Alibaba Coming To Thailand In April

The growing economy of Thailand is one of the reasons why many investors are coming to the country. Businesses and hotel groups such as Rayong City Hotel are racing to get the best seats in the country in order to take advantage of its tourism boom. Alibaba Group, the leading e-commerce from China, is also launching its smart digital hub this April in Thailand. The hub project will be covered by the EEC or Eastern Economic Corridor.

Alibaba’s top man in the globalization leadership group, Angel Zhao, got into a discussion with Uttama Savanayana, the industry minister, and Somkid Jatusripitak, the deputy prime minister. They talked about Alibaba’s plan to invest in a smart digital hub this coming March and the proposed location is within the EEC. They are expecting to begin the investment this April.

Alibaba is also having a meeting with the industry minister within this month to finalize the details regarding the company’s investment projects in the country. The investment pledge of the e-commerce giant was a result of the cooperation pact made by Jack Ma, the founder as well as chief executive officer, with the government of Thailand several years back.

The reason why the EEC was chosen is because of the intention of the government of Thailand to boost the confidence of the foreign investors in sectors that are under the EEC.

The EEC covers a land area of 30,000 rai which includes the eastern provinces of the country namely, Chachoengsao, Chon Buri and Rayong. The corridor is aiming to get in touch with major industries such as smart electronics, agriculture, biotechnology, next generation automobiles, bofuels, biochemicals, medical, wellness and affluent tourism, medical services, food and digital services.

Mr. Somkid added that the smart digital hub to be constructed in the Thailand will not only benefit the country but it will serve as a regional hub for other countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

In this note, Alibaba has already bought a piece of land spanning 300 rai where the smart digital hub is expected to rise. This is a positive message for businesses and hotel investors like Rayong City Hotel that the EEC is on its way to further development.


The Unfortunate Fate Of The Lisu Tribe In Chiang Mai

We are in an age where everything has been touched by technology and modernization is evident in every part of our daily lives. No wonder why ethnic tribes such as the Lisu in Chiang Mai are struggling to keep their indigenous culture a part of the present. Take for example the rise of establishments, businesses and accommodations like private boutique resort Chiang Mai which is slowly changing the landscape of the province.

This topic is quite a hot issue and therefore it was given due attention during the conference held in Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai which lasted for three days. According to the people who were present during the conference, the biggest challenge lies in keeping the interest of the new generation in the traditional ways and culture of the Lisu tribe.

Michael Zack is an author who published a book about the Lisu and he was present during the conference. He explained that one of the issues is that the tribe is slowly losing their language because the members of the Lisu themselves are not educated with regards to their own system of writing. He added that the most admirable thing about them is that they have the perseverance to fight for their cultural survival. The act is so pure that one can’t help but to feel emotional seeing their efforts.

In the region of Southeast Asia alone, over one million individuals are part of the ethnic Lisu but in Northern Thailand there are about 50,000 residing among the 150 villages present in the provinces of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Sorn.

They are originally from the eastern part of Tibet and they build houses with foundation touching the ground. Their houses have dirt floors while their walls are made of bamboo. In the middle of the structure is a ridge.

The hopes of the members of the tribe as well as the people who want to preserve their culture that the new generation will take up an interest in their culture so as not to totally lose it. While it is good to see private boutique resort Chiang Mai, the locals should not forget the tribe as they move forward.


Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child To Reputed International Kindergarten School

One of the main priorities of families planning to settle down in Bangkok is finding a good kindergarten school for their toddlers. The early childhood years are the formative years of the children and a good school atmosphere plays a major role in all round development of the children.

There are many high quality Kindergarten School in Bangkok. These schools are accredited by some of the most reputed external agencies in the world like the IBO, IGCSE, CIS and WASC. These schools provide education right from Nursery to the IB level course.

The Kindergarten School in Bangkok admit children as young as 2.5 years into their Nursery program. The children learn and grow in the stimulating and nurturing home like environment provided at the school. These young children are equipped with the necessary skills required for transition into the primary school in the three years, they spend at the kindergarten.

The schools follow the Early Years Foundation Stage or the EYFS curriculum of the England and Wales for teaching Young children. This curriculum stresses on the overall development of the child by teaching communication and language, Physical Development, Personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, mathematics and other life skills. These skills help to develop well groomed personality in children and encourage them to learn more by observing and experimenting. Apart from the academics, the reputed school provides opportunities for these young children to learn English, Thai and Mandarin languages with special tutors. They are given an exposure to sports and extracurricular activities like music and swimming.

The Kindergarten School in Bangkok is the best choice to enroll young kids and see them develop into happy and confident children. The school provides home like environment with nurturing and caring tutors who take care of the students needs. The school believes in equal partnership with parents and they are welcome to the school anytime to discuss about their child’s welfare. The school conducts presentations and workshops for parents which enable them to know about the activities done in school and guide them on home to develop home learning in children. Parents are also invited to see their children’s performances in the variety of activity days and cultural events conducted at school.


Final Rule Set By EPA Could Impact Manufacturers

There are governing bodies that regulate chemical manufacturers such as Global Chemical Manufacturer to ensure that they are following safety and quality procedures. In the United States, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for these tasks. The agency is currently deciding their fourth as well as their final rule in order to improve the safety standard in chemical manufacturing industry. This is not good news for manufacturers and distributors of petroleum and chemical products though as they could be paying over $20 million on a yearly basis.

The bill which is currently being revamped is the Toxic Substances Control Act also known as TSCA which proposes a fee about $20.05 million annually. The fee will be imposed on companies that are manufacturing, importing, processing or distributing chemical substances. The fees will also affect the coal and petroleum industry as well as wholesalers.

According to the rule, the total amount of the fee excludes the fees that are collected for risk evaluations under the request of the manufacturer. The proposed rule will start imposing the yearly fees beginning in October.

The EPA added that the fee is intended to help the agency cover costs incurred during TSCA and a portion will be allotted for the TSCA Service Fee Fund which is managed by the United States Treasury. With the fees, the agency will be able to implement its legal obligations because it has a sustainable source to depend on. The agency will be able to perform various activities including screenings based on risks, determining if the substances are low or high priority and performing risk 5 evaluations when a substance is suspected to have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

Scott Pruitt, the administrator of EPA, said that the fee will make sure that the highest standards will be followed when conducting the TSCA. EPA is currently making the process efficient so that the amendment can be completed as soon as possible. The fees will help the agency get the resources they need in order to conduct reviews on safety of chemicals.

The result is yet to be come out in the following weeks. It will affect chemical manufacturers in the United States but not Global Chemical Manufacturer which is based in Thailand.


Central Heating System Installed At Hilperton Church

Members of the church in Hilperton have been complaining about the bitter cold every time they have a congregation. So much so that they have no choice but to wear additional layer of clothing to keep themselves warm. The good news is that the church is now installed with a new central heating system which brings relief.

The church is St. Michael & All Angel’s Church which is located in HThe Knap. The problem with the cold started three years ago and the members have been trying to collect £14,000 in order to buy a replacement model for the old one they have.

According to one of the members who is leading the fundraising campaign, Tony Roddis, they have seen churchgoers who are suffering from the cold and shivering while mass is being celebrated.

Due to the fundraising efforts made by the church as well as the grants given by the Trowbridge Area Board worth £5,000, Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust worth £2,000, and Hilperton Parish Council £1,000, they were able to buy a new central heating system for the church which was installed before the end of last month.

According to Mr. Roddis, the new equipment is now fully installed and functioning well. They bought the latest and modern type which is more efficient compared to older models. Members of the congregation are no longer suffering from the cold and they also get to enjoy the hot water from the boiler system.

The oil boiler system was no longer functioning properly and there is many times wherein the whole church is suffering from the cold.

He added his gratefulness for all those who contributed including the area board, the people who helps in during the fundraising as well as the parish council. They are happy to be able to enjoy a modern and functional boiler that does its job of keeping everyone warm.

The church is considered to be the center of the village therefore the central heating system is a must. Churchgoers used to wrap themselves while inside the church and many are wearing overcoats even inside the building. This is now a thing of the past as they have a warm church they can for their various activities.