B&Q Axes Contractors By Email

It’s one thing to receive a message from management asking for a sit down, then leaving the office fired, but there’s something else about the impersonality of getting axed via email, and having the e-mail be improperly formatted at that.

But kitchen and bathroom fitters, not unlike ProBathroom, who were contracted by the DIY and home improvement retail chain, B&Q, experienced exactly that recently, as the national retail franchise owned by Kingfisher mailed hundreds of fitters under their employ informing that their contract would be terminated and that B&Q would not be using them anymore, effective starting December of 2018.

Notably, the e-mail that was distributed to the contractors also had an attachment that was intended for management staff.

One such fitter commented on the matter, saying that it was difficult to suddenly be told that, especially via an e-mail.

The firm, known across the UK for its slogan, “Let’s Do It Together”, reported that the overwhelming majority of their customers, at 90%, preferred using third-party experts like ProBathroom rather than their in-store contracted fitters.

Back in 2017, B&Q’s sale dropped by a whole 5.3%, is also changing how they’re selling kitchen and bathrooms and all their complimentary amendments, which is putting around 700 employees at risk. Out of the 700 affected, 300 will be from the B&Q Homefit service, which spans 14 of its properties, while the remaining 400 will be part of its in-store design department.

One worker expressed disappointment in the decision, saying that they’re disgusted with B&Q and Kingfisher, pointing out that they’ve working as a kitchen designer in the company for several years.

As part of the changes, future customers will only have to deal with one member of the store staff, with the aim of speeding up the buying process.

B&Q is currently talking with the staff whose roles have been earmarked for either change or redundancy.

The company has said, via a statement, that these changes to the sales services should, down the line, create new jobs in-store. According to a recent press release from the company, the changes are part of their commitment to the growth and development of the kitchen and bathroom category, and they will be hiring to fill new openings as soon as they can.