International Schools In Thailand

When it comes to international education, Southeast Asia has just become the primary spot for putting up international schools. The number of international schools continues to increase as more parents tend to provide an education that follows an international curriculum and English as the medium of instruction. Many companies prefer job applicants that can speak well in English.

Thailand has at least 205 international schools that use English as a medium of instruction. There are at least more than 72,800 students between 3 and 18 years old who are enrolled in international schools, such as St Andrews International School, to date. Thailand is included in the list of the top five countries that favour international education. Research suggests that parents usually consider 20 schools before making their final decision. The international schools in Bangkok have extremely high standards in maintaining the quality of their school and education. This is particularly true to the premium international school.

Premium international school usually charges high school fees. However, most of these international schools are respected and recognized by the primary international school associations. Bangkok has a total of 118 international schools and 49 of which are premium. The other countries belonging to the top five countries are Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Dubai.

Growth of International School in Thailand

Over the last five years, the international schools market in Thailand has steady growth. More local Thai children are attending international schools than in any other countries. Currently, 46% of all students who attend international schools in Thailand are Thai nationals.

There is an increase in the number of Asian expatriate families who visit the country. These families usually come from Japan, South Korea, India, and China. More international are being constructed in Thailand to accommodate the number of demands for them. There are prestigious international schools that already expressed their interest to build a branch of their school in Thailand in the year 2020.

Expect to see more of international schools like St Andrews International School to be built in Thailand for the years to come. The system of education in Thailand may soon adapt the methodology that the international school imposes.


BASIX: Battling The Perils Of A Modern World

As industrialization continues to dominate our world, a lot of commercial and residential houses, companies, schools, and factories have been built. The world has saw a drastic increase in the rate of production in terms of supplies in a lot of aspects including, but not limited to, health care, trade, transportation, and communication. However, as these continue to progress, little do people know that the natural world, which serves as the primary source for raw materials in a plethora of industries, is slowly deteriorating.

Therefore, in order to strike a balance, the issuance of BASIX certificate in Sydney and in other places in Australia, especially in New South Wales, has been implemented. Short for Building and Sustainability Index, the BASIX certificate is known to manage and regulate energy and thermal comfort in different infrastructures. Hence, it aims to efficiently regulate water supply and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases which are emitted in the atmosphere.

Online Access

Currently an online program subdivided into three primary sections namely water usage, thermal comfort, and energy usage, it is open to everyone who wants to access its features. The BASIX certificate is checked before the certificate of occupancy is issued by the local council and thus the certificate is an undeniable prerequisite.

The Two Methods of Calculation

Basically, there are two methods for BASIX calculation– the DIY method and the Simulation method. Usually processed by a non-accredited person, this method may be quite notorious for inaccuracy begot by inputted information which are not analytical enough.

Therefore, in order to compensate for this inconsistency, it is somehow required to just use the Simulation method. On top of its safety, it is also better compared to DIY as it is done by an accredited building energy efficiency consultant (NatHERS).

At the end of day, humans remain to be one of the primary consumers exploiting the resources that the natural world generously offers. Therefore, the local governments’ requirement of a BASIX certificate in Sydney and in some other nearby places is undeniably taking the fight for energy and water conservation a step farther. Therefore, with the continuity of this regulation, may the human race someday redress the troubles it has caused to the world.


How Ugly Christmas Sweaters Made Millions For Businesses

Some people throw parties in July that closely resembles Christmas celebrations. They decorate a venue with Christmas lights, Santa Claus and reindeers and wear ugly Christmas sweaters to bring the spirit of Christmas in summer. Technically, it is still July but there are people who have already started their Christmas shopping online.

During the holiday season, hardly a weekend goes without someone inviting you to an ugly Christmas sweater-themed party. The ugly Christmas sweater used to be a tacky garment that no one will be caught wearing in public but now it has been embraced as a major part of the holiday season. People are no longer embarrassed to be seen wearing outrageously ugly sweaters.

Surprisingly, the ugly Christmas sweaters were not made in Santa’s workshop. Former corporate lawyer Evan Mendelsohn and former dentist Nick Morton began selling holiday sweaters online in 2011. Mendelsohn who was interested in online marketing and growing trends noticed that it was difficult to find new Christmas sweaters from online retailers.

They quit their jobs and opened their own company, Tipsy Elves. During their first year, they sold more than 5,000 sweaters so that they quit their jobs and went fulltime. The last 6 years proved that it was worth the risk opening an online business. In December 2013, Mendelsohn and Morton appeared on an episode of Shark Tank with other successful companies.

With celebrity exposure moments, orders continued to roll in. Tipsy Elves has generated more than $70 million in sales and sold more than 2 million products. Their products are far from serious; they are often whimsical and downright crude. They gained the interest of younger audiences who did not want the stuffiness of the formal holidays. Customers will be amused and entertained with Santa riding a unicorn and angels with beer bong designs.

There is certainly no harm if you want to start Christmas shopping in July. If you will click on, you can find a wide range of hilarious holiday sweaters for family and friends. You can choose a matching set of sweaters for you and your partner with the popular Christmas designs. To stand out, choose the 3D sweaters that light up.


Gay Hotel Trends Continue To Grow Online

As Pride marches continue to be done in a lot of corners in the world, the determination of the LGBTQ+ community to uphold equality and their rights under the umbrella of national laws has not been new to most people. Nevertheless, despite all these efforts, there still remain places wherein gender discrimination is rampant and the welfare of the minority do not seem to matter on the big scale. And thus, numerous members of the LGBTQ+ community remain anxious in determining which places would be “gay-friendly” and which would be not.

One of the top searches on Google is the keyword “top gay hotel”. Indeed, it would very hard to choose an outstanding and safe hotel in Yangon, in Australia, or in wherever they wish to spend their vacation in. Thus, searching them online would come handy.

Online Traffic

According to statistics, the keyword reached more than a million searches and a lot more related keywords, such as “gay clothing optional resorts”, “gay resorts for singles”, and “gay all-inclusive resorts, also acquired a massive traffic.

In addition, it was found out that these figures usually peak through the hot and humid months of June to August. As a matter fact, an approximately forty-five percent of which were from American men, while some other great contributors include Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and France among others.

Top Gay Hotels

Among the top searches in line with the “top gay hotel” keyword were the Palm Springs, Fort Lauderadale, and Key West as they receive more than fifteen thousand searches on a monthly basis. Moreover, it is also undeniable that Florida tops the most searched gay hotel destinations. These places were particularly gay friendly as a significant percentage of their population belongs to the LGBT community.

Furthermore, some European and Asian hotels made it to the list of top searches. Evident in a hotel in Yangon and in a lot more places in the Eurasian region, hospitality, respect, and inclusivity will always be a top priority to all customers regardless of whatever color they embody in the gender spectrum.



Migrating Millionaires Heading For Australia

Many a Registered Company Auditor in Norwest and across Australia have seen an increasing amount of millionaires, as migrating millionaires travel to the land down under.

Market research consultancy firm New World Wealth listed down the countries across the world that attract the most migrating millionaires in the latest iteration of their Global Wealth Migration Review. Their data shows that Australia has become the world’s leading destination for migrant millionaires, with 12,000 high-net wealth individuals (HNWIs) having entered the country in 2018. Notably, it’s the fourth year in a row that Australia managed to rank first on that list, adding at least 35,000 wealthy new residents within that time frame, explaining why many a Registered Company Auditor in Norwest and across the country have been dealing with more wealthy clients.

Notably, Australia has a smaller population compared to the country that ranked second on the list, the US, which receives 10,000 HNWI arrivals, a good distance away from third and fourth, Canada and Switzerland, which saw 4,000 and 3,000 wealthy individuals, respectively. The UAW and Caribbean followed with 2,000 new HNWI residents, while a number of countries, New Zealand among them, welcoming about 1,000 affluent migrants.

On the other side of the fence, the report numbered 100,000 migrating millionaires for 2018, up by 14% compared to 2017. China bid farewell to 15,000 of its wealthy residents, about 2% of its overall number, while India, Russia, and Turkey each saw 4,000 of their HNWIs migrating out of the country, with the latter being hit particularly hard, as that number accounts for about a tenth of its wealthy elite, who are leaving thanks to the local economy taking a nosedive.

The New World Wealth notes that, in spite of median house pricing in the country’s major cities sitting above $1 million, Australia attracts millionaires due to its high safety rating, as measured by a separate New World Wealth report, and first-class healthcare which is, in general, cheaper and more accessible compared to US’s.

On top of that, is the detail that Australia did not have an inheritance tax, which authors suggest make Australia an attractive base for building wealth for descendents.

However, the consulting firm notes that the local political landscape can change how the AU looks at migrating millionaires, saying that they’re expecting kick-back against immigration in these two countries, which might also lead to deterring HNWIs.