Advisory Groups Calls For Federal Action Regarding Trucker Shortage

The International Trade Administration’s Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness, a Department of Commerce advisory group, is calling on the federal government to address the US’s nationwide shortage of truck drivers, which they warn has been the worst it’s been.

The panel spoke in favor of truckers and logistics firms like Titan Transline, saying that effective truck transportation is the common link that connects air, sea, and land ports.

The panel, composed of 45 members, is endorsing for letting people aged under 21 to be interstate truckers, which is currently prohibited by US law. They’re calling on the Department of Commerce and the Department of Transportation to make domestic logistics easier such as addressing driver retention, training, and workplace concerns, improving ‘last-mile’ connectivity to bring workers to workplaces, among other such measure.

American Trucking Associations estimated that, while logistics firms like Titan Transline are in demand, there’s a shortage of at least 60,000 drivers. ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello, a member of the ITA panel, stated that this number will go up as more drivers retire at the same time as freight volumes go up.

Costello says that so many people in the trucking industry agree on the same thing says a lot about the matter. They know that they need to attract more people to the trucking industry, and improve conditions for those that are already in the field.

Notably, the US Senate advanced infrastructure legislation that permits younger drivers to operate Class 8 trucks across state lines, as long as they finish an extensive training program.

North New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority Director Anne Strauss-Wieder stated that there are a lot of opportunities for drivers in the US, but the problem is that people who are interested in the field have to wait until they’re 21 to get a career.

Among the letter’s many recommendations were an improvement for the US’s ports, improving travel times, and streamlining cross-border movement for freight at the Mexican and Canadian borders.

The letter stated that improving the US’s connections with Mexico and Canada would help shorten supply chains and promote domestic and near-shoring shifts. This will all contribute to improving the flow and speed of logistics going through US-Canada-Mexico ports of entry.


A Brief Insight Into The Youth Justice Court

Canada has a Youth Criminal Justice Act that seeks to keep the youth out of jail particularly if the offense is not too serious. The law applies to the youth who are between the ages of 12 and 17 who are not considered as adults and mature enough in the eyes of the court. However, at age 18 and above, a person is considered an adult and can be tried in court.

There are instances when the police will issue a warning instead of arresting the young person. The goal is to prevent crime and help young people be responsible members of the community. In cases where the youth is arrested by the police and found guilty of a criminal offense, the sentence must be fair to the crime committed.

The Youth Justice Court is for criminal cases that involves youth below the age of 18 when the alleged crime occurred. A judge will listen to the evidence before deciding whether the accused is guilty or not. If guilty, the judge has to give sentence.

The youth’s right to lawyer is very important because he must have the opportunity to understand the criminal process. A judge must not allow the youth to plead guilty unless he understands the charge, his options and the fact that he will be given a sentence. When a youth is arrested and held at the police station, his parents have to be notified of the situation and their child’s right to have a lawyer.

If the youth pleads “guilty” to the crime, the judge will decide on the sentence and there will be no trial. However, before deciding on the sentence, the judge will ask will information from the parents, probation officer and other people concerned. If the youth pleads “not guilty” to the crime, the court will set a trial date.

If your son or daughter who is below 18 years old is accused of a crime, your best option is to call Donich Law for legal advice. The presence of a lawyer will ensure that the youth does not make any incriminating statements that will be detrimental to the case.


Google Adding Protection Features To Search And YouTube

Google’s the dominant figure on the search engine industry, so the people invested in things like King Kong SEO review tend to pay attention to their updates.

On August 10, 2021, the tech giant put up a blog post saying that it users under the age of 18 can now ask for images of themselves to be hidden from search results. The images won’t be removed from the internet, but they’ll be tucked away and made hard to locate.

Additionally, Google also stated that they’ll be turning off location history for any users under the age of 18, with no option to bring it back. Personalised ads based on age, gender, or interests for younger users are also going to be phased out; users under the age of 18 will only see ads based on their searches.

Google posted a separate blog post, in which they stated that users aged 13-17 will now have their settings set to Private by default, meaning that the only people that can see their uploads are them and people they choose, until they make the necessary changes to their settings.

Younger creators can, of course, make their content public, but they’ll receive a warning reminding them that anyone can see their content.

Additional changes were also detailed in the blog post, with most of them attempting to address concerns that online apps aren’t always healthy for kids. Instagram has been on the hot seat regarding this issue.

Google issued a statement on the matter, saying that the changes from these posts aren’t just about political pressure, but also about Google’s efforts to provide better experiences and control for kids and teens across the world.


The Easiest Ways To Ask For A Review

A few sentences in a customer review is more powerful than an advertisement that costs thousands of dollars. However, in order to get those powerful sentences, a business must know when and how to ask for reviews. Asking for reviews can be awkward but the truth is people generally love to share their opinions, if you ask nicely.

According to a 2019 Bright Local study, at least 76% of those who were asked to leave a review do so. There are a few strategies that will ensure a steady stream of reviews to help in gaining the trust of consumers and a higher ranking in local search results.

The easiest scenario is by showing appreciation for an unsolicited praise. This is the perfect opportunity to request for customer feedback and suggestions that can improve the service. Opportunities are created during conversations in the store or upon checkout.

However, be subtle when asking for a review. Don’t ask for feedback immediately after the favourable remark; otherwise, the customer might think that you are only interested on their opinion and not their experience. Learn to read a customer. If the response is short, it means that the customer is not interested to share his opinion.

Positive King Kong marketing reviews are considered by a digital marketing agency as valuable assets that have a psychological impact on its potential clients. People tend to trust a business after reading dozens of online reviews that speak of its high-quality and reliable service. When they read about the customer’s experience, they are encouraged to try it as well.


Amazon Ad Business Reports 87% Growth

Amazon reported that their ‘other’ unit, comprised primarily of advertising, while also including sales and other service offerings, had its revenue grow by 87% year-on-year in Q1-Q2 2021, now totaling to $7.9bn

The tech giant report it published on July 29, 2021, with its CFO Brian Olsavsky explaining that the new features and self-service capabilities, like tools for creating regional sponsored product campaigns, helped drive demand and bid rates in their customers. Amazon reported that they also expanded their offerings in Australia, Europe, India, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic hit certain segments of the advertising industry, the online space, with all of its King Kong marketing reviews and the like still remained strong due in part to stay-at-home trends like online shopping. Even as some semblance of normalcy returns and parts of the world have begun to reopen, the digital industry boom has remained strong, with digital ads retaining their pandemic performance.

Amazon’s ad industry managed to grab a 10% share of the US’s ad market in 2020, and is expected to continue growing. The company even made its first presentation at the IAB NewFronts in spring 2021, which marks its entry on digital advertising, at the time when advertisers traditionally spend a big bulk of their annual expenditure.

Soon after that, they exclusively streamed Thursday Night Football, which many see as a sign of Amazon’s ambitions for the digital ad market, so people expect more King Kong marketing reviews and the like to mention Amazon Ads.

Amazon’s good first-party relationship with customers is also expected to provide it some defence from the privacy-related changes that the digital ad industry is going through.