Aero Tyre For The Roads And A Propeller To Fly In The Sky

If you are planning to by new wheels and tyres in Brisbane, you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices available in the market. While it is true that salespersons at wheel and tyres store can assist you with your choices, there is nothing wrong in gathering information on your own. You will be able to discuss things like plus and minus sizing of tyres with confidence.

Goodyear is an American manufacturer of tyres for different vehicles and machineries. At the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear revealed a two-in-one concept Aero Tyre that can be used to drive on the roads and as a propeller for flying in the sky.

Aero tyre has a non-pneumatic design that does not contain pressurized air. It includes a tilting mechanism to allow the wheel to transition from a normal tyre that can be used on the ground to a horizontal position where it can function as a propeller that will lift the vehicle in the air.

A part of the tyre’s design is the flexible spokes that can support the weight of the car and absorb the impact of bumps on the roads. The spokes can also rotate quickly like fan blades to provide a lift when the tire is tilted. According to the tyre designers at Goodyear, the wheel will use magnetic force to lift the car into the air smoothly and without friction.

The tyre which is uniquely airless boasts of a pneumatic structure that is flexible enough to dampen shocks when driving on the roads; however, the tyres are also strong enough to rotate at high speed when necessary so that the rotors can create a vertical lift.

Mobility companies expect the sky to respond to the challenges of urban transport and congestion. Advanced materials and tyre structures allows everyone to imagine a wheel that can perform on the roads and as a propulsion system to the sky.

Experts suggest changing the wheels and tyres at the same time to prevent trouble along the road. There are wheels and tyres in Brisbane which are suitable to the kind of driving you do. There are high quality tyres and mag wheels for cars, vans, 4×4’s and light trucks.


Timber As A Sustainable Building And Flooring Material

Because people have become more conscious of the environment, home builders and renovators started to look for more sustainable options. One material that has become quite popular is natural timber that is sourced from carefully managed Australian forests. There is timber floor installer in Sydney that will ensure that the material will add value to the property.

It is not only for the sake of the environment that homeowners choose timber flooring; it allows them to provide the home with a something extra special. Timber can be used on exposed beams, flooring, trims and furniture.

It has become rather easy to access sustainable wood in New Zealand. Companies that deal with building materials specialize in reusing wood from demolished buildings in the Christchurch Earthquake. When a homeowner wants to know where the timber used in the home came from and how it works to offset carbon emissions, there are places like Zero Energy House, Industrial Design NZ and Whole House Reuse as sources of information.

One of the problems that homeowners often face when they have timber flooring is how to match and patch it up during additions and renovations. The solution is up-cycled timber that comes from wood by-products, waste materials or unwanted materials that still have quality and environmental value.

If you will take a look at character homes, they display warmth and personality without the new design trends from catalogues. These homes are filled with family heirlooms, vintage finds, warm wooden features and personal items that have meanings. According to Sarah Heeringa, queen of up-cycling, there is something authentic when you choose to furnish the home through your ideas.

One of the sustainable ways to design the home is the use of wooden interiors, timber floors and roofs. It gives off a heritage or alpine lodge feel that is popular for homes.

The quality and durability of the timber floor can be guaranteed by the timber floor installer in Sydney who is Bona hand-picked and top level professional. Installers are certified by Bona to use the Bona system on hardwood floors. In order to be updated with the flooring industry’s best practices, the installers voluntarily undergo Bona training.


Tourist Arrivals Increase in Second-Tier Provinces Of Thailand

Tourism remains to be one of the major revenue generating industry of Thailand. No wonder why many entrepreneurs are focusing on Thailand company formation as this is the best time to enter the market. In fact, even the second-tier provinces of the kingdom have experienced a spike in tourist arrivals. This came after the campaign the government has been doing to promote its provinces as tourist destinations aside from its capital Bangkok.

According to the executive of an inter-provincial bus company, the number of tourists has increased by over 10 per cent.

The bus company is none other than Nakhonchai Tour Co. where Kruawan Wonogrukmit takes on the role of a CEO. The company’s headquarter is located in Nakhon Ratchasima. They lauded the program organized by the government when it comes to promoting the tourism of the provinces all over Thailand which are considered to be second-tier. The aim is to promote the local economies and to aid in the income distribution of these provinces.

She further explained that the campaign resulted to an increase of 10 per cent for Thai travellers most especially in provinces located in the northeastern region including Nakhon Phanom, Roi Et, Sakhon Nakhon, Mukdahan and Kalasin.

Ms. Kruawan also said that they are positive that foreign travellers will continue to increase for second-tier provinces particularly travellers from China. They are already preparing for the rebound of these foreign tourists due to the efforts place by the government into luring them back into the country.

One of the measures taken by the government is to wave the fees usually collected for the visa-on-arrival. This is effective to 21 different countries starting November of last year. The waiver has since ended on the last day of April this year.

On her part, Ms. Kruawan revealed that an estimated 4.1 million tourists have boarded their inter-provincial buses for the previous year alone. The number is 2 per cent higher than in 2017.

With the continued tourism boom, Thailand company formation is also an attractive prospect for investors who are dreaming to cash in to the success of the government.


Cybersecurity Risks: How They Affect You, And How You Can Prevent It

In an age of paperless technology, keeping your data and information safe is a top priority. With all the antics that cybercriminals can pull off, it’s no wonder why businesses invest a lot in cybersecurity. So what is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is a state of your overall system that ensures your data and important information are kept safe and secure from outside access. Every member of a company is responsible and accountable for what happens to data the moment they gain access to it. Hence, all team members should take cybersecurity seriously.

Attacks can range from what seem to be harmless emails, to flash drives left around that contain malicious code that can infect your network.

Small Business IT Support Helps Your Business Deal with Risks

All businesses, big or small, are all at risk from cybercriminals. However, small businesses are mostly left vulnerable due to lack of proper IT support, funds, or be it the manpower to address cybersecurity.

Small business IT support companies like KDG help small businesses manage cybersecurity risks and allow effective IT support to secure your system and perform network maintenance when needed. KDG’s small business IT support can identify risks and perform the necessary steps to make sure everything runs smoothly which is not limited to software upgrades, network maintenance, or by providing the tools to ensure the security of your system.

KDG offers IT support that not only ensures network security, but also aids in the growth of your business by making sure your devices are running efficiently and are constantly kept up-to-date. With KDG small business IT support, securing your network has never been so easy.

It’s Never Too Early!

It is not a matter of HOW you deal with security risks, but rather WHEN you start dealing with them. Time is always of the essence when it comes to security as every day that passes by without you securing your network, makes you more vulnerable to cyber attacks and data theft. So if you want to make sure your business is running at its optimal performance, it is never too early to invest in IT support and help your business grow.


Climate Controlled Seats To Become Available In Honda Motorcycles

One of the top motorcycle brands in the United Kingdom is Honda. In fact, there are authorized dealers like Wheels Honda that offer a fantastic range of new Honda motorcycles and scooters. Honda scooters are convenient, versatile and affordable while the commuter bikes are easy to ride and match perfectly with any lifestyle. There are also Honda adventure bikes for those who want to explore new trials and distant horizons.

Almost all premium cars today that are available in the market have climate controlled seats. Because the demand has been quite significant, even affordable models are now fitted with the special seats. A leak in a patent application of Honda revealed that the Japanese manufacturer of cars and motorcycles is thinking that it is time for motorcycles to have the temperature controlled seat particularly the sport touring and cruiser models.

The image in the patent application reveals that the temperature controlled seat is already on the planning stage but a document confirms that the seat has already been designed and tested successfully. If the basis used is the image, it will reveal that the temperature on the seat has an adjustment from the switchgear to the handle.

It is apparent that the motorcycle used in the patent application is a previous gen CBR1000RR which was marketed in several countries as “Fireblade” a 998cc 4-cylinder street bike. From the design, you will notice that Honda can adapt the tech to other bike models. The duct that is running underneath the fuel tank to the seat will pipe in warm or cool air.

The patent application also suggests that the bike will use a revised seat material made from plastic mesh that is resistant to the elements but will allow air to flow through it. It is expected that Honda will offer the new technology with its 2020 Gold Wing and other long distance models.

Meanwhile, you are invited to visit Wheels Honda, an authorized Honda dealer in Leicester and Peterborough areas. There are powerful bikes for skilled riders as well as adventure bikes and scooters. Unbeatable service is guaranteed whether you are new customer or someone who has previously bought a bike, parts or accessories.