What Consists An Interior Design In Bangkok And How To Provide One

Many expats prefer to move to Thailand. They can easily buy extraordinary and reasonably priced condos in areas like Bangkok and Pattaya. Here, you can live in luxury with the money you buy in small amounts in the US or the UK. Once you’ve rented or purchased a luxury condo, probably overlooking the cityscape or beach, you’ll want to set it up to your liking. It’s when an interior design in Bangkok is necessary to make it look elegant and stylish.

Opting for Oriental Design

More expats prefer local oriental style of open spaces, bamboo, wood and other natural furniture, with lots of natural light. If you want to decorate your condo in an oriental design, here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose an interior design in Bangkok to style your home. Utilise wood as the main surface of your walls and floors.
  • Buy local artefacts and artwork to design your walls.
  • Prefer earth colours like brown, warm red, mustard yellow and rust for your wooden furniture, cane tables and fixtures, rattan chairs, lampshades and carpets.
  • For large glass windows, utilise light, thindrapesto allow more light and breeze
  • For empty spaces, utilise planters and vines to enhance the interiors.

Modern, Western Design

Few expats prefer interior design in Bangkok for a modern luxury look in their condos. Properties are chosen in areas like Bangkok that can offer them modern conveniences like sky gardens, rooftop infinity pools, spacious balconies, floor to ceiling windows, lounges, European kitchens with luxury finish, outdoor barbeque areas, open air showers, and other luxury textures and modern amenities that can be found in US or UK condos. These may already be decorated; but if you want to redecorate, here are few ideas to help you:

  • An outdoor living space, while seated around a BBQ, and added with a ref and beer tap to entertain guests.
  • Prefer a gym or meditation room in the modern condo.
  • A home office, especially when you’re freelancing in Bangkok. You’ll love to have a comfortable furniture, natural light and productivity features to work conveniently at home.
  • An elegant bathtub, probably near a window overlooking a scenery, or in semi-outdoors, overlooking an infinity pool.

So, find a provider for interior design in Bangkok that speaks fluent English,so you communicate easily and turn your vision into reality.


Selecting A Perfect Event Space In Sukhumvit

Choosing an event space in Sukhumvit will need you to ask some questions before making a final decision. You don’t want to risk your payment only to find out that the chosen place isn’t really working for your needs. To ensure that you’re using the right space, these useful tips will help you resonate your vision for the event:

  • Accessibility: Before you decide on a venue, say an event space in Sukhumvit, you need to check if it’s accessible for all your delegates. You need to explore the transportation modes and that they can readily access public transport. Some of your delegates may even need to fly to Bangkok to participate your event.


  • Lodging: As some delegates may come from distant places, you need to provide them with accommodations if the event requires their presence more than a day. Few hotels will provide discounts on lodging when you choose them as your event venue. It may be most convenient to find a hotel that can accommodate your delegates as you host the venue there.


  • Availability: There has to be a date for the event to check its availability. If the venue is hosting more events for that day, you may need to try other options to ensure an event space in Sukhumvit is available.


  • Facilities and Technology: Before you finally decide on the venue, you need to check if they can provide the necessary equipment to carry out your event. You also need to know if they can accommodate the number of guests participating in the event.


  • Costs: To find an event space in Sukhumvit that will be available on your chosen dates for a reasonable price is luck. If it’s impossible, be ready to stretch your budget by cutting down some costs in other expenses. You can negotiate for the price if needed.


  • Catering: You need to provide your delegates the right food and beverages to serve before and during the event. You need to know the menu options, so that it fits your budget. You may also choose between in-house catering or from an external provider.

These tips will help make a choice for your event space in Sukhumvit and how you can maximise your budget. If these are carefully considered, you can expect a successful event that favours your business.


Why Limestone Floor Tiles Are Just Right For Your Needs

Limestone flooring can furnish comfort, the capacity to withstand wear, and a range of colour variations to suit your style. This classic flooring option, along with its organic colour palette, adds a non-modern charm to any type of décor. The limestone floor tiles can be divided into large formats, boards and other shapes, to enhance its overall design versatileness. So, if you’re considering a new tile flooring in your home or office, why not consider limestone.

It’s a Great Alternative to Hardwood

If you use limestone floor tiles, you copy the natural beauty of hardwood with its highly textured appearance and neutral palette. If you’re opting for modern classic limestone, you can choose the chenille white option. It closely resembles hardwood, combined with the unique character of natural stone. If you have rooms that opt for natural stone than hardwood, the limestone tile will suit its rustic, textured charm.

It’s Diversity in Style and Colour

The limestone floor tiles make great flooring option for just any space. You can buy it in greys, creams and soft browns with extraordinary design versatility. It also comes in different variants. It can also be used in several patterns including the classic square arrangement, modern chevron motif, or mixed Versailles pattern. The modern formats and sizes of these types of flooring will enhance the design abilities of this versatile stone; and can come in a variety of finishes that range from a matte, honed finish to a glossy polished sheen.

It Provides Superior Functionality

Limestones offers the elasticity and durability that’sa standard for a genuine natural stone flooring. But this limestone offers a softer feel. It offers a comfortable flooring surface and makes it easy to maintain. The tiles must be properly sealed, to be easily cleaned, and has dust and debris swept away. Just like any natural stone floors, you can prevent its contact with rough products to keep the limestone floor tiles looking at their best.

The limestone can come in a wide variety of colours and styles, all of which bears a unique appearance. It ensures that there is an option for every design. Choose limestone floor tiles as you can be assured with beauty and durability, which can last many years of usage.


Three Major Types Of 3PL Companies

Supply chain management is an important function that determines the profitability of businesses. While large scale organizations can have their own supply chain management teams, small and medium scale enterprises face serious problems due to lack of budget. Businesses can outsource their supply chain management to third party logistics providers also known as 3PL companies.

The thirds party logistics companies like specialist logistics – Tecdis, provide a variety of services across the depth of the supply chain. Some of the services provided by 3PL companies are, inbound freight management, supply management, warehousing facilities, distribution of products, transportation, order fulfilment, reverse logistics and other white glove services. Since the 3PL companies take care of all the logistics management, business organizations can focus on other important functions like strategic management and marketing.

Hiring 3PL providers like specialist logistics – Tecdis, helps business organizations to reduce their logistics costs and deliver the products on time to the customers. But choosing the right logistics partner is of utmost important. There are many players in the market and the selection of a 3PL partner should depend on the product lines, objectives, area of operation of the business, expansion plans etc. The organization should determine its requirements and search for a 3PL partner willing to provide customized solutions to match the requirements.

There are three types of 3PL companies in the market

Asset based companies – Asset based companies operate using their own assets like transportation vehicles and warehousing facilities.

Management based companies – Management based companies do not own any assets but provide the logistics management services using the assets of other partners. They provide all the technical and managerial functions related to logistics.

Integrated companies – These companies are a mix of asset based and management based companies. They own certain assets and use the assets of their partners whenever needed by the client. These companies provide integrated logistics management solutions to the clients. For example, specialist logistics – Tecdis is an integrated 3PL company that provides end-to-end logistics solutions and supply chain management solutions to its clients. The company along with its network partners provides world-class logistics solutions that include project management, high tech transportations, high tech installations, reverse logistics and other white glove services.


Explaining Cave Diving In The Simplest Way

The ideal underwater conditions of Thailand including its spectacular marine life make the Kingdom very popular among divers. In particular, liveaboard divers enjoy some of the best adventures with Manta rays and whale sharks including colourful coral reefs. If you want to experience this type of adventure, join Similan Island Liveaboard when the waters are its calmest so that you can reach the best sites.

However, diving in the open waters is totally different from cave diving. Cave diving is a technical activity that requires skills in open water scuba diving and rock climbing. According to Texas-based Bill Stone, a long time cave diver and expedition leader, as few as 75 people all over the world do serious cave diving. Stone who has been caving diving for 42 years said that cave diving is not a recreational sport.

Modern day cave diving grew from the need of people to explore. The simplest form of the activity is the spring dive where a diver straps on his scuba gear to journey down a clear flowing subterranean spring. This type of water adventure is quite popular in Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Stone further estimates the number of people who are into cave diving as 10,000 from all over the world. The longest spring dive as recorded is 10 miles underwater, roundtrip. A more serious diver can try the sump dive that is performed into a cave where there is water. The water is usually murky with zero visibility. In some situations, the water is high enough to reach the ceiling. Professionals undertake this dive by getting from one dry chamber to another.

Because it is impossible to see, cave divers use a line similar to what mountaineers use. The line is a 2mm rope that is sturdy and heavy. The thrill for cave divers is to try to find something new by exploring.

Scuba diving is more of a recreational sport. You can dive from the Similan Island Liveaboard or you can just sit back and watch the action. However, before you do some serious diving, make sure that there is great visibility and lack of strong current to enjoy the underwater world.