New Bridge Connects Lanta Noi And The Island Of Lanta Yai In Krabi


Last month, the Department of Rural Highways launched the opening of the new bridge that now links two parts of Krabi province – Koh Lanta Noi and the Koh Lanta Yai. Since the opening, it has officially been open to the use of the public commuters and private vehicles.

The new bridge is referred to by the department as “Siri Lanta”. It will be responsible in making sure that the mainland will now have easy access to all the tourist spots located on the islands. This will also cut the time that are being spent riding the ferries.

The construction of the bridge was worth 450 million in baht. During the opening, the presiding person on the ceremony is Arkhom Termphittaya-Paisit, the transport minister of Thailand.

According to the transport minister, now that the bridge is open for the public, there are a lot of issues that have been resolved considering that the area is having problems when it comes to the number of the ferries that are operating on the islands. The ferries are very limited and the operation time lasts for 16 hours with only a number of ferries going back and forth. The first trip starts at 6 in the morning and the last trip to the islands is 10 in the evening.

Another problem is that the local residents have to fall in line for a long time before they can board the ferry together with their vehicles. The waiting time alone adds a considerable amount to the total time of their travel.

Not to mention the situation during the peak season wherein tourists come pouring and they have to wait further which causes more delay.

The situations cited above are only very minor problems compared to life and death circumstances herein they have to transport a very ill patient to the hospital.

Another concern that has been raised many times is the negative impact on the environment since the ferries are causing water pollution. With the presence of the bridge which is 650 meters longs, tourists will now have an easier access to a family resort in Krabi.


Effect Of Brexit On Europe’s Ecommerce

The majority of people living in Britain have already decided that they are in favor of Brexit. This means that United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union. The entire process of the exit from the EU would be completed within two years after the voting. It might be finalized two years from now but one thing is for sure, there are implications on the ecommerce industry after Brexit has been decided.

There are already effects happening as soon as the result of the voting was announced. In short term, the British currency sunk down to the lowest level it has gotten since 1985 and continues to do so in the coming days. This has an impact when it comes to foreign retailers that are getting order from consumers that are living or residing in the United Kingdom. Products that have been priced based on another currency will be more expensive when sold to British clients.

According to a research conducted by Internet Retailer, almost 50 per cent of the largest online retailers in the US belonging to the top 500 list are shipping their products to the United Kingdom. For the meantime, this industry will not see some negative effect as a result of the Brexit. According to a study conducted by Payvision only last year, British consumers are prone to shopping from across their border with data showing that 54 per cent of British consumers have shopped at least once from a foreign website. Now that the value of pound is lower than it used to be, there will be less spending when it comes to foreign ecommerce sites.

This is good news for European citizens who are planning to buy products coming from Britain and British based companies since the price will be lower so long as the payment is made in another currency.

The effect of Brexit is evident on ecommerce industry thus it is important more than ever to invest in an ecommerce website by employing professionals such as Vimi. This will ensure that the business will continue to thrive despite the challenges presented by the Brexit aftereffect.


Job Hunting Tips For College Seniors And Fresh Grads

There is probably no feeling that can match what any new graduate is feeling. Being finally free of the burden of studying and ready to pursue a fruitful career, one would feel like he is ready to take on the world. However, once you experience the struggles of finding a job, your perspective might quickly change. Job hunting can be very challenging especially for a fresh graduate who hasn’t experienced what job hunting is like.

With all of the information that is easily accessible online, one would think that finding a job is a piece of cake. However, you should understand that this accessibility also means that you would be flooded with useless information which can easily get overwhelming.

So if you’re a fresh grad or a college senior looking for employment opportunities, know that you wouldn’t be able to find one so easily. Luckily, there are some ways that can serve as a stepping stone to finding the right job for you.

  1. Seek counsel from your college career centres. A lot of universities and colleges offer career centres to help their students out which can also be accessible to fresh graduates.
  2. Make use of different job boards. The best thing about the Internet is that it is home to job boards like which helps both companies and jobseekers find what they are looking for. But don’t you just stick to one job board because every job board provides numerous employment opportunities.
  3. Get out of the house. Don’t just spend your vacant time at home. Get out and try to meet new people, attend professional meet ups, and even attend meetings for groups that support things that are of importance to you. This way you’d be able to expand your circle of connections and network which may prove useful when looking for a job.
  4. Use social media to showcase your good side. Social media is the best platform to showcase one’s personality. But it can also be used by employers to know more about an applicant and if you truly want to get a job, you would clean up your social media accounts so that they don’t reflect badly on you.

What To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle

If you already own a car and now thinking of buying another car vehicle for yourself, why not buy a motorcycle instead? Motorcycles offer many advantages. First of all, they are a lot less expensive to run. If you think about it, motorcycles use less petrol compared to a car. This means by using a motorcycle, you are also saving money. Motorcycles are also a lot easier to maintain and repair. They are easier to park, harder to tow and are very flexible in traffic.

So if you’re thinking about buying a motorcycle, here are a few things you should consider.

  1. Sure, motorcycles could be fun but you must also remember that without prior knowledge and experience, riding motorcycles can also become quite lethal. Before you set off to buy a motorcycle, you should first sit down and assess your skills. Ask yourself whether you have enough skills to qualify as a rider. If not, you should first learn how to ride a motorcycle first.
  2. What is the motorcycle for? This can be answered with the manner of how you want to drive it. If you want to engage in extreme riding activities then a sports bike would be the preferable choice but if you just want to ride through town in style without prioritizing speed, then a traditional bike would suffice.
  3. First of all, take into account all of your financial responsibilities and see whether you can actually afford to buy and own a motorcycle.
  4. New or Old? If this is your first time riding and owning a motorcycle, chances are that with your inexperience, you and your bike will inevitably hit the dirt from time to time that is why it would be better to buy a second hand bike first and then shift towards a new bike once you’ve improved your riding skills.
  5. Well, your motorcycle riding experience wouldn’t be complete without motorcycle parts and accessories. Plus, they are also necessary for repairs and most especially for safety. You would need the proper safety gear consisting of a helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, rain suit and even protective eyewear.

A Simple Guide To Starting A Plumbing Business

Starting any business can be very difficult especially if you have no experience running a business. You would have many things to worry about from business licenses and permits to securing funding, hiring employees and acquiring the necessary equipment needed. Truly it can be frustrating.

When it comes to plumbing businesses, your business would revolve around offering plumbing services to people from small tasks like fixing leaks and cleaning drains to big projects like pipe instalments. While starting a plumbing business may be difficult, the plumbing industry does offer numerous opportunities for plumbers as the plumbing industry is always in demand.

To help you out a bit, here is a simple step-by-step guide to starting a plumbing business.

  1. First thing you would have to do is to get the proper licenses and permits. No business could ever operate legally without licenses and permits. For plumbing businesses, the owner should be a qualified plumber before he could operate a business. This means you would have to go through an apprenticeship which can last for a few years as well as taking the necessary courses for plumbing. To become a licensed plumber, you would have to take and pass a Journeyman’s test. Your business will need a tax identification number along with insurance to make sure your clients will be safe and secure.
  2. Once you have acquired all the necessary legal documents to operate a business, your next task would be getting the right equipment that you will use to operate your business. This would include all the plumbing tools that you and your employees will use. You would also need a vehicle, preferably a van, to use for transport.
  3. If needed, you would have to find people who will serve as your employees to help you tackle plumbing jobs more effectively.
  4. Advertisement is your last but most important priority because through marketing and advertising you would be able to introduce your business to people. You may have the best emergency plumbing service out there but if people don’t know about you then everything is all for naught.