Top Attractions Worth Visiting In Bangkok

For people who have visited Bangkok, staying at their accommodation such as hotel in Ploenchit is never an option because there are many things worth doing that you won’t be able to finish in a week. An overwhelming number of options are not a good thing though thus a list of the top attractions worth visiting is published. This is recommended for tourists who only have a few days to see the beauty of Bangkok and everything it has to offer.

The first things you have to see in Bangkok are the temples. There are many temples worth visiting in the city because 95 per cent of their population is Buddhist. For locals, the temples are known as wats. This is the best way to witness how the local Thais do their worship. It is best to choose neighborhood wats that are far from tourist spots. If you want to see the top three biggest wats in Thailand, visit Gran Palace, Wat Arun as well as Wat Pro. These are the temples mostly visited by first-time tourists in the capital.

Do not miss one of the largest weekend markets in Asia, the Jatujak also known as Chatuchak. The total land area is 35 acres and comprised of thousands of sellers. Every weekend, around 200,000 shoppers flock to the market. This is where you will find local artworks, household goods, Thai handicrafts and clothing. You just have to bear with the hot weather and the crowd if you are visiting during peak hours.

You might have heard of Jim Thompson while researching your trip to Bangkok. You can visit his house and learn about its history. He is one of the major reasons why the silk industry of Thailand is what it is today. The biggest mystery is his disappearance in 1967 when he went on a Malaysian jungle.

Before you take some needed rest and relaxation at your hotel in Ploenchit, do not forget to pay Ancient City a visit. This is 45 minutes away from the city and recommended if you love historical sites. It is quite huge so you may have to rent a golf cart or ride a bike around to see everything.


Pointers To Select A Coworking Space In Bangkok

Owning or renting an office is not a feasible option for new entrepreneurs. The costs of renting an office space in Bangkok will escalate the budget. For solo entrepreneurs who do not have a big set up, renting an office is an avoidable cost. Working from home is another option for these entrepreneurs. But home has too many distractions and effects the concentration and productivity at work. Coworking spaces are a boon to such people.

Bangkok being the financial hub of Thailand has a wide number of coworking spaces. Choosing the right coworking space in Bangkok is a daunting task for many. Consider the following aspects before you finalize a space.

  1. Check the clients list of the coworking space in Bangkok to know the category of people who use the space. You should ideally choose a space, which has people, who match with your profile. Choosing the right community will help you to gain some friends, who understand the difficulties of working without an office. You might also benefit from shared experiences on how to operate successfully from coworking space.
  2. Check the facilities provided by the coworking space in Bangkok, before you zero in on one place. The space should offer all the necessary facilities required for conducive operation of your business. If your business needs you to have regular meeting with clients, select a place that has private meeting spaces. Some of the coworking spaces also have high-end amenities like boardrooms, fitness centres, libraries, audiovisual equipment etc.
  3. Consider the cost of renting the coworking space. The cost should include the usage expenses of all the amenities. The prices of the coworking spaces depend mostly on the location, size and amenities offered. Choose a coworking space that offers value to money and does not blow up your expenses.
  4. Location is another important factor to be considered when choosing a coworking space. Opt for a coworking space in Bangkok with favourable location. The space should be easily reachable and near to the mass transit stations. This will help you to escape the busy traffic and reach in time. Favourable location is also convenient to meet clients. Choose a location depending upon the nature of the business. Choose a quiet and isolated space if you need calm and serenity to concentrate and do your work. Choose a space with easy connections if your business involves frequent trips to the client’s office.

Overcrowding In Jails Mainly Due To Opioid Problem

Bob Jackson is the current sheriff of Alamosa County which is currently facing a big threat because of heroin. They is nothing like a rehab center similar to California detox clinic and many of these addicts ended up in jail.

The jail which is located in the San Luis Valley is currently overcrowded. The sheriff said that over 90 per cent of the prisoners are there because of drug addiction or because they have pending charges related to drug use.

Jackson said that the number of prisoners inside the jail has already skyrocketed and is considered to be in a state of crisis.

He explained that is overcrowding is one of the biggest issues in the jail followed by an unsafe environment. There are too many women inmates that they have to lay up to three persons on top of one another. The nurse working inside the jail is also forced to work overtime because of the number of prisoners needing withdrawal medications which have to be administered by a health professional.

Jackson explained that 92 per cent of the people inside are heroin addicts and the problem lies in the lack of rehab facility in the area. The only options available for them are the Salvation Army located in Denver and the one that is situated in Grand Junction. Slots are not even secured but once in a while a bed opens up. He added that it would be a big thing for the community if a rehab facility is to be constructed even with just 100 beds inside.

No rehab facility is being constructed despite the need for it but an alternative solution was provided which is to expand the jail to accommodate more rooms.

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition’s director, Christie Donner, said that the jail expansion is not going to solve anything because what the people need is a rehab facility to help them get better. Healing is provided by facilities such as California detox clinic and this is what the people in Alamosa County needs right now for a healthier community.


Research Reveals That Swatting Mosquitoes Are Actually Effective

There are some doubts to the efficacy of swatting away mosquitoes to stop them from biting people. For those doubting swatting and are looking to buy some Deet free repellent in Australia or wherever they are, they might want to hold off, as a new research has learned that swatting might actually be an effective deterrent for mosquitoes.

The study has learned that mosquitoes are capable of associating a specific odour with unpleasant experience and/or trauma, for example; being swatted, which means that they’ll avoid the source of a particular scent if they associate it with something they want to avoid.

The research was done by team from Seattle’s University of Washington, lead by Jeffrey Riffellatthe, who says that the mosquitoes they tested on remember the training odours associated with shock for days. Additionally, the research learned that mosquitoes don’t randomly select their victims, showing preference for certain targets over others.  Notably, mosquitoes also alternate victims based on the season, preferring certain birds and mammals during certain parts of the year, and other mammals and poisons during the other seasons of the year.

The research team wanted to learn as much as they could about mosquito biting habits, in order to learn what people can do to influence them. The first step of the research involved shocking the mosquitoes in order to associate the smell of a certain person or species with the shock. The insects quickly associated the smells to the shock, and then they adjusted their flight paths.

Learning in a lot of animals, humans included, depends on the hormone of dopamine. The research also learned that even mosquitoes were reliant on this hormone. This discovery was made by gluing mosquitoes to a custom holder that allowed for the analysis of the neurons in their brains’ olfactory centres, noting that without dopamine the neurons that mosquitoes needed to learn odour information were less likely to activate.

Riffell says that this research and the data can help scientists understand how mosquitoes choose their targets, in order to influence these behaviours for the development of better and more efficient tools for mosquito controls, especially since people are flocking to Deet free repellent in Australia and across the world and other new methods to avoid mosquitoes.


A New Startup Company Uses Theatre And Arts To Train Employees

A new Indian company, based in Chennai, has garnered some attention from the conference and event management industry, as well as a lot of the corporate world in India and certain parts of Asia, thanks to their bold approach in behavioural and corporate training.

The startup company, Training Sideways, was co-founded by TM Karthik, Karthik Kumar and Sunil Vishnu, who have shared experience in acting, theatre, conference and event management, as well as corporate operations. According to Vishnu, the trio conducted acting workshops in the past in Begaluru, with the people they worked with during the workshops, part-time actors and professionals, gave feedback on using the techniques of art and theatre in corporate training. The trio, with this feedback, formed Training Sideways with the idea of using these to promote employee bonding, leaderships skills and other key skills in the work space.

The startup company, also known as Evam Corporate Training Pvt. Ltd., offers corporate and behavioural training using experiential methods from varying fields in the art industry. Sunil says that, as a behavioural training firm, they work on training across levels, handling a range of corporate functions, from team building, up to and including innovation workshops, as well as collaboration and visioning.

Sunil says that Training Sideways also works with conference and event management companies, as well as large companies in order to help instil some energy into events, with performances and flash mobs. He says that this matches the theme of corporate learning, and learning by experience.

Sunil and Karthik started up Evam as an entertainment company, and only created the Training Sideways program in 2012, 9 years after its founding. A while later, actor TM Karthik joined the duo, bringing in 2 decades of corporate experience.

Training Sideways started in Chennai, before expanding across Indi to Bengaluru and Mumbai, after a while, the company went international, with a minor foothold in Singapore. The organisation claims it has a growth rate in behavioural  training of 20-30%. They say that it has about 130 clients, which includes such corporate titans as Accenture, Google and Vodafone.

A media report says that the corporate training market across the world will be growing at a CAGR of 10.55% around 2016-2020. Training Sideways is one of many startups using theatre and arts in order to bring better training to corporate environments.