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Kathy G SmithKathy Smith

Author of Zamm

People are always interested in what is happening around their community but they are also aware of events that occur halfway across the globe because of the availability of online news. It is our mission at Zamm to provide our readers with newsworthy information so that they become well informed. What kind of news do we provide at Zamm?

• Zamm ensures that news is interesting. The news we provide always includes a human element.

• People like drama and there is so much drama in the world today that involves politicians, celebrities and ordinary people. Real life drama is more overwhelming than drama on TV or films. Many readers want to be updated when there are tragic stories because they become more compassionate.

• People love to read about prominent people whose names they know. Prominent people make bigger news and it gains everyone’s attention. At Zimm you can be assured that news we share about celebrities were derived from credible sources. We want to be careful of the news we publish regarding well known individuals because they also have the right to privacy. News should always be based on the truth and not on rumors or hearsays.

• Political conflict is one type of news that gains the undivided attention of readers. Each reader has his own opinion or comment and in the interest of fairness, we invite our readers to share their personal insights on the topic of our story.

• There is often local news that has been overlooked by mainstream media due to the abundance of different events happening all over the world. We try to compensate by ensuring that local news is delivered to our readers. While it is important to gain information about world events, it is also essential to be updated with local news.

We would appreciate if you could spare a moment to send Zamm an email through www.luccicando.com to let us know what you think of our page. If you have any suggestions, do share it with us so that we can make improvements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.