Advertising Opportunities During The Pandemic

Did you know that King Kong marketing agency reviews establish trust among potential clients? At least 92% of people read online reviews and they put the same trust in reviews as recommendations from family friends. When clients see a high star rating, they are encouraged to do business with the digital agency.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a slowdown in consumer activity. While this is a cause for concern among businesses, they must take advantage of the opportunity to start on projects that have high importance but low urgency.

The importance of content to a business must not be underestimated. Businesses must review their content whether it still resonates with the audience. Adjust accordingly but consider other factors like post-pandemic scenarios, financial conservativeness, and social mindedness among consumers.

Look at recent comments on Facebook and reviews left by customers. Respond to the reviews or give the customer a call and talk to them. It will be easier to determine the content that consumers need like additional product information or the implementation of ratings and reviews.

If you are one of the 78% of marketers with less spend on digital media during the last few months, ask yourself how you can increase organic search and reduce the number of customers going to the competition. Understand what is happening and the reasons why the business is not doing better.

When advertising is limited, it makes sense to investigate if keeping a customer is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. It is also worth investigating the audience, where they come from, how long they have been customers, and what products do they buy.

Reach out to the customer and offer discounts to increase the frequency of purchases. Offer bonuses like free shipping to loyal customers. It is more cost-efficient to keep your loyal customers than trying to acquire new ones.

Online reviews provide a business with mass exposure. Search engines like Google take into account King Kong marketing agency reviews and how many times the digital agency’s name has been mentioned. When more reviews are posted online, the site will appear higher in search results. Consumers trust businesses that receive more favourable reviews.