7 Tips To Care For Cheap Bed Sheet

Even the most expensive bed sheet does not guarantee that it will last so long. One factor for its longevity is how you take care of your cheap bed sheet and how often you use it. To lengthen your bed sheet use, take a look at these essential bed sheet caring tips.

  • Do not overuse your bed sheet and your entire beddings. They should be changed after a few days of use to a week. Even if you shower before sleeping, your beddings get inevitably soiled with regular use. They can collect microorganisms and bacteria out of fallen hair, dead skin cells, human sweat and moisture. By sleeping on filthy beddings, you can acquire diseases and may even transfer diseases to your pets and family members. Change your beddings more often if you have a sick family member.
  • Every bedding material has a recommended washing instruction. Wash your cheap bed sheet according to its material or as recommended. There are recommended washing for cotton, flannel, bamboo, silk and other bedding materials. Some of the material has to be washed with warm water while there are those that can be used with tap water. Some bed sheets require to be ironed while there are those requires less or no ironing at all.
  • Prefer mild or gentle washing detergents to avoid bed sheet discolouration and also to protect them from getting damaged or having brittle fabric resulting to tearing.
  • Ideally, bed sheets should be replaced once in every two years. You can reuse or recycle them such as turn them into wash cloth or you can donate them to charitable institutions.
  • Avoid over drying your bed sheets or leave them in a working dryer for too long. After removing the bed sheet from the dryer, hand-press it right away. Iron the top portion of sheet if you want it to be crisp.
  • Use your cheap bed sheet on rotation. There should be three sets of bed sheet in every house; one that is currently in use, another in the laundry and one resting in your closet. This will evenly wear your bed sheets.
  • Use mattress topper to further keep the mattress in good condition.