A Look At Google’s June 2021 Core Update Rollout

On June 2, 2021, Google started rolling out its June 2021 core update, which, of course, meant that the SEO community and marketers were keeping an eye on it.

Early data regarding the update noted how it only really started being noticeable a few days following the start of the roll out, though this is in line with Google’s past statement saying that updates can take 2 weeks to complete rolling out. Data shows that this particular update is a bit more spread out compared to Google’s December 2020 core update which was quite big, relatively speaking.

What’s known

The June 2021 core update started rolling out around 6:30pm/18:30 ET on June 2, 2021. As a core update, it was a global change that’s not limited to specific regions, languages, or category of sites, meaning that it was something that had to be noted for in any company’s newest SEO strategy regardless of field.

Google releases core updates every couple of months, with the last one having released December 3, 2020.

Google says

Those updating their SEO strategy for this update might want to pause for a bit, as Google stated that they’ll be releasing a July 2021 core update.

Of course, this is unusual for the search engine, with many wondering why this is the case. According to Google, a few of the improvements that they were going to add in the June 2021 wasn’t readied yet, so they were moved to a July 2021 core update, with the June 2021 core update to contain the parts that are ready for rollout.

Reversals, maybe

Due to the fact that two core updates from Google are coming out in such close proximity to each other, gains or losses from the June 2021 update may end up being reversed when the July 2021 core update rolls out.

Google stated that the two-part of nature of this particular release, content might see some changes in June that end up getting negated or reversed when July rolls around. As a result, experts on the SEO community are warning brands and site owners to be on their toes.