Bed Bugs Are Back With A Vengeance

For a long period of time, bed bugs have hidden from the public view but they are back with a vengeance. Bed bugs have become the leading pests in the United States as well as other countries. The first few years of the return of bed bugs to feed on humans has been accompanied with some sort of media frenzy and pest control companies are scrambling to find an effective solution to get rid of the pest.

Aside from pest management companies, a federal work group was organized and professional associations assembled to find an answer. Due to the efforts of university studies on biology, control, medical impact and DNA, there is better understanding on how to control bed bugs that have demonstrated legendary resistance to insecticides. However, the question is whether improved understanding equates to improved controls or whether there is a missing link that resulted into the spread of the bed bug population to new areas in the commercial industry?

One of the elements of infestation is human traffic. For example, in a coffee shop that offers free Wi-Fi and comfortable furniture to customers, bed bugs can hide and feed on the guest while he drinking his coffee. The bed bugs have warmth coming from electronics and they can easily hide in crevices and cracks.

Commercial spaces were not the typical areas of bed bug infestation but now they are growing in offices, movie theatres, healthcare and childcare facilities. It is very important for commercial customers to work in partnership with pest control companies so that they can establish a sustainable pest control program.

Unlike homes, commercial spaces have various sources of bed bug introduction that include customers, vendors, merchandise movement and even employees. When pesticides are used it is important to use existing technology to determine which product the particular bed bug specie is susceptible to.

An option for businesses that are infested with pests is to call on commercial pest control in Sydney because they know the technology and safe process of getting rid of pests like bed bugs. The technicians are professional and knowledgeable enough to meet the expectations of customers in removing the age-old problem of pests.