Tong Yui-Shing’s Mission’s To Save Sailing

Tong Yui-shing, a bronze medalist of 2014 Incheon Asian Games, faces the biggest challenge of his 40-year sporting career. Tong is now the president of Hong Kong Sailing Federation and he is tasked to save the sport from troubled waters. This is a bigger challenge for Tong, more than what he experienced in the 2014 ASIAD because he will be responsible for the entire sport.

The responsibility of being president can be rather daunting but Tong hopes for a medal in the next Asian games that will be held in Indonesia. In order to focus more on his role as president, Tong has terminated his scholarship contract with the Sports Institute. His sports career may conflict with his present role of association head.

The Sports Institute support has a four-year cycle with review every 2 years. All of the tier A sports must be able to reach a 9-point benchmark based on international results meaning they must qualify for the Olympic Games or gain a medal at the Asian Games or World championship. Failure to achieve the target will result into a 2-year grace period starting 2017.

Sailing, tennis, gymnastics, karate and rugby failed to qualify for the Rio Olympics that was held in 2016 and neither did any of the athletes win a medal in a World Championship. All of the aforementioned sports were given a 2-year grace period.

Since Tong’s Hobie 16 will no longer compete in the Asian Games, his hopes are on 470’s Tse Sui-lon and Chik Ho-yin, the 2014 silver medalists in the Asian Championships. Tong also expects that junior George Duncan will achieve better results in Indonesia after his nationality issues have been solved. Tong hopes to succeed with his mission to rescue status of the Hong Kong Sports Institute to save sailing.

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Read This Article Before Doing A Detox

If you are planning to do detoxing once the New Year starts in order to kick start a healthier way of living, you don’t have to wait that long. You can start your detox now because the process is not only meant to help you lose the pounds you gained over the holidays but it is also a great medium if you want to cleanse your body.

There are different types of detoxes that you can try. It all depends on what you need and your body require.

According to the owner of the nutrition store called Fit Republic, Austin Evans, there are many different types of detox. There are people who are doing this process in order to become more independent while getting rid of substances which they are addicted to such as nicotine, sugar and caffeine. There are those that do detox in order to help clean their colon. If you are planning to start a healthier life then detox is the best way to start as it is good in conditioning your body.

Evans shared that clients visit his tore in order to get help on how to create a healthier habit. The first thing most of them are required to do is to remove their dependency on sugar.

He revealed that if your body has a craving of sugar every time then it will be impossible for you to eliminate it from your diet. Detox alone or done with a combination of healthy diet can help in eliminating the substances in which the body is dependent to.

According to Evans, sugar is the reason why many people are gaining weight and it adds up the carbs and calorie intake of a person. Individuals are also given the false feeling of having a high level of energy. When time comes that you have to let go of the sugar, your body will experience sugar crashes. You will be able to gradually remove it from your body which will level your energy and lessen the carb in the process. If you cannot get rid of your dependency to a certain substance, enroll in a health retreat in Thailand.


How To Play Moto x3m 2 Unblocked

The sequel to the highly addictive moto x3m is back with added features and more challenges in every level. The good news is that, Motox x3m remains to be accessible and free for all avid fans of this game. While there are games that require signing up and paying certain amount just to be able to enjoy their favorite game, moto x3m 2 unblocked is available for free. This game can be played in all platforms and is compatible with any device.

If you have been hooked with the first version of moto x3m, you must be wondering what is in store for you on the second part. The unblock game still has the challenges faced by the motorcycle stunt man but this time around, it comes with more challenging obstacles for gamers to conquer. There are also additional bikes that you can have for upgrades. These new bikes come with better features that would enhance your speed and control over the machine.  There are also added achievements and levels to take and with ease and expertise, you can be at the top of the leaderboard.

The moto x3m 2 unblocked is easy to play. You can enjoy the game online with your computer or electronic device. You just have to search the game online and you will find a long list of websites that offer this exciting game. When you get to the site, just click play and you can start taking the challenges the game offers. The main goal of the game is for you to go through the different levels and complete the tracks as fast as you can. This will earn you 3 stars. Most levels come with traps so you need to be careful not to fall into these traps without losing your speed. In order to upgrade your motorcycle, visit the garage every after level to upgrade your bike.

moto x3m 2 unblocked is a challenging game that will never have you bored although out the game. You can navigate and control the game using keys and arrows to drive.


Huge Stained Glass Installation Revealed At Utah Valley University

After over a decade of being under construction, a new work of art has been revealed at the Utah Valley University last month. The installation was huge and t has a length of 200 feet. It is the creation of Tom Holdman, a stained glass artist based in Lehi in partnership with Matthew Holland, the president of Utah Valley University.

The stained glass artwork is called Roots of Knowledge and it is composed of 80 panels. It tells of a story about the human knowledge. The story started with a drawing of a bristlecone pine called Methuselah and it is considered as one of the earliest living organisms on earth.

The 80 panels are made up of around 60,000 pieces of stained glass. The art work’s tale also covered the Roman Empire, the time when Iran got to see how the Jameh Mosque was built, the rise of the rule of Kublai Khan, the age the telephone was invented, the time of the Harlem Renaissance, among many others.

Holland said on an interview during the reveal that he hopes that the art work will still be standing and preserved even after seventy five years have passed. The unveiling was also the perfect opportunity because the University was then celebrating its 75 years anniversary. He also hopes that the stained glass art will inspire more people to seek knowledge, to educate them, to push for what they want and be able to see that they can create a big impact in their community and all over the globe with the help of their principles that is deeply connected with education.

According to the university, the project was made possible by the funding they received amounting to $3 million. The panels that were used for the Roots of Knowledge have been to different parts of the world reaching London, New York and Oxford. The panel was sent to London because it has been presented to the organization that is working in preserving stained glass arts, Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass.

Your house might not have this majestic work of art but that does not mean you cannot have a new installation such as frameless shower screen.


7 Things Everybody Is So Hyped About Florida Aside From The Floribbean Cuisine

When you plan to travel to Florida, you must have been bitten by the same travel bug that bit several million others came to see Florida before you. Florida is amongst the internationally known best tourist magnets in the world. Below are but few of the reasons that draw them to The Sunshine State.

St Petersburg’s Salvador Dali Museum

Under the roof of a unique architecture, this is a museum of Dali’s life and career. It caters an entire overview of him being an artist. His masterpieces are thought provoking which made it only appropriate to also be in a modern designed building that looked like a box enveloped by a curving glass.

The Historic St. Augustine District

This area is all about historical sites and old architecture. The district is the oldest settlement in Florida. The most popular of which is a 19th-century structure, initially built to become a hotel but later on became the Flagler College. There is also a 17th-century structure, known as the oldest masonry fort in the United States, the Castillo de San Marcos. The buildings are remarkably preserved with a stunning view of the coast.

Duval Street

The highlight of those touring around the Keys is Duval Street in the Key West. Lining the street are spectacularly preserved old buildings turned into restaurants and shops with wonderful patios. This place stands out from the rest of Florida for its Caribbean feels.

Dry Tortugas

The National Park of Dry Tortugas is made up of wonderful reef islands, and a fort. Fort Jefferson was built in the 1800s and can be toured by visitors as well. This tourist attraction is not accessible by car, therefore, most tourist drop by from Key West.

The Miami Beach

For the most tourists who travel to Florida, the Miami beach may be their primary destination. It features an Art Deco district and a wide white sand beach.

Kennedy Space Center

Having been able to successfully launched so many space shuttles, the historic Kennedy Space Center is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who wish to see and explore a space center facility.

Amusement Parks

Florida’s hottest attraction is for kids and families, the Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld Orlando. Family vacations in Florida are never complete without a tour of these iconic places.