Historic Building In Sydney Renovated With Apartment Units

The historic building known as Griffith Teas has always been such a good sight to see because of the sash windows arrayed on a clean row, the remarkable trapezoid shape and the brickwork which shows how the masters of the past worked. The building was finished in 1915 and it has been standing where it is for over 100 years. It was originally a tea warehouse and then turned into a sewing factory until such time when it was abandoned and left for the pigeons to nest in. It clearly needed some love from a rope access company in Sydney in order to restore and clean its exterior.

In 2014, the building was bought by a developer in order to be transformed into a residential building. the challenge lies with renovating the building but maintaining its heritage and the task was awarded to PopovBass, a team known for their award-winning designs.

According to Alex Popov, the co-director of the firm, when they are dealt with an old building their rule of thumb is to leave it as is. There is no way you can change the way a heritage is designed. He explained the misconception of many that building a new one while mimicking the façade as well as the brickwork will be the same when in fact it is obvious that the new building is not genuine no matter the technology used.

Currently, the building holds 38 luxury apartments and majority of them have already been sold within 48 hours of being listed. That was over two years ago. As of writing, there are still four units that are available in the market and Unit 602 is one of these.

All the units inside the building maintained the original materials such as the timber beams for the structure, the ceiling which is also made of timber, the sash windows which the building is known for as well as the raw brickwork.

The modern part of the unit can be seen in the bathrooms, the laundry area and the kitchen. Despite the modern day age theme of these rooms, it was designed in a way to fit in with the space. The galley kitchen has a stone benchtop along with a splashback and next to it is the laundry with benchtop and joinery that are both lacquered. The good thing is that the room can also serve as the pantry for the butler.

With the beauty of the inside, a rope access company in Sydney was hired to clean the windows and paint the exterior in order to restore it to its former glory.


Hybrid Heating Systems Vs. Traditional Gas Boilers

If you have issues with your boiler, your best option is to call professional and experienced Heatworks, an established boiler repair service and maintenance company. Diagnosing a fault in the boiler can be quite difficult and it is best left to the Gas Safe certified professionals who have their own techniques. Fixing a boiler is not a task for the neighborhood handyman.

According to Volkskrant, a proposal was made by plumbers, manufacturers, green groups and energy firms for the removal of gas-fired traditional central heating systems from sale by 2021. When old traditional boilers need replacement, homeowners must be required to install heat pumps or hybrid systems. Organizations that support the proposal include central heating sector body Unelo-VNI manufacturers, Greenpeace and Milieudefensie, GasInie and NVDE, a sustainable energy lobby group.

Every year, about 350,000 new boilers are installed in Netherlands with traditional boilers costing at least €2,000 and electric-powered heat pumps costing around €9,000. If you opt for hybrid boilers with a small gas system, be prepared to pay about €6,000. Hybrid boilers are state-of-the –art technology that consist of a combi boiler that is installed indoors and a heat pump that is installed outdoors. Today, hybrid boilers are considered to be the most efficient heating system for homes.

According to Volkskrant, the energy bills of the households are very considerable. The difference between the price of a hybrid boiler and traditional boiler is about €4,000 but homeowners are promised subsidies and service contract-based loans so that they can pay for the changes.

The Dutch government has set a target to ensure that 1 in every 4 homes in the Netherlands will no longer use gas for cooking and heating by 2030. It is very likely for the government to adopt its plans considering that there are targets and decisions to reduce gas production in the Groningen Fields.

Even if the hybrid boiler is uniquely different from traditional gas boilers, there is no problem with Heatworks handling its installation. Boiler engineers make the effort to be updated with advanced technologies and innovations to make sure that they are qualified to perform installations as well as repairs, when necessary.


How To Feast In A Private Beach Ideal For Wedding Celebrations

Phuket has everything you need, especially if you want a private beach ideal for wedding celebrations. They have several luxury resorts and hotels, which are perfect venues for your wedding. You can also choose from the wide variety of restaurants and caterers to serve your wedding meals. Phuket is the perfect wedding destination, where you can spend your honeymoon.

Which Place in Phuket to Get Married

The best place in Phuket to hold weddings is at the western shore facing the Andaman sea. You’ll see the palm-stretched sandy beaches with the crystal clear seawaters. If you want a relaxing break after the party, you can spend it at Patpong Beach. You can also do lots of watersports like jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling. There are plenty of resorts that offer a private beach ideal for wedding celebrations in this area.

After the Wedding Comes the Honeymoon

Many newlyweds move to a more peaceful area or resort once their guests have returned home. They choose a private beach where they can share an intimate and relaxing honeymoon. They can venture into the northwest of the island, where they see traditional Thai villages. Here they’ll find lagoons and gardens of orchids, jasmine and coconut palms.

The couples can also proceed to Ko Yao islands on the east coast if they want to experience local culture. Here, they’ll find untouched rocky beaches and rainforests. It’s really a romantic place where they can enjoy intimate moments together.

The Downsides

Just like any other destination weddings, Phuket has its own share of drawbacks and dangers. The seawater can sometimes be unpredictable, making it unsafe for swimming. If they had to hire a motorcycle to explore the island together, sometimes they can experience accidents, especially if they are unfamiliar with Phuket’s road rules.

However, Phuket is an ideal dream location especially if the couple has booked in some private beach ideal for wedding celebrations. They will just have to focus on their wedding celebration, how guests can enjoy their party, and how intimate and relaxing their honeymoon can be. You can also check with your travel agent on how to make this experience truly exciting and memorable. You can also check with local Phuket laws how your wedding can be recognized internationally.


New Leadership Takes Command At The Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park

Marriott International’s got a new director of operations for their famous Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok, which they recently confirmed in a statement.

The new director of operations for the serviced apartment near BTS is Vazid Shaikh, a well-known member of the hospitality industry, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, having worked in leading international hotel brands across Asia; in India, Malaysia, and, of course, Thailand, with a particularly strong expertise on matters regarding food & beverage operations and training.

He began his career with Marriott back in 2005, at the JW Marriot Mumbai. He then continued to work with Marriott throughout the years, being posted at the Marriott Pune, and then the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. He did, however, joined the staff of other international hotel brands, before working with Marriott once again. Prior to joining the staff at Marriot Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok, he worked as the Food and Beverage Operations Manager at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok is located at the Thai capital’s centre; it’s a serviced apartment near BTS, notably near the Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain station. The apartment complex’s only walking distance from said BTS station, though it does offer complimentary tuk tuk services. The Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok features 300 fully furnished suites ranging from 45 to 130m2 in size, complete with fully equipped kitchens, as well as separated living and sleeping areas.

Other facilities available on the apartment complex’s premises include several complete restaurants, a 24-hour fitness centre, designated children’s activity room, an outdoor saltwater pool and a spa, as well as courts for badminton, tennis and squash, and a simulated golf course for the sports loving residents.

Vazid Shaikh will have quite the responsibility, as the Marriot Executive Apartments is a notable serviced apartment near BTS, due to not only being under the Marriott brand, but also for winning the World Travel Awards’ accolades for Thailand’s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand in 2017. Thanks to that particular win of the award, the serviced apartment now held the title for over four years in a row.


Top Attractions Worth Visiting In Bangkok

For people who have visited Bangkok, staying at their accommodation such as hotel in Ploenchit is never an option because there are many things worth doing that you won’t be able to finish in a week. An overwhelming number of options are not a good thing though thus a list of the top attractions worth visiting is published. This is recommended for tourists who only have a few days to see the beauty of Bangkok and everything it has to offer.

The first things you have to see in Bangkok are the temples. There are many temples worth visiting in the city because 95 per cent of their population is Buddhist. For locals, the temples are known as wats. This is the best way to witness how the local Thais do their worship. It is best to choose neighborhood wats that are far from tourist spots. If you want to see the top three biggest wats in Thailand, visit Gran Palace, Wat Arun as well as Wat Pro. These are the temples mostly visited by first-time tourists in the capital.

Do not miss one of the largest weekend markets in Asia, the Jatujak also known as Chatuchak. The total land area is 35 acres and comprised of thousands of sellers. Every weekend, around 200,000 shoppers flock to the market. This is where you will find local artworks, household goods, Thai handicrafts and clothing. You just have to bear with the hot weather and the crowd if you are visiting during peak hours.

You might have heard of Jim Thompson while researching your trip to Bangkok. You can visit his house and learn about its history. He is one of the major reasons why the silk industry of Thailand is what it is today. The biggest mystery is his disappearance in 1967 when he went on a Malaysian jungle.

Before you take some needed rest and relaxation at your hotel in Ploenchit, do not forget to pay Ancient City a visit. This is 45 minutes away from the city and recommended if you love historical sites. It is quite huge so you may have to rent a golf cart or ride a bike around to see everything.