People’s Fascination Over Ancient Map Art

In today’s digital world, map art is considered as an outdated relic of the distant past. People have forgotten how revolutionary map illustrations were during the age when there were no Google maps that chart the contours of the earth. Antique illustrated maps teach people how the world was in the past and how it changed through the centuries.

One example is the Schedel world map that was drawn in 1493. The map’s side panel shows fantastical creatures that were believed to have inhabited the farthest corners of earth. There were also countless maps made from the 17th to the 18th century that illustrate California as an island that is floating out to the seas.

Map illustrations that were created centuries ago were the symbols of people’s thirst for knowledge and their desire to explore. The shifting lines chart the direction of human history. The map illustrations are inspired by geography, politics, religion and culture. According to Massimo De Martini, director of London’s Althea Gallery, map illustrations are great topics to initiate conversations.

People buy illustrated maps because they are artifacts and artistic works that can be used to decorate walls. The 300-year old map of Arabia is still identifiable and recognizable piece of art. People are willing to spend huge sums of money for a map illustration because of their fascination with the age of exploration. This was the time when explorers sail unchartered seas to discover new lands and societies.

Althea Gallery was able to sell a world map from the 1842 edition of Geographica for more than £200,000 a few years ago. One of the oldest and most expensive maps that are currently being offered by the Althea Gallery is from the Ulm Edition of Ptolemy’s Geographica and valued at £35,000. The 1486 map depicts the recognizable silhouette of “Arabia Felix.”

Many people are fascinated by map art because it shows that evolution and progress of a specific city or country including how it developed over the years. Most of the illustrated maps depict places and events during a certain period in history. The maps are nostalgic because they show a scene that happened long time ago.


How You Can Use Makeup To Cover Scars

Most people use foundation or concealer on the face for a flawless canvas. However, not many realise that they can use some form of body makeup to cover scars in any part of their body. So, forget about intimidating body makeup, like an Oscar-caliber makeup skill or huge quantities of liquid bronzer. In this article, you’ll learn how body makeup can cover scars with the right products and techniques, and you can wholly change how you dress and live.

Facial Scars versus Body Scars

Unlike a scar on the face, a noticeable scar on the body is easier to conceal. In regular days, you can keep the scars under strategic clothing options like scarves, long sleeves or pants. However, you’ll need to attend special events with a wardrobe shift and need to hide the scar found on your body. You need to wear daring outfits that fit the occasion you’re attending. But even then, you can use makeup to cover scars and enjoy the night.

All Makeup is Not Created Equal

While everyone is an avid fan of multitasking beauty products, you need to separate the cosmetics for the face and body in your makeup bag. If you use a foundation or concealer on your face, it may not work the same way for your body. The colour of the makeup will also depend on the skin tone of the face and body. You definitely need a makeup to cover scars in different shades to blend with your face or body. You need to invest in a body makeup palette, especially when your skin changes its colour in every season. One product that works well for the face and body is a translucent loose powder, where it’s final step can ensure lasting results.

So, Go Ahead and Enjoy the Party!

Be grateful for the regular stream of innovative makeup products to cover scars as you can choose any outfit that fits an important occasion or probably your daily outfits. Keep the mentioned tips in mind when choosing a makeup to cover scars, and once you do find one, you’re making yourself feel confident that you don’t have a scar in your body to hold back.


Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child To Reputed International Kindergarten School

One of the main priorities of families planning to settle down in Bangkok is finding a good kindergarten school for their toddlers. The early childhood years are the formative years of the children and a good school atmosphere plays a major role in all round development of the children.

There are many high quality Kindergarten School in Bangkok. These schools are accredited by some of the most reputed external agencies in the world like the IBO, IGCSE, CIS and WASC. These schools provide education right from Nursery to the IB level course.

The Kindergarten School in Bangkok admit children as young as 2.5 years into their Nursery program. The children learn and grow in the stimulating and nurturing home like environment provided at the school. These young children are equipped with the necessary skills required for transition into the primary school in the three years, they spend at the kindergarten.

The schools follow the Early Years Foundation Stage or the EYFS curriculum of the England and Wales for teaching Young children. This curriculum stresses on the overall development of the child by teaching communication and language, Physical Development, Personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, mathematics and other life skills. These skills help to develop well groomed personality in children and encourage them to learn more by observing and experimenting. Apart from the academics, the reputed school provides opportunities for these young children to learn English, Thai and Mandarin languages with special tutors. They are given an exposure to sports and extracurricular activities like music and swimming.

The Kindergarten School in Bangkok is the best choice to enroll young kids and see them develop into happy and confident children. The school provides home like environment with nurturing and caring tutors who take care of the students needs. The school believes in equal partnership with parents and they are welcome to the school anytime to discuss about their child’s welfare. The school conducts presentations and workshops for parents which enable them to know about the activities done in school and guide them on home to develop home learning in children. Parents are also invited to see their children’s performances in the variety of activity days and cultural events conducted at school.


Recommended Minimalist Gifts This Holiday Season

Everyone loves receiving gifts but let us be honest, most of these gifts turn into clutter once the holiday is over. We receive so many stuff and we don’t need most of them. This is why you should give more thoughts into the gifts you are giving this holiday. Think of gifts they will not keep in a drawer somewhere such as personalised art work but rather something they will surely use after receiving.

Top of the list is subscription service because in this day and age, everyone can subscribe to various services be it audio books, dinner, coffee or wine. If you know what the recipient is interested in then you will be able to decide on what to give him or her. Make sure to inquire if the service is available in the receiver’s location. It is not permanent and will end after the contract. Unlike material gifts, this will not clutter the house.

If there are upcoming concerts in your area and you know that the recipient will be interested to attend, you can purchase a ticket for them. It’s not just concerts but it could be other performances too such as conference talks, musicals, comedy night, rock concerts or a play. Make sure to buy two tickets so you can accompany him or her or they can take someone with them.

Money could be a limitation for some when giving gifts but if you have enough to spare, a trip would be an ideal gift to someone you love such as your partner in life. All you have to do is book an accommodation somewhere. It does not have to be in another country. An out of town trip is just as adventurous and budget permitting. If money is not a problem, fly your loved one to their dream destination.

If you want something that will last a long time and they will surely use around the house, a personalised art work is recommended. Adding a personal touch will make the gift more valuable and the recipient will surely know that you put in a lot of effort and thought into the gift.


Visit Britain Releases King Arthur Map

Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword film adaptation hit theaters recently across the world following its premier in the UK last May 19, 2017.

The film starred Charlie Hunnam of Vikings fame as a cocky iteration of the once and future king of Britain, and was filmed on location across Britain in places such as the Forest of Dean, Windsor Castle and Snowdonia.

With a myth as prolific, old and celebrated as King Arthur’s, there are many places across the country mentioned in the story, where visitors, both local and foreign can visit for a day out like the legend.

In celebration of the myth, and riding off the hype of the film, the British travel site, Visit Britain has recently created and released a new design of Illustrated Maps, detailing the many locations the film filmed at, and their actual ties to the Arthurian myth, promoting both the film and British tourism at the same time. The illustrated map features at least 18 filming locations across Scotland, North England and Wales.

For those interested in Illustrated Maps, or looking to get a taste of Arthurian sights, here are a few of the locations pointed out in the new map.


  • Isle of Skye
    • The adventurous Scottish isles featured in the film, known for the mystical and surreal Faerie Glen, as well as the towering Quiraing rock formations that reach out into the clouds.
  • Caledonian Forest, Highlands
    • The Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands is said to be the battlegrounds for one of King Arthur’s legendary Twelve Battles. The aforementioned forest was, according to the myth, was ensorcelled into an army of mobile plant life. Regardless of the veracity of the claims, the forest of heather and braeberry trees are a notable tourist destination.

North England

  • Hadrian’s Wall, Cumbria
    • Built by the Roman emperor Hadrian/Adrian, full name PubliusAeliusHadrianus, in 122 AD after his visit to the country, this wall once ran the whole width of Britannia. On the 12th Roman fort along the wall, the Castlesteads, AKA Camboglanna, was said to be the location for King Arthur’s greatest battle victory.


  • Carmarthen
    • Legend has it that Carmarthen is the home town of the wizard Merlin, great advisor and ally to King Arthur. An old oak tree once stood here, which is part of Merlin’s legend, it is said that: ‘When Merlin’s Oak shall tumble down, then shall fall Carmarthen Town’. In 1978, when the tree’s last pieces were taken to the town museum for safekeeping, the town was ravaged by one of the worst floods in its history.