Five Tips To Select The Right Tiles For Bathrooms

Tiles are available in a wide variety of materials, designs, finishes, shapes and sizes. Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom renovation or design project is a challenging task. There are certain helpful tips that will help you to make the right selection in less time.

Pick the right size

Tiles are available in a wide range of sizes. Choosing the right size is very important to ensure they enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom. Consider factors like, maintenance and cleaning before you choose a tile. For example. Using Large grey stone tiles help to make small places to look big by providing continuous tile surface either on the walls or the floor, large tiles means fewer grout lines which means less accumulation of dirt and less cleaning. On the other hand, using smaller tiles like mosaic implies more grout lines and more cleaning.

Balance your selection

Ideally, a bathroom should not have more than three different tiles. One for the walls, one for the floor and one as the accent tile or focal point. Using more than 3 different tiles will make the bathroom look cramped while using a single tile for all the spaces makes it look boring. Select tiles that complement each other and provide a cohesive look.

Use neutral ceilings and floor

Opt for neutral ceilings and floor to make the bathroom look spacious. Using eye catching colours for the floor will draw the attention downwards instead of the space in the room. Opt for neutral floor and ceiling and use accents for walls.

Consider the overall colour palette of the bathroom

Choose the bathroom tiles in similar colour tones to maintain the colour palette of the room. Deciding the colour palette is the most difficult part of designing the bathroom. Choose one tile that you absolutely wish to have in your bathroom and select the remaining tiles that complement your selection.

Texture is also important

The texture of the tiles is also an important factor to consider, while choosing tiles. Use slightly textured tiles for the flooring as they feel nice and provide proper grip to the feet. You can choose glossy and shiny, grey stone tiles for the walls in the bathroom as they are easy to clean.


Foreigners To Be Accepted In 12 Professions Reserved For Locals In Thailand

Starting July of last year, 12 more jobs originally listed only for locals in Thailand have been opened to foreigners. There are still 28 other jobs that are considered to be off limits for foreign individuals such as traditional Thai-style massage. Ever since 1979, recruitment agencies in Thailand for foreigners know that they must follow a certain list in order to make sure that they do not meddle with jobs that are specified for the locals only.

Pol General AdulSangsingkeo, the labour minister, said that the list have already been made public. Anyone who is found to be not following will be treated accordingly and will face arrest by the police officials.

Manual labour is one of the additional 12 professions that have been made available to foreigners. Based on the Employment Department, the remaining 11 professions will be offered to foreigner following an “as needed” rule. There is a condition put in place which clearly explains that foreigners can only be employed as workers but they do not have the permit to work as an independent or to own a business in the country.

The 11 remaining jobs that are available for foreigners are:

  • carpentry and various construction work
  • animal husbandry
  • manufacturing of dresses, mattresses, shoes, quilt blankets and hats
  • making ceramic ware and pottery
  • forestry
  • bricklaying
  • fisheries and different non-expert jobs

If the foreigner possesses the required professional license, they will be able to apply as civil engineering, accountancy and architecture. Adul clarified that these posted jobs were made available to foreigners as per the mandate of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

For local Thais, there are still 28 positions that will only hire locals including jobs that require Thai characteristics and Thai wisdom such as weaving mates and utensils from various raw materials, woodcarving, making mulberry paper, weaving cloth by hand and silk reeling among many others. For those who are planning to visit the kingdom to work, recruitment agencies in Thailand for foreigners are available for ease of applications.


The Importance Of Natural And Organic Skin Care

Our skin is an essential part of our bodies. It deserves proper care and attention as it is our main defence from external harm and serves as the outer covering of our bodies. Using the proper skincare products is important to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Many skincare products are competing with each other in the market today. Each claims to offer the consumer essential benefits on their skin. While this is partly true, conventional skincare products contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to the skin. They may address skin issues, but the long-term benefits are not quite stable. Because of the recent awareness of the importance of natural and organic skincare today, more people are interested and curious about the benefits these natural products offer the consumers.

Using the popular natural and organic skin care products helps nourish your skin and allows it to repair by itself. The abundance of natural and organic skin care products that are widely endorsed by famous personalities are rich in antioxidants and essential skin nutrients. Organic skin care products work well with the skin while synthetics and chemicals strip away the natural balance of the skin.

Certified natural and organic skin care regimens work better on the skin because they contain superior ingredients that bring better results. People with sensitive skin are getting the most benefits of using natural skin care products because of the gentle, yet superior quality ingredients that help the skin get its maximum protection and care.

Organic products contain more than 95% of organic ingredients that come from plants. These ingredients grow without using pesticides and other toxic fertilizers which could also affect the environment. Organic products are naturally-scented and neveSr imitated. Natural products will not dry your skin, instead, it makes the skin softer.

Organic products clear up your skin, though one’s tolerance may vary for natural and synthetic products. Some people can break out using toxic products while others also react even to natural products. However, the benefits of using natural products far outweigh the disadvantages that some people experience.

Using natural and organic skincare gives varied results to an individual. It is essential to know all the information of the products you are using.


Healthcare And Cloud Computing Trends To Expect This 2019

The previous year was eventful for the healthcare industry because many have decided to shift to cloud which gave rise to multi-cloud access along with public cloud. Add the integration of new innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. One year later, healthcare and cloud computing have become an inseparable pair as the former benefits from the latter. This year, industry experts are looking forward to the future of cloud technology and its applications to the healthcare industry. Here are the cloud trends to look forward this 2019.

Increase in multi-cloud access particularly among larger enterprises. The benefits of cloud computing has become more evident for larger enterprises therefore it is expected that healthcare organizations will be bolder in partnering with multiple cloud provider at once. This means that they are going to sign with various public cloud services that will be focused on similar application to make create a more cohesive network.

Cloud computing will get more complicated because of multi-cloud access raising concerns for security and privacy. With the rise of multi-cloud access, there is also the rising concern with regards to security. Different cloud networks that are interconnected into one will have more vulnerable points thereby making security more complicated. The setup will undeniably provide more advantages but it also leads to issues of privacy, compliance and security.

Advanced cloud technology will impact companies in life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Leading names providing cloud services such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are proof that there is more to expect from the technology. It will greatly impact the organizations under life sciences and pharmaceutical as it makes data analysis easier while using different cloud sources.

Serverless technology and container systems will dominate 2019. These are not recent technological innovations but it will become the latest priority especially for healthcare organizations. This is brought about by the mainstream use of machine learning and AI in the healthcare industry. Serverless technologies are cost-effective because it does not require server maintenance which can be limiting. As 2019 launches, industry experts are looking forward to these healthcare and cloud computing trends and its impact.


Technological Innovations That Changed The Courier Services Sector

It would be unbelievable to claim that couriers were not transformed by the developing innovations and technologies. These technologies are swallowed by courier companies and impacted courier international rates as they are introduced in the market because they know how strong the competition is considering the growth of e-commerce. These companies are trying to operate in better ways to improve customer experience. Here are the latest trends that shook the courier industry.

Drones. There will come a time in the near future when humans will no longer be necessary in order to deliver goods to customers. As of now, there have been test operations conducted by logistics companies that utilized drones to move items from one place to another. This is usually done with perishable goods that require to be delivered within a few hours. This is extremely useful in situations where a regular vehicle could not make the delivery or if the area is not passable by human. According to tech giants including Amazon, drones are the future of courier services in fulfilling ecommerce demands.

Crowdsourcing. This is another technology that is gaining a lot of momentum. This has not only proved to be effective in first world nations but in almost all countries in the world. This same technology made it possible for courier to offer same-day deliveries.

QR codes/RFID Tags. These technologies are proven to be efficient when managing high volume of deliveries. The RFID or radio frequency identification tool makes things easier for the courier companies. The RFID tags coupled with QR codes make it possible to do real-time tracking while the shipments are on transit. RFID tags make it possible to manually process an item which is something that can’t be done with the current barcode system.

POS devices. Gone are the days when customers have to go to a physical store to send a package. POS devices or point of sales devices make it possible for courier staffs to picking up parcel wherever most convenient for customers. This helps when a customer needs the services of an international courier but do not have the time to spare. It is inevitable though for courier international rates to increase since these technologies also cost a lot of investments.