Importance Of Car Signage In Sydney

One of the common goals of business establishments is to make their product relevant in the industry. To make this happen, a company need to take his business right where his targets are. If you are a manager, your primary challenge is to make your targets customers aware that your product exists and is available in the market. To do that, you should employ effective marketing strategies to encourage more customers and one of that is to come up with a car signage Sydney. There are several advantages of wrapping your service vehicle with your brand. Some of these include the following:

Increase customer awareness

Your product will not be patronized as much if your intended buyers are not aware of your product. With a vehicle roaming around with your brand on it, people will know about your product. It would serve as your company’s business card. With frequent sighting of your vehicle, it will enhance your customer’s memory recall. Chances are, they will remember your product or the services you offer when they need it. The more you use your vehicle around, the more your brand is exposed to your potential customers.

Free advertising

Advertisements can cost thousands of dollars depending on the platform. A few seconds of radio advertisement can amount to hundreds of dollars and when accumulated, it could create a dent on your overall budget. Why would you spend so much when you can advertise your product for free through a car signage Sydney? When driving your vehicle around the city, you are already doing a subtle advertisement without spending a dollar for it. You are increasing your product’s popularity and when coupled with excellent customer service and high quality product, there is no reason why your product would not climb higher in the industry.

Bigger customer reach

Using a car signage in Sydney reaches more customers since the vehicle is mobile. You reach different customer demographics and locations. To make your free advertising even more effective, make sure that you contract an expert car signage and graphics designer who will do the vehicle wrapping for you.


Business Advantage Of Tax Investigation Insurance

Regardless if your business venture is just starting out or your company is already established, you are not still excused of being subjected to tax audit investigation especially if the concerned government agencies see reasons to check on your returns and accounts.  However, being subjected to tax audit enquiry doesn’t necessarily mean that your documents are questionable. The government conducts random checking on corporate and personal accounts to ensure that everyone complies with the government’s tax requirements. If you follow the law down to the last letter, there is nothing to worry about. But then again, even if your records are clean, you would still have to shoulder the professional expenses accrued during the process. This is where tax investigation insurance could save the day.

Tax investigation usually takes several hours to days and the entire proceedings could cost thousands of dollars to the company or individual being investigated upon. If you are not ready financially, this could take a heavy toll on your savings and may even compel you to file a loan from the bank. To do away with all the worry, talk to a representative from a tax investigation insurance on how you can be assisted with. Some of the reasons why you should take insurance for tax investigation include the following:

  • Tax investigation insurance covers professional fees to accountants, auditors, solicitors and other government authorities incurred during review and audit of lodged returns. This also covers transportation and accommodation expenses if the officials need to travel due to the investigation.
  • Another advantage is that you can avoid professional fee disputes with accountants and government officials since the insurance agency will handle all the payment.
  • Payments to concerned individuals are fast and prompt so you get peace of mind along the process.
  • With tax investigation insurance, government officials or those who need to be paid with professional fees get exact payment.

As a reminder, tax audit investigation must be instigated within the cover period so for clients to claim the insurance coverage. Otherwise, the insurance policy cannot be claimed.


Australian Start-Up Making Self Storage Easy For Millions

Anyone who has moved homes has encountered the feeling of owning a lot of stuff. And, having to travel a bit of distance to the nearest self storage facility does not help.

Roland Tam and Mike Rosenbaum created an Australian start-up called Spacer, which is addressing the inaccessibility and high costs of the traditional self storage spaces. How it works is it lets people rent other people’s underutilised spaces, thus providing an extra garage, parking space, shed, or backyard.

Spacer as a source of income

There are spaces that are usually overlooked but can actually be a passive source of income. Rosenbaum, who is also a co-founder of the e-commerce site Deals Direct, said that he got the idea from his travels to the Silicon Valley, where he fell in love with how the sharing economy is booming there.

Uber and Airbnb have done extremely well, and Rosenbaum has been looking for something that he could take back to Australia and saw that the next big thing would be in the sharing economy.

Rosenbaum said that in his previous start-up work, he came across self storage services when he transferred to a small office.

He did a research on the market and discovered that traditional self storage was somewhere around a billion-dollar industry in Australia.

More people have been moving to smaller apartments or homes, and they need additional space.

But, where do they store their stuff? Rosenbaum has launched Spacer to address this issue.

The past, present and future of Spacer

Spacer was launched with an initial capital of $1.2 million during October 2015. The services were only available back then in Sydney. Gaining initial traction was difficult during its first few months, since the supply was not keeping up with the demand.

Spacer has since then been launched to Australia’s major capital cities and has helped people capitalize on unused spaces as a secondary form of income, while lowering down the self storage costs.

Spacer hopes to become an international marketplace of space. It already has its eyes set on Asia including Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, where the space is even a bigger issue because of high density.

Summing up

When looking for self storage in Sydney or in other parts of Australia, surely Spacer can help address this concern.




3 Benefits Of Sea View Condos In Krabi

The sleepy ocean and calm bodies of water are some of the most relaxing sights you could ever see in this world. This is one of the reasons why tourists who get into vacations by the beach would always look for Sea View Condos in Krabi. The stunning beach view is also the reason why rooms with sea view are typically more expensive than standard rooms with garden view.  I mean, who wouldn’t’ want to wake up to a sunrise and turquoise water?  Aside from the view, here are some of the benefits of waking up to a breath-taking sea view.

Sea water for health

When you stay by the beach, the natural instinct is to take a few laps and swim in the waters or just lie on the shore and feel the calming water waves and sea breeze. According to studies, the sound of the waves naturally takes you to a deep relaxed state which helps invigorate the mind and body. Swimming and floating in water also has its share of health benefits. When you float in water, blood travels from the lower limbs up to the abdominal region. This enables fresh blood to get pumped around the body because you are no longer standing straight thereby supplying more oxygen to the brain which makes you naturally active and alert.

Better sleep due to fresh air

Sea View Condos in Krabi offer the benefit of residents to get better sleep at night due to fresh air from the sea. Sea air is charged with negative ions which is proven healthy and promotes better oxygen absorption. These negative ions found on sea air also contain serotonin, a natural body chemical that is linked with mood and stress. This is the reason why you feel better, energized and more relaxed after a vacation.

Sun kissed benefits

With ample sun in your body, you feel relaxed because the heat activates the endocrine system thereby secreting endorphins to naturally make you feel less stressed. By living in Sea View Condos in Krabi, you get ample sun, air and water which are vital elements to your well-being.


Tips In Buying From NRL Online Shop

There are myriad of items and merchandise that you can find in an NRL online shop that impulsive buying can be easily done. However, before you get too excited and even if your dream team shirt of your favourite brand is already staring back at you through the screen, take a couple of steps backward and check a few things to ensure that you will not encounter issues nor will you regret buying online. Here are some things to reckon.

Check store reputation

Before you purchase a product, make sure that you are buying from an online company with positive testimonials from its buyers. You can check on customer review and ratings from the website itself or you can also check forums and discussion boards online. This will give you an idea on the reputation of the NRL online shop and will help you decide whether to go for the purchase or look for another supplier. If you notice that there are several complains on the discussion board or customer feedback area on the shop’s website, consider checking other online stores for your needed supplies instead.

Look for refund policy

One of the things that you should ensure is the protection of your money. Find out if the online store has a physical store and check if it really exists. Before you finalize and pay for your purchases, read the refund policy of the shop to ensure that you have a way to recover your money if ever you are not satisfied with the product or you changed your mind about the item. Check the delivery policy if it is free or if there is a minimum order required for the shipping to be free.

Money-saving offers

You should go for an NRL online shop that offers ways for you to save money while shopping with them. Find out if the company offers deals, discounts or gift cards that would help their customers minimize their expenses. Always check for money back guarantee and other money-friendly deals offered by the company. After that, you can then proceed to safe payment process.