The Best Five Star Hotel near BTS

Traveling in any country in the world can be a painful headache if you don’t know which train to take or which bus to ride onto. And whether we admit it or not, taking public transportation is a lot cheaper than renting a car. You just have to know which train stops where and what time for you to be able to plan your trips ahead of time. Fortunately, when you are in Bangkok, Thailand, you can easily find a good five star hotel near BTS. This is important especially for those who are traveling to Bangkok for the first time because BTS is the central public transportation hub of the city. Bangkok in fact, has one of the best mass transit systems in the world today. And if you can afford it, make sure to stay at a hotel which is the closest possible to the BTS because it will make your traveling around the city much better.

Now, there is a good number of hotels near BTS but let’s just focus on the top 3:

  1. On top of the list is Grande Point Centre Hotel Terminal 21. Terminal 21, as they call it for short, is first and foremost a hotel inside a mall. So, you can shop inside the hotel and sleep inside the mall. Its location is perfect for roamers because it’s directly accessible to the Asoke Skytrain and also Sukhumvit if you prefer the subway. And since it’s inside a mall, Terminal 21 has floors for fashion, cinema and dining. It’s like you don’t need to leave the vicinity of the hotel itself.
  2. W Hotel in Bangkok is also among the best hotels near BTS. It’s located near by the BTS at Chong Nonsi. Staying at W Hotel in Bangkok will make you feel like a rock star. It’s filled with playful and lively decorations inside and out. Aside from being near the BTS, it’s also a short taxi ride away from Bangkok’s Siloms nightlife.
  3. If you want an exclusive and awesome view of Bangkok especially at night, Okura Prestige Hotel is for you. It’s situated near by the BTS at Ploenchit. Once you get a look at the view of Bangkok from Okura Prestige, you’ll continue to gaze on. It’s one of its strengths as a hotel. And since it’s near a BTS, it’s easier to move from the hotel to a mall and back to the hotel.

Whether you’re staying at a five star hotel near BTS or any kind of hotel in Bangkok, it’s important that you know how to move around the and not getting lost. Now, if you haven’t chosen a hotel to stay in, choose a five star hotel near BTS because it will help you in your transportation needs.