

Photography is the art of capturing pictures through a camera. It can be an occupation for some, as there are also those who prefer it as a hobby. It includes the need for digital cameras with different grades and specifications made for this purpose. They may also come up with a nice word art for the pictures.

While there are those using their camera phones to capture momentous events; more professionals use stand-alone cameras to clearly focus the nice moves and to have quality pictures. Once done, they may want to add word art to express the emotions of how they feel.

Choosing black and white photos offer a vintage look. These are treated as nostalgic art and therefore invoke memories of the past. Today, though black and white may be in, you can get various colors depending on the location you have taken the photography. It’s now considered a classic approach.

A professional photographer can be a work in demand today. He is responsible for capturing great pictures for private individuals, an organization, or perhaps an industry. His service may perhaps include taking photos of models, fashion and the beauty industry. He may also cover products and services that companies use to advertise.

There are photographers than specialize in nature and wilderness, which you can somehow view in TV or movies. What is important is a photographer having to capture photos in the easiest yet stylish ways. It really depends on his taste and preference. He may also use word art for the definition of his pictures.

In Australia alone, many photographers flock to capture for example scenic spots like the Sydney Opera House, Blue Mountains, the Great Barrier Reef, and more, which are a must-see for locals and tourists. A good snapshot or view can be done by a professional photographer with his artistic ways. This is when word art is necessary to define the pictures shown.

The end result of the pictures making them want to display in art galleries and museums. Depending on what the purpose of the exhibit is, it may come with a designated price in exchange for having the picture.


Great Photographs Included In The Photograph Competition For Grassroots Football

There is higher tension as the competition is starting to get serious in the amateur photograph contest for the best picture that could be taken from the grassroots football which is held in Suffolk.

The competition was organized in partnership between Suffolk FA and DE Photo which is the sponsor. They are also collaborating with the publishers of East Aglian Daily Times, Archant Ltd and Ipswich Star.

The entries are limited to all the scenes that are happening in football. It could be during the day of the match, a shot made by the team or even a picture that is staged. The rule is that the photograph must be able to capture grassroots. The professional game is not the target of the competition.

There is a panel of judges that will choose the winners and they are comprised of representative coming from Archant Ltd, DE Photo as well as Suffolk FA. They will meet once the season ended and will therefore announce the winners of the said contest.

The winner of the competition will be able to get a prize reward of his winning photograph being converted into a canvas print which will be 600mm x 400mm in size.

The second and third place winners will also be going home with a copies of their winning entries converted into canvas prints in 450mm x 300mm size. Certificates will also be awarded to all the winners of the competition.

According to Nick Garnham, the Marketing and Communications Officer of Suffolk FA, they have already received a number of good entries for this season and there photographs taken in Suffolk. There is still a lot of time left for amateur photographers to capture winning shots before the season ends. The organizing bodies are looking forward for more entries.

According to the rules of the competition, only amateur photographers are welcome to join. Photographs captured from August 1, 2016 until May 31, 2017 will be accepted as entries. It can either be sent as a softcopy in JPEG format or it can also be submitted as a print. Many are excited to see the result knowing winners will be able to see their winning entry transformed as photo to canvas.