The Best Promotional Merchandise In Australia to Use

Below are some of the best and effective promotional merchandise in Australia you can use to promote your business which can cost you 5 US Dollars per piece to say the least:

  • Lanyard- You can have this customized with various textures and you can even put the name of your store around the lanyard. This is a good choice of a promotional merchandise in Australia because let’s face it, who doesn’t need a lanyard for their identification cards especially if your office doesn’t provide one?
  • Stylus pen- This is perfect especially if your business includes the use of pens. This type of promotional merchandise can easily attract stylish people because believe it or not, using stylus pens on your tablet or smartphone does make one cool.
  • 3 in 1 charger- This one can be expensive but there are many 3-in-1 chargers which can be bought in bulk quantity and yes, they can be reliable too especially if you use them with extra cautious.
  • Magnet- Magnets are common giveaways especially during conferences among businesses. You can simply to put your business’ logo at the front for identification purposes.
  • Ballpoint pens- Writing pens are another common and yet effective marketing merchandise one could employ using. They’re easy to carry around and who doesn’t need a pen in his/her pocket every single day?
  • Stainless steel water bottles- This is useful for business which involve sports. You just have to make sure that the water bottles are safe to use in terms of preventing bacteria from entering the bottles.
  • Chocolates- Chocolates, or any sweets that are cut into bite sizes can work as perfect giveaways especially if you own a bake shop or a small coffee shop along the small road within your compound. This can attract kids of all ages.
  • USB LED lamp- USB-powered LED lamps can be given away by coffee shops that have their own libraries so while clients are taking a sip of their coffee, they can also take a look at your books and newspapers. This type of promotional merchandise in Australia is also perfect for techy people, especially those who read eBooks via their tablets.